County Down


Valuation of Tenements 1863

County of Down Union of Banbridge

Parish Of Annaclone

Offices, Office


Sheds or Outbuildings


Acre, Rood and Perch


Townlands & Occupiers Lessors Description of Tenement Area in Acres, Roods & Perches
Aughnacloy Immediate Lessors Description Of tenement Area
Samuel Irwin Thomas Hanna House, Offices & Land 41--0--11
John Devlin Samuel Irwin House  
Lydia Radcliff Thomas Hanna House & Land 3--0--15
William Henry Same House, Offices & Land 24--0--30
Andrew Ewart Same Land 7--3--10
James Hagan Same House, Office & Land 6--1--30
Susan McGrath Same House & Land 9--1--35
Samuel Radcliff Same House, Offices & Land 11--1--20
Bann Reservoir Coy. In Fee Feeders & Banks 0--3--0
(Henry Loftie Rutton)      
Banbridge Extension In Fee Railway (In Progress) 6--2--3
Railway, John Simms   Half River 4--2--15
Robert Mulligan John S. Crawford Land 8--1--10
James Mulligan Same House, Offices & Land 28--0--5
John Mulligan Same Land 18--1--35
Anne Armstrong John Mulligan House
Hugh McCammon John S. Crawford Offices & Land 50--3--15
Robert McAllister, Sen. Hugh McCammon House & Small Garden  
Robert McAllister, Jun. Same Same
James Harpur Same Same
Mary Ingram Same House & Land 2--0--36
William Hawthorn John S. Crawford House, Offices & Land 21--1--25
Robert Irwin William Hawthorn House  
Patrick McKibbin John S. Crawford House, Offices & Land 49--3--20
Hugh Adams Patrick McKibbin House  
Patrick Mulligan Same House
Samuel McSpadden John S. Crawford House, Offices & Land 74--2--15
Robert McSpadden Same Same 14--1--25
Joseph Morrison Same Same 30--0--0
David McMahon Same Land 7--3--20
David McMahon Viscount Bangor House, Offices & Land 6--1--10
George McMahon Same Same 6--1--10
George McMahon Same Land 9--0--5
John Chambers Same Cottiers House & Land 3--2--35
James Smith Thomas Spires Land 3--2--5
William Hutchinson Viscount Bangor Land 1--1--35
John Harshaw Same Land 2--3--35
John McGivern John Harshaw House & Garden 0--3--0
John Spires Viscount Bangor Land 4--0--35
James Harshaw Same House, Offices & Land 20--0--10
David Patterson James Harshaw House
Thomas McLoughlin William Mulligan House & Land 5--3--15
Andrew Mulholland Viscount Bangor House, Offices & Land 13--1--25
James McCullagh Same Same 15--1--30
Patrick Grant John S. Crawford Farm House, Offices & Land 17--0--20
Herds House & Land 39--1--10
Patrick Downey Patrick Grant House & Garden 0--0--20
Andrew Mulholland Viscount Bangor Land 1--3--20
Patrick Grant Same Land 1--3--20
James McCullagh Same Land 1--3--20
Patrick Connors Patrick Grant House, Office & Land 13--0--5
Patrick Heenan Patrick Connors House  
Isaac Watson Same House  
John McGuinness Same House  
John Quinn Viscount Bangor House & Land 5--3--35
James Smith Same House, Office & Land 9--1--35
Reps. Robert Shaw Same Offices & Land 17--1--20
Anthony McKibbin Anthony McKibbin House, Offices & Land 81--3--25
James Smith Anthony McKibbin House, Forge & Garden 0--1--30
Patrick Carney Same House  
Elizabeth Knight John S. Crawford House, Office & Land 11--3--15
David Mulligan Same Land 4--3--15
James Harshaw Same Bog 2--3--5
James McCullagh Same Same Same
John Quinn Same Same Same
Patrick Connors Same Same Same
James Smith Same Same Same
Abraham Russell Same Land 22--1--5
Samuel Todd Same House, Offices & Land 45--3--25
Unoccupied Samuel Todd House  
David McComb Same House  
John Murphy Same House  
John Stewart John S. Crawford House, Offices & Land 45--0--25
James Harshaw Same House, Office & Land 42--0--10
John Henry Same Same 144--3--35
George Ferris John Henry House  
