County Down


People Researching Ancestors  from Banbridge and surrounding areas

Winchester - Douglass - Gordon
Family History Research – Jim Hanna (7/26/03)
Concentration of Findings by Parish

** = Names identical to our family members found that might be directly related.



Genealogy Information Sought


Birth/Baptism Records (and all related information available – parents, location, etc.)


(1) Jane Douglass (Winchester), born c. July 14, 1824

     (born to Alexander Douglass and Ann Margaret McFarlane Douglass)


(2) Robert Douglass, born c. 1827

     (born to Alexander Douglass and Ann Margaret McFarlane Douglass)


(3) John Gordon, born c. 1836; Mary Gordon, born c. 1837

     (born to Samuel Gordon and Ann Margaret McFarlane Douglass)


(4) Thomas Winchester, born c. 1817 ***

     (parents unknown to me)


(5) Margaret Winchester, born c. September 8, 1846 ***

     (born to Thomas Winchester and Jane Douglass Winchester)



Marriage Records (and all related information available – birthplaces and dates, location, parents, witnesses, etc.)

(6) Alexander Douglass and Ann Margaret McFarlane ***

     (sometime before 1824).


(7) Samuel Gordon and Ann Margaret McFarlane Douglass ***

     (sometime before 1836 - second marriage for Douglass after death of husband Alexander Douglass)


(8) Jane Douglass and Thomas Winchester ***

     (probably in 1840s before birth of Margaret Winchester in 1846).

Death Record (all related available information – birthplace and dates, location, parents, etc.)

(9) Alexander Douglass (sometime between 1827-1836)


Further Background Information


          Through those parish and probate records that are available online ( and some local sites for Co. Down) for the era in question, I have tried to find names and patterns of names related to the above-mentioned.  Those found roughly in the vicinity of Banbridge-Rathfreiland are included in a table attached to this e-mail according to parish and townland in Down.  I have found some patterns and occasionally specific names to support the family notes indicating they came from this area.  For example, there is a strong concentration of Gordons in the Annaclone, Aghaderg, Seapatrick and Magherally parishes and the townlands within them (I also realize that Gordon is a common name in Down, so it is possible that this is not significant – still my specific family notes indicating location make it plausible to me).  The Douglasses have a strong concentration in Doughnamore – in fact, in Ardkeeragh right adjacent to the Gordon townland concentration in Aghaderg.  Winchesters are more scarce, but some concentration is in Tullylish and Donaghmore and the townlands within them.