Men from County Down and WW1

County Down


My grandfather John Grant born 10 November 1888 Mullaghbane Co Armagh, died
28 oct 1918 was killed at the end of First world war. Although born in
Armagh he lived in Dromara. Here is all I have at present
Fought in WW1.  Wounded and repatriated to the Lord Derby War Hospital,
Winwick, Warrington  where he died aged 28.  His military headstone at
Leitrim Chapel near Castlewellan states '778 Rifleman John Grant Royal Irish
Rifles 28th October 1918 age 28'.
His wound would have been received in one of the final skirmishes of the
war, it was apparently a shoulder wound, but infection set in and he died.
His regimental motto 'Quis Seperabit' plus regimental badge of harp
surmounted by a crown is also on the headstone.
Worked as a farm labourer for Clinghan.
Enlisted in Downpatrick in 6th (Service) Battalion Royal Irish Rifles.
6th Battalion was formed at Dublin in August 1914.  September 1914 to Fermoy
in 29th Brigade, 10th Irish Division.  February 1915 to the Curragh.  May
1915 to Hackwood Park, Basingstoke, England.
7/7/1915 sailed from Liverpool (via Alexandria) to Mudros, Greece.  Arrived
5/8/1915 landed at Anzac Cove, took part in Gallipoli campaign.  29/9/15
returned to Mudros.
October 1915 to Salonika.  Served in Greece and Macedonia.
September 1917 to Egypt and Palestine.
On 15/5/18 the 6th Royal Irish Rifles were disbanded at Deir En Nidham,
north-east of Ludd, Egypt and he was killed in a skirmish in his way home

Posted by, Ella Patterson ,

Casualty: Rifleman James Collins
Served with : "D" coy 13th Bn. Royal Irish Rifles
Died 1st July 1916.

 Posted by, Greta Harman,

Peden, Henry, Initials, H
Nationality: United Kingdom
Rank: Corporal
Regiment: Royal Irish Rifles
Unit Text: 10th. Batt.
Age: 23
Date of Death: 01/07/1916
Service No: 15772
Additional Information: Son of the late John and Catherine Peden of Greenan, Dromore, County Down.
Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead
Grave/Memorial Reference: Pier and Face 15 A and 15 B
Country: France
Locality: Somme

Posted by, Gary Cavanagh,

                                                              Taken from the book " The Reminiscences of Capt. D. J. Bell," from Ballynahinch, which lists the W.W.1 Volunteers , Thanks to Derek Duffield, Omagh Branch, and Phyllis Hancox from the N.I.F.H.S.

Derek Duffield who gave  this book to the N.I.F.H.S. has informed me that the volunteers were all ex U.V.F. members and were associated with the Ballynahinch, Castlewellan, Newcastle, Banbridge, Dromara, Kilkeel, Newry, and Rathfriland areas. The regiment was the 108 Infantry Brigade, 13th. Battalion Royal Irish Rifles, (1st. Co. Down Volunteers), D Company

Baird, J.

Cairns, R.

Dale, A.

Elliott, G.

Balance, T.

Cairns, R.E.

Dale, D.

Elliott, J.

Barr, K.

Caldwell, R.

Darragh, S.

Emerson, J.

Barr, R.

Campbell, R.

Dawson, S.

English, J.

Barr, R. J.

Campbell, T.

Dennison, J.

Ewart, J.

Barr, S.

Campbell, W.

Dennison, W.

Ewart, S.

Barr, W.

Carson, D.

Derby, R.

Ewart, T.

Barrett, J.

Carson, G.

Derby, R. J.

Ford, H.

Baxter, G.

Carson, J.

Dermott, R.H.

Ferris, S.

Beatty, J.

Carson, S.

Devlin, A.

Ferris, J.

Beatty, J.

Carson, J. J.

Devlin, T.

Finlay, W.J.

Beatty, J.

Carson,W. G.

Dodds, W.

Fitzsimmons, J.

Beatty, R.

Chambers, J.

Duprey, J.

Flanagan, J.

Beatty, W. J.

Chapman, W.

Dowds, J.

Freeburn, B.

Bell, A.

Clarke, H.

Dowie, H.

Fullerton, J.

Bell, R. J..

Clarke, J.

Dugan, F.

Ford, W.G.

Bell, F.

Clarke, J.

Douglas, R.

Bell, J.

Clarke, W.

Bell, R.

Clarke, W. J.

Bell, W.