James Watt Same House  
William Lindsay Same House  
Mary Clarke Same House  
William Main William Waugh Land 39--0--25
Robert Shannon Same House, Offices & Land 37--1--25
Andrew Rowan Same Same 44--3--20
Alexander Wilson Same Same 39--2--10
Rose McGivern Same House, Office & Land 17--0--15
James Cunningham Rose McGivern House  
John Fagan William Waugh House, Offices & Land 17--0--35
Joseph Connell John Fagan House  
James Fagan William Waugh House, Office & Land 19--2--10
James Robinson James Fagan House & Small Garden  
Catherine McGivern William Waugh House, Offices & Land 17--2--0
Rose McAvea Same House & Land 1--2--20
John Harris Same House, Offices & Land 30--0--20
Thomas Wilson Same House, Office & Land 34--2--30
Joseph Anderson Thomas Wilson House & Small garden 2--0--38
Hugh McAleavy William Waugh House, Offices & Land 13--0--25
James Clarke Same Caretakers House, Offices & Land 30--2--35
Thomas Clarke Same Land 6--3--15
Patrick Maginnis Thomas Clarke House & garden 0--0--15
Patrick grant William waugh Land 13--1--25
John Devlin Same House, Office & Land 8--3--30
James Harshaw Same Offices & Land 10--0--30
Rose McChain Same House, Office & Land 6--3--15
John Chambers Same House, Offices & Land 15--0--0
    Cottiers House & Land 9--0--10
William Harris Same House, Offices & Land 12--1--5
Mary Smith William Harris House  
John McConville Same House  
James McKey Or O'Hare William Waugh House & Land 3--1--25
David Mulligan Same Land 5--3--15
Eliza Mooney Same House & Land 7--1--10
Patrick McGivern Same House, Offices & Land 22--2--15
John McMacken Same Same 11--3--15
Presbyt. Church Exempt    
School House Exempt    
Robert Shannon John S. Crawford Office & Land 28--0--0
Andrew Gordon Robert Shannon House & Land 6--0--30
Mary Main John S. Crawford House, Offices & Land 19--3--20
Rose McGivern Same Land 13--0--20
Charles Delany Rose McGivern House  
Hugh Burns Same House  
John Browne John S. Crawford Land 21--2--0
Hugh McAlister John Browne House & Office  
William Ligget Same Land 5--2--20
Alexander Russell James M. McClure Offices & Land 39--2--20
Robert McCormick Alexander Russell House  
Arthur Sexton Same House  
Francis McKeon Same House  
Alexander Russell Reps. John Alexander House, Offices & Land 11--1--5
Peter McCourt Same House, Forge & Land 8--1--5
Patrick Hagan Peter McCourt House  
Alexander McCourt Same House  
Michael McPollen Reps. John Alexander House, Office & Land 6--2--20
Joseph Cowan Michael McPollen House  
William John Cowan Reps. John Alexander House, Offices, Flour & Corn Mills, Kiln & Land 25--3--0
William Halliday William John Cowan House  
James Risk Same House  
Thomas Mulligan John S. Crawford Land 13--1--10
John Rice Thomas Mulligan House, Office & Land 6--0--10
Robert McCaw Same House & Garden 0--1--30
Bernard Owens Same Same 0--1--20
Rep. Abraham Russell John S. Crawford Land 26--3--0
Bernard Doran Rep. Abraham Russell House  
Thomas Scott Same House  
James McKee Same House  
James Jordan Same House  
William Mulligan John S. Crawford House, Offices & Land 15--2--20
John Mulligan Same Land 6--2--20
James Mulligan Same Land 7--0--20
James Mulligan (Long) Same House, Offices & Land 27--2--35
William Todd Same Same 25--3--14
John Todd Same House, Office & Land 9--0--10
Samuel Todd Same Land 8--2--5
David Mulligan Joseph Mulligan Land 24--1--0
James Mulligan John S. Crawford Cottiers House, Offices & Land 24--2--0
Andrew Potts Same House, Offices, Flax Mill & Land 43--2--0
John Browne Hon. A. S. G. Canning House, Offices & Land 36--2--5
