308Fictitious Votes (Ireland): first report, minutes of evidence, appendix, index


1837- 1837 , Volume 11



The select committee appointed to inquire how far the intentions of the reform bill are defeated by creating and registering fictitious and improper votes in Ireland, and who were empowered to report the minutes of evidence taken before them, from time to time to the house.

Having examined several witnesses, and have agreed to report the evidence given by them to the house.

12 May 1837

 Taken from Ancestry Ireland

In the 2002 edition of Familia: Ulster Genealogical Review there is an article entitled ‘British Parliamentary Papers and the local historian and genealogist’ the aim of which is to highlight the range of information contained in the papers and its value for local and family history research. One of the most valuable of those papers is the First report from the select committee on fictitious votes, Ireland of 1837. The order appointing this committee was issued on 6 February 1837. The committee’s remit was to 'inquire how far the intentions of the Reform Bill are defeated by creating and registering fictitious and improper votes in Ireland' and its chairman was Lord G. C. H. Somerset.

One of the first orders issued by the committee was for a ‘return of the several persons registered in the several boroughs in Ireland who have subscribed their affidavits for registry as marksmen’. A marksman was an illiterate voter. The returns for each borough were prepared over the course of the next month and were presented to the committee on 16 March 1837.


Householders, freemen, marksmen, rentchargers, etc. of Ireland : extracted from the First report from the Select Committee on Fictitious Votes (Ireland), 31 January - 17 July 1837 , Taken from Family History Catalog


