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They Came From Banbridge



Wednesday 21 July 1909,The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA

The old house in which several members of the notorious band of Victorian bushrangers, the "kelly gang" were born in the town of Banbridge, County Down, is about to be demolished, the property on which it is situated, having changed hands (recently writes a london correspondent). The members of the family who lived in the house were the mother and a sister of Dan and Ned Kelly, and the brothers James and William Kelly. it is over forty years since that part of the family left for Australia, but they are yet well remembered by old residents of Banbridge, who relate interesting doings in Ireland. The Irish police records show that the Kelly's were a lawless family ready and willing for any adventure.

The full storey of the Kelly gang,


Taken  from  history  of  the  masonic  fund   society


Brother George Glass became a member of the Board of Trustees of the Masonic Fund Society December 28, 1874, and until his death in 1889, took an earnest and efficient part in the promotion of its interests. He labored zealously in forwarding the work of constructing the new Masonic Hall on Fifth avenue, which was dedicated in the last year of his life. He was a popular and esteemed Ma­son. During all his life he was in Pittsburgh a baker and conducted for many years an extensive business on Wylie avenue. He was born in Banbridge, County Down, Ireland, June 24, 1828. His advent into Masonry in Ireland is of particular interest, he having become a Master Mason in accordance with an ancient Masonic procedure in Ireland, at the early age of 19 years. His entry into the Craft has been thus described by one of his Pittsburgh friends:

 Although his father was a Freemason and an active member of the fraternity, the son received no encouragement to present himself as a candidate for the mysteries. Yet we find that in February, 1848, he was made a Master Mason in Union Band Lodge, No. 336, at Banbridge, Ireland. He thus received the reward, as was the Masonic custom in his native country, for having performed the duties attached to his birthright. For in Ireland, the son of a Master Mason has a peculiar heritage of duty and privilege. He is Masonically termed a "Lewis," and as such it is his duty to support the sinking powers and failing strength of his father; or, as is expressed in Ireland, "to bear the burden and heat of the day," that his parents may rest in their old age, thus rendering the evening of their lives peaceful and happy. Having performed this duty, it was his privi­lege "to be made a. Mason before any other person, however dignified by birth, rank or riches." His duty was well done, and he was rewarded by being raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason at the age of nineteen years.

Taken from, Pittsburg Today


Long associated ac­tively with the educational life of Pennsylvania, Ralph Radcliffe has been superintendent of schools in Dormont Pennsylvania, since 1919. He is a native of this State, having been born in Indiana County, Pennsylvania, on December 30, 1878, son of James and Anna (Nealen) Radcliffe. His father, James Radcliffe, was born in Banbridge, County Down, Ireland, in 1832, and came to the United States in 1844, when he was twelve years old. During the Civil War he served in the transportation department, and after the war was engaged in farming. The mother of Ralph Radcliffe, a native of County Derry, Ireland, died in 1912.

Ralph Radcliffe received his early education in the public schools of Indiana County. He later was graduated from Indiana Normal School and from the University of Pittsburgh. He received his Master of Arts degree from the latter institution in 1928. Upon completing his work at Indiana he taught in the high school at Blairsville, Pennsylvania, for one year, and served as principal in the schools of Pittsburgh from 1903 to 1919. In the spring of 1919 he became superintendent of the schools of Dormont, Pennsylvania, and has served in that capacity to the present date.It might be well, in connection with this account of Mr. Radcliffe's life, to give a few facts pertaining to the Dormont schools themselves, with which he had had so much to do. The first school was started in this community in 1912, when it was housed in temporary quarters until the first school building, begun in 1911, could be completed. The present high school building was opened in September, 1922, and in 1929 had forty-one teachers. At that time, in the public schools, considered as a whole, there were ninety-five teachers, fifty-five of them being employed in elementary school work. The 1929 enrollment was about 2,400. The high school, one of the finest in the State, has a well-equipped gymnasium and about forty class-rooms

1841/42 Directory

Merchants, &c. in Banbridge and Neighbourhood.