John Crothers Same Same 36--0--25
George Beck Same House, Office & Land 16--2--20
Joseph Porter Jane Law Same 19--3--25
William Crothers John S. Crawford House, Offices & Land 36--0--0
James Hamilton William Crothers House & Garden 0--1--5
Elizabeth McClelland John S. Crawford House, Offices & Land 30--0--15
William Russell Elizabeth McClelland House & Small Garden  
Robert Barr Jane Law Land 1--1--25
  William Crothers Land 0--2--5
James Browne Jane Law Land 1--0--20
George Campbell James Browne House  
Robert Wallace Elizabeth McClelland House, Offices & Land 35--1--15
William Dixon Robert Wallace House & Garden 0--0--30
William Irwin Jane Law House, Office & Land 21--3--10
Sarah McHood William Irwin House  
John Gatenby Same House  
George W. Beck Hon. A. S. G. Canning House, Office & Land 15--0--10
  Jane Law Cottiers House & Land 21--2--30
Anne Russell Same House, Offices & Land 11--0--15
Samuel Porter Same House, Office & Land 12--0--15
William Porter Same House & Land 18--1--0
John Taylor Same Same 7--1--35
William Russell Same House, Office & Land 3--1--15
Alexander Russell Same Office & Land 27--1--33
John Chambers James T. Kennedy Office & Land 13--0--20
John McCaw John Chambers House  
Mary Anne Mulligan James T. Kennedy Land 19--1--10
Joseph Prenter Mary Anne Mulligan House  
Robert McDowell Mary Anderson & John Chambers House & Land 2--2--15
Rep. Robt. McClelland Sir James Reynolds House, Office & Land 26--1--5
William Friar William Parker Offices & Land 6--1--20
William Friar John McKeon House, Offices & Land 24--3--35
James Burns William Friar House  
James Crothers William Parker House, Offices & Land 53--1--25
Hugh McCourt Same House & Land 5--1--10
William Harris Same Land 10--3--20
Michael McPolin Same Land 0--3--28
James Todd In Fee Office & Land 30--3--15
Margaret Todd James Todd House & Small Garden  
William Jordan Same House, Office & Land 8--1--35
  William Parker Land 1--0--20
Joseph McCaw James Todd House, Office & Land 7--1--15
Hugh McCaw Same House & Land 7--0--15
Bernard Magee Rev. Robert Forde House, Offices & Land 22--1--15
James Jelly Same House, Office & Land 15--0--15
John McBride Same Same 3--2--5
Alice McAlindon John McAlindon House & Small Garden  
Mary Jane McMurray Rev. Robert Forde House  
John McAlindon Same House, Office & Land 0--3--25
Thomas McMurray Same Land 7--0--0
John Beck Same Caretakers House & Land 17--0--30
Kate Killen Same House, Office & Land 7--0--30
Patrick Curran Same House & Garden 0--0--0
Catherine Maginness Same Same 0--0--20
Robert McAlister Same House, Office & Land 4--2--5
Robert Gordon Same House, Offices & Land 9--0--20
William McBride Same House & Land 1--1--0
John Hillis Same Same 3--1--35
William Douglas Same Same 4--3--5
Thomas Green Same Same 2--2--0
Roger McClory Same House, Office & Land 8--1--0
Samuel Smith Same House & Land 0--1--10
Patrick McGivern Same House, Office & Land 3--2--35
James Scott Same Land 9--1--20
John Devlin Same House & Land 3--3--10
Rev. Robert Forde Freehold House, Offices & Land 38--1--20
David Canaway Rev. Robert Forde House, Office & Land 5--1--35
Robert Milliken Church Society Teachers Apartments & Garden 0--3--10
School House Exempt    
Church & Graveyard Exempt    
Daniel Carroll Marquis Of Downshire House & Land 7--2--10
Thomas Clarke Same House, Office & Land 9--1--0
Margaret McMahon Same House & Land 8--0--20
Bernard Kelly Same House, Office & Land 7--3--30
John McGivern Same Same 11--1--35
Unoccupied John McGivern Office (Old Mill)  
James Scott Marquis Of Downshire Caretakers House & Land 16--0--5
