County Down

1830 - 1830 , Volume 26
 Schedules of Tolls and Customs at Fairs and Markets in Ireland

Toll or Duties payable in Banbridge on Fair days

For every horse, mare or gelding sold 4 pence
Head of neat cattle 4 pence
Pig 2 pence
Sheep & calf 2 pence
Covered stall 6 pence
Uncovered stall 4 pence

Toll or Duties payable in Banbridge on Market days

For every carcase of beef sold in the market and so in proportion for a less quanity 4 pence
Cask of butter sold there 2 pence
Sack of meal 2 pence
Sack of oats or other grain 2 pence
Sack of potatoes containing seven bushels 2 pence
Half sack of potatoes 1 pence
Cart or Car laden with potatoes 4 pence
Carcase of pork sold 3 pence
Sheep or Lamb sold 2 pence
Stone of flax sold 1 Halfpence

Banbridge 1841, (hand book to Carlingford Bay)


.Banbridge which in 1841, consisted of a population of 3,324 inhabiting 573 houses, is the centre of the linen trade of Ulster. It stands upon a hill, at the northern extremity of which is the river Bann, which with a handsome bridge