County Down


Parish of Aghaderg
Valuation of Tenements 1863

Offices, Office


Sheds or Outbuildings


Acre, Rood and Perch


Townlands & Occupiers
Description of Tenement
Area in Acres, Roods & Perches

Immediate Lessors
Description Of Tenement
William Straine Earl Clanwilliam Office & Land 11--3--0
Joseph Trimble William Straine House & Small Garden  
Eliza Kinley Earl Clanwilliam House & land 1--2--30
John Murnaghan Same House, Office & Land 16--3--10
Alexander McCaldin Same Same 17--1--30
Samuel Evans Alexander McCaldin House & Small Garden  
Reps. John Gray Mrs Barron Offices & Land 33--2--20
Samuel Barber Reps. John Gray House & Office  
William Parker Same House & Small Garden  
George McKinley Sir Jas. H. Reynett & Fredrick Ruddle House & Land 0--3--10
James Murnaghan Earl Clanwilliam House, Office & Land 8--3--30
William Straine Same Land 16--3--0
Joseph Mitchell Same Land 8--3--5
James McClory Joseph Mitchell House & Small Garden  
Hugh McGivern Same Same  
Esther Pilson Sir Jas. H. Reynett & Fredrick Ruddle House, Office & Land 15--2--5
David Gray Same Same 20--1--0
Francis Heron David Gray House & Small Garden  
David Gray Mrs Barron Land 4--0--10
Francis Hawthorne Same Land 32--3--5
Henry McCourt Francis Hawthorne House  
Unoccupied Same House & Small Garden  
David Allen Same House, Forge & Small Garden  
John Middleton Mrs Barron Land 15--1--5
William Davidson John Middleton House & Small Garden  
Arthur McEvoy Same Same  
Robert Davidson Same Same  
Peter Straine Mrs Barron Caretakers House, Offices & Land 13--3--0
Jane Stewart Same House, Office & Land 5--1--5
Andrew Miller Same Same 28--2--25
John Wright Same Same 7--1--20
Mary Campbell Same House & Small Garden  
J. Middleton (Woodvale) Same Land 0--3--35
Robert Miller Same House, Offices, Gate lodge & Land 68--3--25
Daniel Sheran Robert Miller House & Garden 0--1--30
William O'Hare Same House & Small Garden  
William Lyons Same House & Garden 0--1--15
Hugh Lyons Same House ( Dilapidated ) & Land 1--0--0
John Middleton Mrs Barron House, Office & Land 20--2--25
Rose Browne John Middleton House  
John Middleton Mrs Barron Ploughmans House, Office & Land 10--3--5
James Leckey Reps. William Scott Land 6--0--0
Patrick Roddy James Leckey House & Small Garden  
Daniel McAlenden Reps. William Scott Land 5--3--20
James Leckey Same Land  
James Beard Same Land  
John Middleton Same Land  
John Cuppers (Cupples) Same Land  
Hugh Leckey Same Land  
Bernard McGivern Same Land  
John Douglas, Jun. Same Land  
Hugh Leckey Same House, Office & Land 2--3--10
John Douglas Same Same 8--3--10
Michael Walsh Andrew Miller House  
Robert Balmer Hugh Leckey House  
Bernard McGivern Reps. William scott House & Land 4--1--10
John Middleton Same Land 2--2--30
Hugh Leckey Same Land 3--3--25
Mary Anne Walker Hugh Leckey House  
Daniel McAlenden Reps. William Scott House & Land 3--3--30
John Middleton Same  Land 15--2--2
John Cupples Same House, Office & Land 3--2--15
James Leckey Same Same 6--2--20
James Beard Same Same 2--2--30

Immediate Lessors
Description Of Tenement
Thomas McClelland Mary Anne Carson Land 13--1--0
Nathaniel Flaherty James Little Land 5--3--25
Thomas McClelland Mary Anne Carson Land 5--3--0
John McKean John Barclay Land 3--2--20
James Wallace James Little Land 13--3--20
Robert Campbell Reps. Robert Batt House, Office & Land 34--3--10
Isabella Sterrett Robert Campbell house & Small Garden  
John Barclay Reps. Robert Batt Offices & Land 25--3--30
Joseph Sheldy John Barclay House & Small Garden  
Nathaniel O'Flaherty James Little Land 8--0--0
Thomas Coey Same House & Land 9--3--3
Bovennett Town of Loughbrickland
Robert Dixon Patrick Devlin House  
Samuel Stephenson Same House  
Anne Lennon Same House  
Patrick Devlin James Little Garden 0--1--5
John McClements Mary Anne Carson House  
  Same Ruins  
Hugh Brady Same House & Garden 1--1--0
John Monaghan Same Garden 0--1--5
John Conley John Monaghan House  
John Monaghan Mary Anne Carson House, Yard & Garden 0--1--25
John Neill John Monaghan House  
Patrick Monaghan Same House  
Unoccupied Rev. Peter McKay House & Yard  
John Maddock Same Same  
School House Exempt    
Burial Ground Exempt    
Robert Clugston Mary Anne Carson House, Office Yard & Garden 0--1--25
Henry McCaffrey Same House, Yard & Garden 0--1--25
Eliza White Same House  
John McKean John Barclay House, Office, Yard & Small Garden  
John Mattock Mary Anne Carson Same  
John Carsewell James Little House, Offices, Yard & Land 0--2--18
Sarah Young John Barclay House, Office, Yard & Small Garden  
Susan Farnan Same House & Small Garden  
James Wallace Same Offices & Small Garden  
John Sloane Samuel Minnis House  
Henry Sheils John Barclay House, Office & Small Garden  
Samuel Minnis Same House & Garden 0--0-24
Hugh Conlan Same House & Small Garden  
Church & Graveyard Exempt    
John McMahon Thomas McClelland House & Yard  