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Margaret Smith Hugh Small John McGowan Hugh Small
Bridget Byrne Miss Nesbit Nathaniel Weir Robert McCay
Miss Crozier Elizabeth Ingram Issac Ogle Glenny William Cony
Samuel Bailie John Kennedy Edward Clarke William Howard
Thomas Cunningham W. John Davidson M. Fagan Robert Handcock
John Briggs Anderson & Greers Edward Clarke & Coy. John Kearney
Miss Caulfield Alicia Frazer Tremble & Kean Edward Bell
David Gillis & Coy. Dr. Connor George Parker Thomas Pedan
William Blackam James Morgan Dr. Gray Robert Stewart
John Morgan Patrick Conroy John McKee Catherine McKittrick
George Blackam Henry Keenan Michael Denver Surgeon Morrison
Jane Osborne James Moore Patrick Doyle Thomas Davis
Samuel Bell Arbuckle Halyday James, T. Halyday John Henry Wallace
Adam Black Mary Copes Alexander Peacock Thomas Crolly
Samuel Wallace James Williams John Guy Alexander Peacock
Peter Murphy Andrew McGowan Morgan & Stevenson E. & J. Moore
Miss Bryden Pat McParlan Captain Seymour Rev. Dr. Campbell
John Boyd James Taylor Robert McNeil Mathew Marley
Thomas Hughes Pat Strackey Miss Thompson James Wiseman
John Winters John Magee Nathaniel Moore Peter Marron
Edward Lyons Maurice Haughey Joseph Glenny Re. Dr. Keenan
William Corry James Williams Mrs. Brown Mrs. Black
George Ogle Peter Murphy Mrs. Campbell Sam Barret
Alexander Peacock Miss Cunningham Rose Ann Torley Hill Irvine
William Hamilton Anderson & Greers Robert Greer Edward Clare
Samuel Weir William Pattison Clausson & Coy. James Wilson
Henry Magill Robert Burke Francis White William Marshall
John Hollywood John Shevlin John Small Anthony Cavanagh
John Kearney John McKeown, Jun. Peter Seign James Savage
Maguire & McParlan Elizabeth Caulfield George McDonough William James
Patrick Savage John McKee John McCaw Melling Glenny
James Morgan William Fletcher Alexander Farrell Alexander Waddel
John Quin Henry Harden John Mollan James Kennedy
Michael Cunningham James Keane Mrs. Johnston Peter Burns
Mrs. Moore Mrs. O'Brien Dr. Hacket Catherine Murphy
John Smith Andrew Maphet Russell Cope Elizabeth Boyd
Joseph, F. Leeson Denis Marron Robert Russell Gillespie
Peter Marron Michael Boyle Bernard McGarry George Ferguson
Claudius Burns James Taylor Henry Oxborough Stephen Morgan
Arthur Magenis William, N. Thompson John Milling Patrick Magee
Armor Boyle John Dempsy Agnes Quin John Cosgrove
Martin Phelan Mrs. Smith Patrick Molloy Lawford Tronson
Thomas Clarke Rowland Savage Thomas, T. Duff John Hill
Laurence Ryan James Wilson Fredrick Bridgtower Richard Harris
Peter Burns Thomas Morrison James Bradford Archibald Little
John Rice Thomas Magenis Hugh Campbell Michael byrne
Phillip Meechan Rodger Gronn John Miller John Nicholson
William Maginn Patrick Ruddle Samuel Norrit Joseph Kane
David Chambers Charles Lawson Mary Mathers Patrick Burke
James Heathwood Thomas King James Russell Rodger Maguire
William Fairfield John Reilly John McNamara Patrick Hanlon
Charles Jennings Patrick McCoy Joseph Magenity Bridget Devlin
Matthew Hayden Francis McAvogue Isaac Brown Hugh McCormick
Arthur Rooney John McConville Thomas Boyd Patrick McDonald
Bernard McCabe Ann Magill Bernard McDonald Bernard McCabe
James Thompson William Fox David Clarke Owen Donnelly
James Green Patrick McDonnell James Lee John Mooney
Catherine McMahon Richard Bloxam William Clarke James, G. Quin
Hugh Campbell James Mallon John Finch Sarah Quin
James Buckley James Black Henry Wright David Scott
John Kidd Richard Griffin Robert Glenny John Collins
Bernard McCarty Edward Feran Issac Davidson Owen McNaghten
Hill Irvine George Rodgers James Heathwood James Wilson
James Vudon Denis Branigan Owen Tegart William Fegan
Bernard Madden Stephen Madden Edward McCarty John Simpson
Margaret Cowan James Ferguson James Grant Peter Brett
John  O'Hagan Pat. C, Byrne John Mollan David Kennedy
John Kelly Michael Hamilton Mary Ann O'Hagan George Scott
Henry Harper Patrick Boyle Mrs. Rice James McDonell
Thomas Doran Owen Mullen John Marshall Miss Brodie
Thomas Laing John Goodin Thomas McParlan Margaret Connolly
George Kelly Henry Savage John Fowler Charles Connolly
Arthur Collins Surgeon Waddle Andrew Jennings Christopher Ross
William Duncan Patrick Sheeran James McGuiness William Creek
James Creek James McAlenden Patrick Haughey Mrs. Aderly
Patrick Torley Richard Liddy James Savage William Cowan
Alexander Canning Thomas King Edward Reilly James McKenna
William Duncan Mrs. Templeton Francis White William McGuffen
Edward Quin John Power Catherine Clarke Patrick Dowdall
Catherine Blaney John Todd John McGuffin Jane Neil
James Pattison Thomas McKenna William Walker Anna Laing
Surgeon Fitzpatrick Samuel Anderson Francis McCann William Mateer
Robert Hamilton Michael Corr Greer Quin Arthur Muldoon
Thomas Finly Edward O'Hanlan Patrick Grant George Quin
Patrick Maguire William Mollan William McNight James Hutton
James Maguire Agnes Raferty Mary McManus John anderson
Charles McCarty John McNight Margaret Mallen James McGowan
James Fegan Elizabeth Courtny Margaret McCamely William Doyle
William Gordon Arthur Shields John Kean Rose Campbell