Close, R.

Beverland, R.

Cochrane, D.

Bond, J.

Collins, J.

Bond, W.

Connolly, A.

Boyd, J.

Copeland, N.

Brown, E.

Costley, W. J.

Brown, F.

Coulter, J.

Brown, H.

Cousins, J. sen.

Brown, J.

Cousins, J. jun.

Brown, W.

Cousins, R.

Bryson, J.

Cowan, Jos.

Burns, H.

Craig, G.

Burns, W. J.

Craig, G.

Burns, G.

Craig, W.

Crawford, J.

Crilly, A.

Crilly, H.

Currans, J.

Crozier, J.

Crozier, R.

Clayton, G.


Irwin, R.J.

Jackson, A.

Kelso, F.

Hamilton, Jas.

Irwin, W. J.

Jackson, J.

Kerr, D.

Hamilton, John

Jamison, R.

Kerr, E.

Hamilton, Jas.

Jardine, A.

Kerr, W. J.

Hamilton, R.

Jennings, R.

Kidd, W.

Hampton, A.

Jennings, W. J.

Hanna, Jas.

Jones, J.

Hanna, W.

Johnston, W.

Hanna, S.

Jardine, W.

Hanna, T.

Harper, D.

Harper, D.(sen.)

Harpur, E.

Harpur, N.

Hershaw, W.J.

Harvey, Jas.

Harwood, R.

Hatch, N.S.

Henning, D.

Hewitt, N.

Hills, J. G.

Hodgett, J.

Holden, E.

Holmes, W.

Howard, F.

Hughes, R.

Hunter, J.W.

McEnarney, W.

Magill, D.

Napier, C.

McAdam, R.

McGaffin, S.

Mahood, A.

Napier, W.

McAllister, J.

McGaughey, G.

Mahood, O.

Napier, W.(sen.)

McAllister, E.

McGill, W.

Mallon, J.

Napier, W.(jun.)

McAllister, J.D.

McGivern, F.

Manson, S.

Neill, J.A.

McAlpine, W.

McIlroy, W.

Marks, J.

Neill, G.

McBride, H.

McKee, G.

Marks, R.

Neill, J.

McBride, W.

McKee, S.

Mawhinney, J.

Nesbit, R.

McBride, W. J.

McKelvey, W.

Mawhinney, T.

Newell, C.

McCaber, R.J.

McKenzie, H.

Mayne, J.

Nichol, D.


McKenzie, A.

Megaw, J.

McCaigue, S.

McKenzie, H.

Mercer, J.

McCaigue, T.

McKeown, J.

Mills, T.

McCaigue, W.

McKeown, W.T.

Mitchell, A.

McClean, G.

McKinlay, J.

Mitchell, J.

O'Brien, P.J.C.

McClelland, John

McKinley, W.

Moffitt, S.

Orbinson, S.

McCormac, S.

McKinley, W.J.

Moles, R.

Orr, J.

McCoy, J.

McKinney, J.

Molloy, W.

Orr, S.

McCoy, W.

McKinney, J.(jun)

Moore, F.

Owens, W.

McCoy, W.

McKnight, J.A.

Moorhead, A.

McCracken, A.

McKnight, C.

Moorhead, G.

McCready, A.

McKnight, J.

Morrow, F.

Patterson, J.

McCready, D.

McKnight, W.

Morton, J.

Pedlow, E.

McCrory, S.

McKnight, W.T.

Morton, R.

Pentland, W.

McCrum, S.

McMurray, S.

Mullen, R.

Porter, H.

McCullagh, D.

Mulligan, W.

Purdy, W.

McCullagh, J.

Murphy, J.

McDonald, D.

Murphy, J.

Quaile, W.

McDowell, D.

Murray, J.

Quigley, T.G.

McDowell, J.

Topping, D.

Redpath, A.

Taylor, W.

Redpath, H.

Teggart, J.

Reid, W.J.

Thompson, D.

Robb, D.J.

Tomlinson, G.

Robb, T.

Truesdale, E.E.

Rooney, J.

Tweedie, S.

Ross, H.

Rowland, B

Russell, A.

Russell, J.

Wilson, W.A.

Sands, J.

Williamson, S.

Sands, S.

Wright, R.

Savage, W.

Walker, L.

Scott, J.

Waters, D.

Scott, E.

Watson, R.

Scott, J.K.

Weir, T.

Scott, W.

Willgar, J.

Sargent, T.