John Scott Same House, Office & Land 8--2--15
Peter McShane Same House & Land 11--3--30
David Mulligan Same House, Offices & Land 85--3--0
Hugh Curran David Mulligan House  
James Fitzgerald Same House  
James McShane Same House  
Stephen McAteer Same House  
Edward Gribbin Same House  
John Morrison Marquis Of Downshire Land 23--2--15
William McGivern Same Land 8--1--10
Cecilia Bailey William McGivern House  
James McMahon Marquis Of Downshire House, Office & Land 7--0--10
Mary Anne Harris Same Same 13--1--35
Thomas McMahon Same House, Offices & Land 15--0--0
Terence Flanagan Same House & Land 13--1--35
Edward McGreavy Same Land 5--3--20
Anne Mulholland Same House  
Felix McMahon Same House, Office & Land 5--3--35
Peter Burns Felix McMahon House  
Patrick Flanagan Same House  
Daniel Lavery Marquis Of Downshire House, Offices & Land 14--2--35
Joseph Henry Same Same 41--0--0
Joseph Pollock Joseph Henry House  
Michael Woods Same House  
William McCracken Marquis Of Downshire Land 7--0--0
Joseph Pollock William McCracken House & Small garden  
Joseph Young Same House & Offices  
William Pollock Marquis Of Downshire House, Office & Land 10--3--0
Eliza Armstrong William Pollock House  
David Pollock Marquis Of Downshire House, Office & Land 10--2--35
Joseph Stewart David Pollock House  
Marquis Of Downshire In Fee Bog 11--3--30
James Gillespie, Jun. Marquis Of Downshire House, Office & Land 8--0--15
    House, Offices & Land 0--3--35
James Gillespie, Sen. Same Same 29--2--30
Peter McGivern Same Land 18--2--30
Patrick McGivern Same Land Same
Catherine McGivern Patrick McGivern House  
Peter McGivern Marquis Of Downshire House, Office & Land 12--0--25
Patrick McGivern Same Same Same
Patrick Murphy Same House & Land 0--3--0
Michael Doran Same House, Offices & Land 11--0--15
Bernard Magee Same House, Office & Land 12--0--15
James McGivern Same Same 10--2--30
Edward Doran James McGivern House & Small Garden  
John McIlwrath Marquis Of Downshire House, Offices & Land 37--1--0
Samuel Hook Same Same 22--0--32
Roger Farrell Same Same 18--0--30
    Half River 1--0--10
Patrick Higgins Same House, Offices & Land 12--3--5
John McDonnell Same House, Office & Land 7--1--5
Samuel McGill Same House, Offices & Land 21--2--30
John McMacken Same House, Office & Land 11--0--5
James McKee Same Same 9--1--0
Christiana Macken Same Same 6--1--25
Arthur McDonnell Same Same 9--2--30
Crawford Hillis Same Land 6--0--25
Crawford Hillis Same House, Offices & Land 14--3--35
John Hillis Same Same Same
Robert Young Same House, Office & Land 20--1--20
Mary Hillis Same Same 9--2--25
Samuel Hillis, Sen. Same House, Offices & Land 11--1--5
Matthew Wilson Same Same 11--1--25
John Hillis Matthew Wilson House & Small Garden  
William Martin Marquis Of Downshire House, Offices & Land 73--0--10
Gilbert Logan & James McClory William Martin House & Office  
John McConnell Same House  
David Patterson Same House  
Eliza Kinley Same House  
James Smyth Same House, Forge & Garden 0--1--20
John McGreavy Marquis Of Downshire House, Office & Land 13--0--25
Patrick McGreavy Same House, Offices & Land 5--1--25
Edward McGreavy Same House, Office & Land 6--0--35
Samuel Hillis, Jun. Same House, Office & Land 18--2--0
Michael Helen Same House, Office & Land 13--3--25
David McIlveen Same House, Office & Land 21--3--15
Hessy Canaway David McIlveen House & Small Garden  
John Canaway Same Same  
Thomas McMurray Marquis Of Downshire House, Offices & Land 19--3--20
    Farm House & Land 24--2--10
Reps. John Irwin Same House, Offices & Land 28--0--15
William Bruce Reps. John Irwin House  