Immediate Lessors
Description Of Tenements
James Hill John J. Whyte House, Office & Land 12--1--30
William Martin Same House & Garden 0--0--10
Robert Cully James Hill House  
William Cromie Same House  
William Shanks Same House & Garden 0--0--25
William Bridget Same Same 0--0--35
Alexander Ashwood Same Same 0--1--20
Hugh Kincaid John J. Whyte House & Small Garden  
George Shaw James Hill House  
George Forsythe Same House & Garden 0--0--20
John A. Kee Same Same 0--0--20
William McCullagh Same Same 0--0--20
James Minnett John J. Whyte House, Office & Land 10--0--35
Joseph Shanks Same House  
Eliza Shanks Same House  
John Mulree James Minnett House & Garden 0--0--35
John Warnock John J. Whyte House, Office & Land 5--2--37
Joseph Cupples John warnock House & Small Garden  
Mary Martin Same House  
Patrick McCormack Same House & Garden 0--0--30
John Browne Same Same 0--0--28
William Shaw Same Same 0--0--20
David Kerns Same House  
James Leckey John J. Whyte Land 4--3--10
Jane Wilson James Leckey House  
Joseph McClements John J. Whyte Land 11--2--25
Samuel Hill Same Land 4--1--25
Samuel Crothers Samuel Hill House & Garden 0--0--25
Samuel Browne John J. Whyte House, Office & Land 2--2--10
Peter Magrehan Samuel Browne House  
John Wiggins Free House & Small Garden  
James Gamble Samuel Browne House & Garden 0--0--16
William Bridget Same House & Small Garden  
Henry Browne John J. Whyte House & Land 5--2--20
Eliza Lauder, Jun. Same House, Office & Land 8--1--10
Eliza Lauder, Sen. Same Same 8--1--20
William Browne Same Same 7--2--35
William Burnett Same Same 14--0--12
Esther Smyth William Burnett House & Garden 0--0--18
John McClements John J. Whyte House, Offices & Land 24--1--35
William Quinn John McClements House & Small Garden  
Margaret Burnett John J. Whyte House, Office & Land 8--0--20
Anne Johnson Same Land 9--2--30
Henry O'Neill Same House, Office & Land 13--2--15
Thomas Browne Same Land 6--1--10
Eleanor Devlin Same House, Office & Land 18--0--25
Rev. Peter McKay Same Land 9--3--35
John J. Whyte In Fee House, Offices, Gate Lodge & Land 79--2--10
Helen Trevor John J. Whyte House, Office & Land 20--0--35
Town Of Loughbrickland
John Campbell John J. Whyte House, Offices, yard & Garden 0--0--24
Michael Shiels John Kearns House, Yard & small Garden  
Patrick Farnan Michael Shiels House  
James McClory John J. Whyte House, Yard & Garden 0--1--15
Isabella Ferin James McClory House  
Margaret Lennon John J. Whyte House, Yard & Small Garden  
John McKeone Same Same  
John Sandes Robert Miller House, Office, Yard & Small Garden  
Andrew Walker Same Same  
Rev. Peter McKay John J. Whyte House, Office Yard & Garden 0--1--5
R. C. Chapel & Yard Exempt    
James Wallace William Magill House, Office, Yard & Small Garden  
James McMurray Samuel Browne House, Yard & Small Garden  
Thomas Miller John J. Whyte House, Office, Yard & Small Garden  
Unoccupied Same House & Yard  
Unoccupied Same House, Yard & Garden 0--0--28
Mary Shaw Same House & Yard  
Mary McFadden Ringham Kinley Same  
John Kinley Same House, Yard & Garden 0--1--14
James Shiels Same House & Yard  
Unoccupied Same House  (In Rear)  
Rev. Samuel Simms John J. Whyte House, Offices, Yard & Garden 0--2--30
Peter Browne Same House, Yard & Garden 0--1--25
John Sandes Same House & Yard  
Thomas Browne Same House, Office, Yard & Garden 0--1--16
Henry Flanagan Thomas Browne House  
Ringham Kinley John J. Whyte House, Office Yard & Garden 0--1--30
Andrew Bryson Ringham Kinley House, Office & Yard  
Hugh McKay John J. Whyte House, Yard & Garden 0--1--0
Catherine Campbell Same Same 0--1--4
Mary Shaw Same Ruins & Garden 0--1--10
Anne Johnson Same House, Office, Yard & Garden 0--1--15