Williamson, G.

Shannon, S.

Willis, W.

Shooter, W.

Wilson, G.

Scott, J.

Wilson, R.

Simpson, J.

Wilson, R. (jun.)

Smith, Ross

Wilson, S.

Smith, S.

Wilson, S.

Smith, H.

Wilson, Thos.

Smith, W.

Wilson, W.

Spence, G.

Wolfe, H.

Steele, S.

Woods, W.J.

Sterrit, J.

Wright, H.

Stephens, T.W.

Wright, T.

Stephenson, J.

Stewart, S.

Sturgeon, S.

Sturgeon, J.

Sempleton, W.



Adair, J

Connolly, A.

Forsythe, A.

Adair, W

Copeland, N.

Forsythe, R.

Adamson, John

Copeland, J.H.

Forsythe, H.

Adamson, Joseph

Craig, G.

Foster, S.A.

Anderson, J.G.

Craig, A.

Freeburn, J.

Anderson, A.

Crawford, J.

French, J.

Anderson, W.J.

Cromie, S.

Fry, W.G.

Andrews, R.H.

Crozier, T.A.W.

Geddis, S.

Arlow, S.J.

Crozier, W.J.

Geoghegan, G.

Atkinson, H.

Cully, J.

Gibson, R.J.

Curran, J

Gillespie, M.

Barr, R.

Curran, S.

Gordon, W.

Barr, R.J.

Graham, H.

Barrett, J.

Dale, D.

Graham, T.

Barnett, R.H.

Dale, A.

Graham, E.

Beck, J.

Dale, J.

Greer, Rev .R.U.

Beck, J.A.

Dennison, J.

Hamilton, W.A.

Bell, H.

Dermott, R.H.

Hamilton, S.G.

Bell, H.

Derby, G.

Hammond, D.J.

Bell, H.D.

Devlin, J.

Harper, D.Jun.

Bell, J.

Devlin, T.

Hawthorne, J.

Bell, W.

Devlin, P

Hawthorne, D.A.

Bennett, W.

Diamond, W.H.

Hawthorne, W.J.

Best, J.H.

Dickson, M.

Herron, W.A.

Black, M.

Dickson, J.

Hewitt, N.

Brown, H. Jun.

Dillon, D.

Hilland, D.A.

Brown, E.

Donnelly, P.

Hoey, G.

Brown, H.G.

Dougan, A.

Holmes, W.

Brown, J.

Dumigan, R.

Homer, G.

Burns, J.

Houston, J.

Burnett, C.McA.

Elliott, W.

Hughes, W.

Byrne, P.

Elliott, T

Hylands, J.

Byrne, A.

Elliott, J.

Jackson, A.

Ellison, J.

Jardine, W.

Cairns, W.G.

English, J.

Jardine, John

Campbell, P.

Emerson, J.

Jardine, James

Carson, John

Ervine, J.

Jardine, A.

Carson, James

Ervine, E.

Jennings, J.G.

Carson, H.

Jennings, W.J.

Carragher, J.H.

Finney, J.

Jennings, R.

Cassidy, M.

Flanigan, John

Jess, W.J.

Close, W.

Flanigan, Joseph

Jess, E.

Close. R.

Flanigan, R.

Johnston, J.R.

Johnston, W.

Johnston, W.S.

Kearney, P.

McCreanor, M.

Savage, H.

Keogh, R.

McDowell, E.C.

Scott, T.

King, G.W.

McFadden, J.

Scott, R.

Knox, G.

McFadden, W.J.

Sheridan, W.N.


McGowan, D.

Sheridan, M.

Lavery, J.

McGrath, J.

Shannon, S.

Laverty, C.S.

McIlroy, W.J.

Short, A. Jun.

Law, W.

McKane, A.

Simms, H.C.

Lindsay, F.

McKenna, T.

Simms, J.E.

Lutton, J.

McKnight, W.

Simms, A.C.C.


McKnight, W.

Simms, G.L.

Mackin, D.

McMullan, J.A.

Simpson, J.

Magill, S.

McMullan, E.

Small, J.

Major, W.H.

McNeight, T.A.

Small, T.W.B.

Manson, A.

McNeill, R.

Smyth, R.

Massey, W.

McNeill, P.

Smyth, W.H.

Mitchell, A.


Smyth, G.B.J.

Mitchell, M.

Napier, W.

Smyth, R.S.

Moles, T.

Napier, C.

Smyth, E.F.