John Beck Marquis Of Downshire House, Offices & Land 13--2--5
Gilbert Kirk Same Same 44--0--30
John Radcliff Gilbert Kirk House  
Charles Herdman Same House  
William Irwin Marquis Of Downshire House, Offices & Land 6--1--25
Jane Hillis Same House & Land 1--3--0
Sarah Hillis Same Same 9--2--30
Margaret Cuddy Same House & Small Garden  
School House Exempt    
Roger McClory Marquis Of Downshire House, Offices & Land 10--1--10
James McAleavy Same Farm House, Office & Land 8--2--35
    House, Offices & Land 7--0--20
John  McGivern Same Same 6--2--15
Martha McClelland Same Same 23--2--30
Edward Downing Martha McClelland House  
Patrick McClory Marquis Of Downshire Same 9--1--20
Michael McGivern Same Land 4--2--5
John Maguinnes Same House, Offices & Land 6--1--15
Anne McGivern Same Same 18--1--30
James Mcgivern Same Land 1--1--0
Rose McClory Same House & Land 1--2--0
Neal  McClory Same House, Office & Land 2--0--15
John McClory Same House & Land 4--1--5
Michael McPolin Same House & Small Garden  
Patrick Smith Same House & Land 5--0--35
Bernard Gribben Same Same 10--1--10
James McMahon Same Land 4--1--35
Marquis Of Downshire In Fee Bog 3--3--25
School House Exempt    
R. C. Chapel & Graveyard Exempt    
Rev. John Mooney Marquis Of Downshire House, Offices & Garden 0--0--20
Presbyt. Church & Graveyard Exempt    
Banbridge Railway In Fee Railway In Progress 3--2--17
William Kirk Marquis Of Downshire Flax Mill & Land 41--2--9
Owen Campbell William Kirk House  
Bridget Fitzpatrick & James Morgan Same House  
John McMurray Same House  
William Kirk Marquis Of Downshire House, Offices & land 24--1--5
James Couples Same House, Office & land 4--2--33
Thomas McSpadden Same House, Offices & land 63--3--19
Mary Burns Same House, Office & land 6--1--0
Michael Morgan Same House, Forge & Garden 0--0--35
John McGreevy Same Land 18--3--10
Peter Murphy John McGreevy House  
Terence Magrath Same House  
William Martin Marquis Of Downshire Land 5--2--20
Robert McGoffin Same House & Land 21--2--10
John McKee Same House, Offices & land 28--2--15
Peter Burns Same House, Office & land 21--1--5
James Tweedy Same Same 10--1--20
Peter McEvoy Same Same 10--2--23
Edward Burns Same House & Gardens 0--1--10
Patrick Doran Same House, Offices & land 31--1--20
John McGoffin Same House, Office & land 1--2--0
James McGoffin Same House, Offices & land 71--2--30
Patrick McKey James McGoffin House  
Robert Wilson Marquis Of Downshire House, Offices & land 46--0--30
John Gamble Robert Wilson House  
John Fitzpatrick Marquis Of Downshire House, Offices & land 23--2--30
Peter Fitzpatrick Same Same 11--0--0
Unoccupied J. & Peter Fitzpatrick House  
Michael McArdle Marquis Of Downshire House, Office & land 17--0--15
John Tweedy, Jun. Same House & Land 4--0--10
John Urey Same House, Offices & land 32--0--20
William Close John Urey House & Garden 0--0--20
Andrew Tweedy Marquis Of Downshire House, Offices & land 20--3--20
James Mills Andrew Tweedy House  
John Tweedy, Sen. Marquis Of Downshire House, Offices & land 16--0--20
Hugh Tweedy Same Same 13--2--30
Mary Anne McGill Same Same 24--2--20
John Morrison Same House, Office & land 37--0--20
John Morrison Same Land 20--1--20
Alexander Forrester John Morrison House  
James Freckleton Same House  
John Morrison Marquis Of Downshire Land 14--2--10
Sarah Fitzpatrick Same House, Offices & land 8--1--25
Mary McPolin Same House, Office & land 6--2--10
Roger Fitzpatrick Same House & Land 8--3--20
Samuel Smith John Morrison House & Small Garden  
Peter Devlin Same Same  
Hugh Morgan Same House  