John Costigan Francis O'Neill James Fee Hugh Chrisholm
Patrick Elliot John McCourt George Kelly Bridget Madden
Joseph Glenny Terence Conolly John Thomas Foster Margaret Neeson
Mathew Maginnis David Hennesy Cormac McParlan Fredrick Parker
George Anderson Samuel Parsons William Fletcher Samuel Frazer
Captain Maunsell Mrs. Melling Dr. Woods Archibald Little
James Hill James Lyle Mrs. Maxwell Mrs. Stephens
Edward Clarke Robert Henry Ashe Rev. E. T. Moffet Rev. John Weir
Lt. Col. Hamilton John Ritchey John Thomas Duff George Ogle Godfrey
Isaac Glenny Rowan McNaghtin John Corbett William Forrest
Pierce Murphy Felix O'Hear Jane Rigby Thomas Keogh
Rev. Nobel Sheppard William Ruddle John Briggs Rev. F. Armstrong
Edward Addy Mrs. Minnit John Ewart Stewart Dalzell
Anne Connolly Walter Horton Alexander Hill Arthur Graham
Mrs Brooks James Moss John Fowler, Sen. John Fowler, Jun.
Richard Magowan Patrick Carr Mrs Fitzpatrick Jane McCalpin
Mrs Langtry Alexander Postley Joseph Fowler Henry Bell
Dominick Daly Charles Jennings James Fenigan William Logan
Matthew Finigan John Dunn Patrick Callahen Hugh Murney
Bridget Roddy Hugh Kidd Francis Jennings Arthur O'Hagan
Joseph Grandy Dominick Sharkey Thomas Henry Peter McKenna
Robert Lundy Bernard Callely Patrick Sharkey Matthew Coulon
Felix Fegan Edward McCay Thomas Gibson Henry Patrick Books
James Turner Margaret Brown Bernard McKevett Daniel Espie
Michael Toner Owen Frinor, (Trinor) Daniel Hollywood Henry Grant
Michael Downey Patrick Pullen Mary Downey Patrick McNamee
James McGurgan Catherine McAlindon Robert Atkison Patrick McMullen
Henry Collins Robert Dowdall Felix McGee Thomas Polin
James Wardlow Bernard Coleman Bryan O'Hare James Crawford
Felix Campbell John Kenihan Trevor Corry John McGivan
Owen McAleer Patrick Feran Stephen Crummy Daniel Doran
Mary Magan Henry McCamby Thomas Hollywood Isaac William Glenny
Richard Culley James McKinley Thomas McGrath Neal Conolly
John Feran Elizabeth McCamely Michael Lenaghan Miles Russell
John Brady Joseph Barber Patrick White Andrew Troy
John Coffey David Hynes Rev. Daniel McAfee Peter Cosgrove
Richard Hynes Michael Cosgrove Edward Cosgrove John McAdam
Bernard Rice Edward McConvelle Francis McConvelle Captain Waters
Mrs Carlisle Patrick Callan Laurence Ryan Elizabeth whitaker
John mulligan James Brodie William McLaughlin Miss McGrane
Owen Prunty Richard Whitehead Thomas McComish William Brighton
Joseph Hening John Heney Michael Adrain Hugh Kearns
Henry Sportswood Hugh Turley John Heaney Patrick O'Hare
Pat. Shaughenesy John Bryden Hans Baird William McAnulty
Terence Loughran Hugh McKendrick Christopher McLevy Michael Hooks
Mrs Murdock Henry Turley Michael Lynn John Mercer
Jane Acken James Ledlee Bernard Cullen Ann Clements
Samuel Jordan James Horton Henry Magill Walter Weir
Violet Dunn Patrick Traynor Terence O'Hear David Lockart
David McCall William Lockart James Pix- James Symth
John Ellis James Lamb Marmaduke Judge Patrick Torley
Hugh, C. Banet Lewes Judge John Best Margaret McLinn
Hugh Dalzell Adam Liddle William Miller Joseph Mitchell
Peter West George Griffin Robert McMinn Mary Thompson
John Richey Swanzy Robert Purden Captain Twigg
Redmond Jennings Miss Norwood Mrs McCamley John, J. Carter
Isaac Smith James Spence John Rogan John Carraher
James McClenahan Joseph Lyle William Mainsley George Guy
James Hamill John Cummins Patrick McCamley Henry Blackam
John Nesbit John Melling Alexander Postley James Lawless
William Lockart Walter Hall Adam Ledlie Jane Benn
John Haffey George Conroy Mrs Mortimer Anne Ledley
Mrs Mortimer Mrs Newell John Bowman Samuel Ledlie
Peter Duffy Samuel Freeburn William Kelly Charles Walkin
James McCudden Joseph Malone Thomas Ingle Robert Nickle
Simon McClenchie Michael Fair Robert Kirk Miss Jefferson
Miss Salmon Dr. Mullen Michael Denvir Mrs Cochran
Robert Bennet Isacc McCune James McClenahan Bernard McGinity
James Hoar Henry Cassidy Charles McAfee William Best
Fergus Campbell James McAlister Walter Dunlop Patrick McKinley
Owen Toal William Ruddle Owen Tegart Samuel Fullerton
George Guy Robert McClenahan Ann Reeves Michael McGuigan
George Greacen William Callahan Patrick Ruddy Alice Larkin
Richard Owens James McClenahan John Carter James McHenry
Mrs Guy Mrs Magee James Annett Joshua Byron
Thomas Benn Thomas Davis James Hale Margaret Doyle
Redmond Berry Margaret Hawkins Joseph McCormick David McBlain
Esther Bostick John Caffray Thomas Hoey Patrick Crummy
Captain Forster Moses McKigney George Muldoon Patrick Bradley
Miss Reilly William O'Farrell Mrs Willis Adam Guy
Rev. John Mitchell Samuel Banet Maurice Houghey, Jun. James McCartan
Jane Latimer Alexander Baker Rose Conaway John doolan
Luke Hynes Denis Marron Daniel Reavy Bernard McCabe
James McGilligan John Bowden Mary McManus Bridget Madden
Patrick Kenny James Faloon Julia Keating Mary Magan
Andrew Troy David Hymes Joseph Tonning John Sands
Terence McParlan Peter John Rice Abraham Hawthorn Solomon Crelly
John Bonner James Murnaghan Alexander Gray William Newton
John Wylie Captain Mason John Bennie Pat. Sheridan
James Spence Catherine O'Hanlon William Muldoon Samuel Townly
John Mackey