Montgomery, R.

Napier, J.

Sneddon, J.

Mooney, T.

Nelson, J.

Spain, P.T.

Moore, F.

Nicholson, R.

Spears, G.

Moorehead, R.


Morgan, J.H.

O'Callaghan, W.

Taylor, N.

Morton, W.B.

O'Hagan, J.

Thompson, C.

Moran, G.

Orr, W.

Trainor, J.

Morrow, W.

Orr, W.J.


Mulligan, A.


Vennard, F.

Murphy, T.

Pepper, A.


Phoenix, W.

Watt, R.

McCormac, J.S.D.

Porter, J.J.

Watt, J.

McAleavey, P.

Poots, R.

Walker, L.

McAllister, J.

Poots, W.J.

Weir, J.

McAllister, E.

Power, W.F.

Wilson, S.

McAnearney, W.

Power, G.

Wilson, W.A.

McBride, S.

Preston, J.

Wilson, T.

McBride, G.A.

Price, W.

Wilson, R.

McCabrey, R.


Wilson, C.

McCall, R.A.

Rice, Walter

Williamson, G.

McClean, E.

Rice, William

Williamson, A.

McClean, R.H.

Rice, H.

Whyte, G.T.

McCleary, R.J.

Rogers, G.M.

Wylie, J.

McClimonds, J.

Rogers, J.


McCourt, R.J.

Ross, H.

Young, J.J.

McCracken, S.


Remember Them

It is the task of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission to commemorate the Commonwealth's 1.7 million world war dead, who are buried in cemeteries and commemorated on memorials all over the world. Anyone wanting to find the final resting place of relatives who died during the two world wars can now do so very easily by accessing the Commission's records through our website; the search by surname Debt of Honour Register will be found at enquiries by letter and  telephone are also welcome at our Maidenhead office.

Karen Loizou,
Media Section for Commonwealth War Graves
2 Marlow Rd.

They shall not grow old
as we that are left grow old
Age shall not weary them,
nor the years condemn.
At the going down of
the sun, and in the
We will remember them

These served and survived

Adamson, J.

Barr, K.

Burns, D.

Clegg, E.

Adamson, A.

Barr, John

Burrel, H.

Close, H.

Adamson, Henry

Barr, Joseph

Byrne, S.

Close, H.H.

Adamson, Hugh

Barrett, T.

Byrne, D.

Close, J.

Adamson, W.

Barron, J.J.

Byrne, H.

Close, R.

Adair, B.

Beattie, J.

Byrne, A.

Clyde, Joseph

Adair, R.

Beck, J.


Clyde, James

Adair, D.

Beck, J.M.

Cameron, J.

Clyde, R.

Agnew, J.R.

Beck, A.

Cameron, F.

Clyde, T.

Agnew, J.G.H.

Bell, J.

Campbell, W.

Clyde, J.B.

Alexander, W.

Bell, R. Sen.

Campbell, W.

Clydesdale, R.

Allen, J.

Bell, R. Jun.

Campbell, R.

Coburn, J.G.

Anderson, A.J.

Bell, H. Sen.

Campbell, J.

Coburn, N.

Anderson, J.

Bell, H. Jun.

Campbell, P.J.

Cochrane, D.

Anderson, S.

Bell, T.

Campbell, F.

Cochrane, S.

Anderson, A.

Bell, R.C.

Campbell, T.

Cochrane, A.

Anderson, J.H.

Bell, W.

Campbell, D.

Cole, H. S.

Anderson, W.J.

Bell, Hugh

Card, J.S.

Comesky, J.

Anderson, J.

Bell, Herbert

Cargin, W.J.

Connelly, A.

Anderson, J.C.

Bell, E.

Cargin, W.

Cordner, R.

Anthony, W.

Bicker, A.

Carlisle, J.

Coulter, J.

Ardery, F.B.

Bicker, G.

Carr, P.

Coulter, T.

Arlow, S.

Bicker, J.

Carr, D.

Coulter, W.J.

Arlow, W.

Bicker, D.

Carr, J.

Cowan, J.

Arlow, J. Sen.

Bingham, T.C.

Carson, W.

Cowan, R.J.

Arlow, J. Jun.

Black, M.

Carson, C.

Cosgrove, H.H.

Armstrong, R.

Boyd, H.

Carson, W.S.

Cowdy, A.W.

Armstrong, R.

Brennan, J.

Carswell, J.