Elizabeth Collins Marquis Of Downshire House & Land 3--0--10
Jane Freckleton John Morrison House  
John C. Magennis Marquis Of Downshire House, Offices & land 23--0--0
    Caretakers House, Offices & Land 10--0--10
Hugh H. Magennis Same House & Land 1--0--0
Arthur Magennis Same House, Office & Land 13--0--25
Hugh Magennis, Jun. Same Same Same
Daniel Magennis Same House & Land 1--2--30
Jhn, Magennis,(Cooper) Same Same 4--2--10
John McNeale Same Same 0--2--5
Hugh McNeale Same House, Office & Land 4--1--0
Cornelius Magennis Same House & Land 9--2--5
John Magennis Same Same Same
Bernard Magennis Same House, Office & Land 8--2--5
Felix McNeale Same Same 11--3--15
John McAvoy Same Same 10--3--0
Arthur McAvoy Same Land 1--3--35
Patrick McNeale Same House & Land 5--2-10
John Macken Same House, Offices & land 32--0--20
John Wilson Same Same 56--0--14
Francis Urey Same Same 30--2--20
William McCracken Same Same 50--3--20
Alexander McKeon William McCracken House & Small Garden  
Graveyard Exempt    
Banbridge Railway In Fee Railway In Progress 7--0--1
(John Simms, Sec.)   Half River 5--3--0
Andrew McGrath Ecclesiastical Commis. House, Office & Land 2--0--25
Unoccupied Andrew McGrath House  
Anthony McGrath Ecclesiastical Commis. House, Office & Land 2--0--35
Peter McGrath Same House, Offices & land 1--3--0
Mary McGrath Same House & Garden 0--0--20
Owen McIlroy Same House, Offices & land 10--2--28
Andrew Russell Same House & Land 6--0--30
Daniel Burns, Sen. Same House, Office & Land 22--0--20
Unoccupied Daniel Burns, Sen. House  
Peter McAvoy Ecclesiastical Commis. Land 6--1--24
Edward McEnerny Same House, Office & Land 10--2--36
Charles Graham Same House & Land 0--3--10
Patrick Campbell Same Same 1--2--15
Andrew Campbell Same House, Office & Land 4--3--14
John Campbell Andrew Campbell House & Garden 0--0--0
John Davy Ecclesiastical Commis. House, Office & Land 5--0--37
Edward McInerny Same Bog 0--2--10
Daniel Burns Same Bog Same
John Magennis Same Bog Same
Andrew Magrath Same Bog Same
Anthony Magrath Same Bog Same
Alexander McNeill Same Bog 0--1--5
Anne McAleenan Same House, Offices & Land 9--1--0
Owen McIlroy Same House, Office & Land 0--3--20
Atty Burns Daniel Burns, Sen. House  
Peter McNeill Ecclesiastical Commis. House & Land 9--1--9
Michael Magennis Same Same 4--2--24
Ptk. O'Hagan (Bailiff) Same Same 4--2--5
Elizabeth  McNeill Same Same 3--1--25
Patrick McNeill Same Same 4--1--35
John Magennis Same Same 7--0--29
Anne Walsh John Magennis House  
William McMullen Ecclesiastical Commis. House & Land 3--0--35
Hugh Magennis Same Same 6--1--0
John Magennis Same Caretakers House & Land 3--3--15
Hugh Magennis Same Same Same
Ellen Magennis Same House & Land 3--0--20
Thomas McNeill Same House, Offices & Land 27--3--20
Thomas Morgan Thomas McNeill House  
James Fitzpatrick Ecclesiastical Commis. House, Offices & Land 25--0--20
Hugh Greenan James Fitzpatrick House  
Margaret Fitzpatrick Ecclesiastical Commis. House & Garden 0--0--30
Daniel Burns, Jun. Same House, Office & Land 7--1--10
Sarah Fitzpatrick Same Land 1--3--30
Roger Fitzpatrick Same House & Land 5--2--35
James Campbell Same Same 9--3--15
Catherine Campbell Same Same 3--2--10
Patrick Clarke Same House, Office & Land 13--1--35
James McGowan Same Same 11--0--15
Peter Campbell Same House, Offices & Land 27--2--27
Daniel Mulligan Peter Campbell House  
Mary Finn Same House  
Daniel Roney Same House  
Arthur McAvoy Ecclesiastical Commis. House, Office & Land 8--2--20
Arthur McAvoy Same Land 9--2--0
John McAvoy Same Same Same
Patrick Clarke Same Land 4--1--35
Patrick McClory, Sen. Same House & Land 6--1--30
Patrick McClory, Jun. Same House & Land 15--1--10
Hugh McClory   Same Same
John McClory Same House & Garden 0--0--20
Banbridge Railway In Fee Railway In Progress 10--0--29
    Half River 3--2--1
Alexander Sheppard Hon. Robert Meade Offices & Land 33--0--30
Patrick Mellon Alexander Sheppard House  
Joseph Gibney Hon. Robert Meade House, Office & Land 16--2--5
Alexander Gibney Same House (In Progress) & Land 27--1--15
Robert Mulligan Same House, Offices & Land 18--2--10
William Sheppard Same House, Office & Land 18--0--0
Patrick Grant Same Same 18--1--0
John Harshaw Same Same 56--1--0
Robert Adams John Harshaw House  
Thomas Mitchell Hon. Robert Meade House, Office & Land 17--2--10
Thomas Beck Same Same 19--2--10
John Hart Same House, Offices & Land 23--0--10
Hugh Brunty Same Office & Land 14--1--30
Hugh Frazer Same Caretakers House, Office, & Land 30--2--15
James McBride Same House, Offices & Land 41--1--30
Patrick Burns James McBride House & Garden 0--0--20
William McChesney Same Same 0--0--20
Jane Magee Same Same 0--0--20
John Hanlon Hon. Robert Meade House & Land 2--2--37
John Moorhead Same House, Offices & Land 15--0--30
Mortimer McConville Same Same 15--2--35
Robert McClelland Charles Douglass House, Offices & Land 42--3--4
John Stewart Same Caretakers House & Land 17--1--0
Andrew Barr Same House, Offices & Land 16--0--0
Mary Diggs Andrew Barr House  
Hugh Macrory Same House  
John Barr Charles Douglass House, Offices & Land 36--0--5
William Gordon John Barr House & Garden 0--0--30
Andrew Harshaw, Jun. Charles Douglass House, Offices & Land 42--1--5
Mary Trimble Andrew Harshaw, Jun. House  
John Biggott Same House  
John Daniel Same House  
Samuel Tweedy Charles Douglass House, Offices & Land 47--2--0
Andrew Trimble Samuel Tweedy House & Small Garden  
Mary Jane Russell Charles Douglass House, Offices & Land 21--3--5
Edward Burns Mary Jane Russell House  
Arthur Russell Charles Douglass House, Offices & Land 18--0--17
Charles Douglass In Fee Land 2--2--35
William Harris, Sen. Charles Douglass Land 28--0--0
William Harris, Jun. Same Land 13--1--25
William Harris, Sen. Same House & Offices  
John McAllister William Harris, Sen House  
William Harris, Jun. Charles Douglass House & Offices  
Rep. William Kennedy Same House, Office & Land 8--2--10
Samuel Cardwell Same House, Offices & Land 32--1--0
Thomas Cardwell Same House & Land Same
William Dunlop Same Same 5--1--25
Thomas McKey Same House & Land 10--0--25
Andrew Harshaw, Sen. Same House, Offices & Land 36--2--35
David Harshaw Same Same Same
John Hamilton And. & David Harshaw House & Small Garden  
Andrew Trembleton Same Same  
John McAllister Same Same  
John Harshaw Charles Douglass House, Offices & Land 20--0--15
Samuel Hutchinson Same Same 22--2--10
    Offices & Land 39--3--10
    Land 15--3--20
Sarah McBride Samuel Hutchinson House  
George Irwin Same House  
Charles Tumilty Same House  
Samuel McClelland Charles Douglass House, Offices & Land 19--3--35
David Henry Same Farm House, Offices, & Land 28--0--15
Arthur Sheppard David Henry House  
John Macrory Same House  
Barthol. McDowell Same House & Land 4--3--15
Thomas Irwin Same Same 4--3--25
Robert McClelland Charles Douglass Land 9--1--15
Eugene Graham Same House & Land 9--2--30
Owen McClory Same Same 16--0--20
Elizabeth McClory Same Same Same
William McClory Same Same Same
Walter Caldwell Same Herds House, Office & Land 16--1--0
Sarah Devlin Same House, Offices & Land 15--0--35
Arthur Devlin Same Same 14--2--35
School House, Garden Exempt