Cowdy, H.L.

Armstrong, M.

Brown, H.Sen.

Carragher, J.

Cowdy, J.J.


Brown, W.B.

Chambers, W.

Craig, W.

Bagnall, T.

Brown, Joseph

Chambers, D.

Craig, W.

Baker, W.

Brown, Isaac,

Chambers, T.

Craig, W.

Baird, W.F.

Brown, W.

Chambers, Jas.

Craig, J.

Banks, W.P.

Browne, M.W.

Chambers, Jos.

Crawford, T.

Banks, O.

Brown, H.

Chambers, E.

Crawford, J.

Barr, J.J.

Bryson, J.

Cheney, H.J.

Crawford, G.

Barr, S.

Bryson, W.

Cherry, J.

Creighton, J.

Barr, J.

Buchanan, S.J.

Clements, A.

Creighton, D.W.

Barr, R.

Burns, H.

Clements, R.

Creighton, W.

Barr, W.

Buller, H.F.

Clements, H.

Crimmins, H.

Crimmins, R.M.

Dickson, J.M.

Emerson, T.

Foster, M.S.

Cromie, J.

Dickson, W.E.

English, Isaac

Foster, J.

Crothers, R.

Dickson, H.

English, John

Foots, J.

Cull, J.

Dickson, T.

English, T.

Freeburn, E.

Cully, A.

Dickson, J.A.

Ervine, S.

Freeburn, Sen.

Cully, W.

Dickson, T.D.

Ervine, R.L.

Freeburn, B.

Cully, W.

Dickson, F.

Ervine, D.G.

Freeburn, A.E.

Cully, W.J.

Dickson, S.W.S.

Ervine, H.

Freeburn, J.

Cully, G.

Doherty, S.

Ervine, J.

French, R.

Cummins, W.

Donaghy, H.

Evans, W.

Fryar, W.L.

Cummins, E.

Donaldson, J.T.

Ewart, J.

Flanigan, T.

Cunningham, F.

Donaldson, D.

Ewart, J.


Cunningham, J.

Donaldson, T.

Ewart, Jonathan

Gallagher, S.

Cupples, A.

Donnelly, T.

Ewart, S.

Gallagher, W.E.

Currie, T.

Donnelly, H.

Ewart, T.

Gallagher, J.S.

Currans, John

Donovan, P.M.


Gallagher, R.W.

Currans, James

Donovan, J.

Fagan, J.

Gallagher, --

Currans, D.

Doran, J.

Faith, G.

Gamble, W.


Dornan, J.E.

Farrell, G.S.

Gamble, G.

Dale, J.

Dougan, F.A.

Fearon, James

Gamble, J.

Darragh, W.

Dougan, J.

Fearon, John

Gault, W.

Darragh, S.

Dougan, W.J.

Fearon, P.

Gault, R.

Darragh, J.

Douglas, R.

Feeney, J.F.

Gault, J.

Davies, Maurice

Downey, J.

Feeney, S.

Geddis, S.

Davies, Malcom

Downes, T.

Ferguson, J.

Geddis, W.

Davidson, S.J.

Downie, T.

Ferguson, T.D.

Gibney, A.

Davison, S.

Downie, R.J.

Ferguson, J.A.

Gibson, John

Deane, G.J.

Dreaning, W.G.

Finlay, J.E.

Gibson, Jos.

Denny, J.F.

Dummigan, G.

Finney, J.

Giffin, J.

Dennison, G.A.

Dunlop, A.

Fitzpatrick, P.

Gilchrist, A.

Derby, H.

Dunlop, G.

Fitzpatrick, H.

Gillespie, G.

Derby, W.

Dunlop, D.

Fitzsimmons, D.

Gilliland, T.Sen.

Derby, J.

Dunlop, R.

Fitzsimmons, J.

Gilliland, T.Jun.

Derby, R.

Dryesdale, R.

Fitzsimmons, J.E.

Gilliland, D.

Derby, R.H.J.


Fivey, R.

Gilliland, D.

Derby, R.J.

Elliott, G.

Fivey, W.

Gilmore, H.

Dermott, J.

Elliott, G.

Flaherty, R.

Gilmore, E.

Diamond, J.B.

Elliott, J.

Fleck, James

Gilmore, D.

Dickson, W.

Emerson, D.

Fleck, John

Gilmore, R.E.

Dickson, J.

Emersom, W.J.

Fleming, W.H.

Gilmore, M.