Boyd, Robert, Esq., manager of the Ulster Bank branch,
Banbridge, residence, Marlacoo, Tanderagee
Burgess, Titus, innkeeper, Commercial Inn
Chaine, Robert, surgeon
Chapman, George, linen manufacturer and haberdasher
Christy, John, linen bleacher, mills, Millpark, residence, Stramore, Gilford
Clibburn, Edward, C. flour miller, linen merchant and bleacher
Craig, Stewart, manufacturer of linens, drills, sheetings, and coloured threads, Church-street
Crawford, George and Co. linen merchants and bleachers, Ballievy
Crawford and Lindsays, linen and sheeting manufacturers and bleachers, Ballydown
Crozier, Thomas, Esq. solicitor. Church street, and 17 Greenby row, Rutland square W. Dublin
Dunbar, Dickson, and Co. linen manufacturers, Huntley
Dunbar, M'Master, and Co. flax and tow spinners, and linen thread manufacturers, Gilford
Dunbar, Hugh, of Dunbar, M'Master, and Co., residence.Huntley
Ervin, Thomas, woollendraper
Fennell, Joshua R., bleacher, Banford green, Gilford
Finlay, John, linen sheeting and drill manufacturer, Bridge end
Frackellon, Samuel and William, flax merchants, Bridge street
Frackelton, Samuel, grocer, seedsman and ironmonger,Bridge street
Friar, William, provision merchant, Newry street
Hale, John, grocer and spirit dealer
Halliday, Jacob, grocer and Hardware, merchant
Hamilton, Robert, ironmonger, grocer, and spirit dealer
Haughton, Samuel and Thomas, linen, drill, and sheeting manufacturers, Banford green, residence, Banford House, Gilford
Hayes, William, and Son, linen merchants and bleachers, Millmount, Banbridge
Hayes, Richard, of William Hayes and Son, Millmount
Hayes and Boyd, flax and tow spinners, Seapatrick
Hayes, Frederick Wm., of Hayes and Boyd, Seapatrick
Henry, E. and Co., silk mercers and haberdashers, do.
Herron, Mrs., Jane, haberdasher and silk mercer
Herron, Henry, linen thread manufacturer, Gilford
Hutcheson, James, ironmonger, &c., Bridge~street
Kelso, Robert, surgeon, Newry street
Lavery, John, leather merchant, Newry street
Law, Samuel, flax and tow spinner, Hazel Bank
Law, William, of George Crawford and Co., residence Hazel Bank
Law. George, Wm., Esq., solicitor, Banbridge, and 20 Middle Gardiner-street, Dublin
Malcomson, Thomas, grocer, wine, and spirit merchant
Malcomson, Samuel, surgeon
Malcomson, grocer and spirit merchant
Main, John, woollendraper, Newry street
Matier, Robert, Esq., manager of the Provincial Bank
Moorhead, John, jun., woolendraper,
Morton, Joseph, linendraper and drill manufacturer, Newry Street
Mulligan, John and George, linen merchants and bleachers, Ballydown
McCIelland, James, linen merchant and bleacher. Banville
M'Clelland, Andrew, and Sons, manufacturers of linens, Meetings, and drills, &c. Rathfriland street
M'Clelland, Robert and Co., thread manufacturers, Rath-friland street
M'Clelland, John, haberdasher
M'Master, John, of Dunbar, M'Master, and Co., Gilford
O'Flagherty, Francis, grocer and seedsman, Newry st.
Robinson, Wm., linen manufacturer, Rockview
Rule, Alexander and Robert, proprietors of the Down-shire Arms Inn, Newry street
Scott, John, woollendraper, Manchester, and hat ware­house
Smyth, John, and Co., linen manufacturers and bleachers, Milltown
Smyth, Brice, and Sons, manufacturers of linen, diaper, sheeting, drills, and damask, and bleachers, Brookfield
Stoney, Isaac, linen manufacturer, Jinen merchant and bleacher, Mountpleasant, Gilford
Uprichard, James, Thomas, and Henry, linen, diaper, and damask manufacturers and bleachers, Springvale, Gil-ford. Henry Uprichard, resident partner ; James Uprichard's residence, Banvale; Thomas Uprichard's re­sidence, Fairview, Lurgan
Waugh, William, manufacturer of linen, sheeting, drills,
&c., office, Seapatrick, residence, Whitehill
Walker and M'Clelland, (successors to Andrew M'Clelland and Sons,) woollendrapers, &c.
Woods, John, grocer, spirit, hardware, and timber mer­chant, Newry street
Woods, John, jun., woollendraper
Woods, Samuel, woollendraper, Newry street


Provincial Bank—Robert Mactier, manager
Ulster Bank Branch—Robert Boyd, manager


Dunbar, M'Master, and Co., Gilford
Hayes and Boyd, Seapatrick
Samuel Law, Hazel bank


Frackleton, Samuel and William, Bridge street


Commercial—Titus Burgess, Newry street
Downshire Arms—
Alex. and Robt, Rule, Newry street


Christy, John, Millpark, residence, Stramore, Gilford
Crawford, George and Co, Ballievy
Hayes, William and Son, Millmount
 Mulligan, John and George, Ballydown
M'Clelland, James, Banville
Smyth, John and Co., Milltown
Stoney, Isaac,  Mountpleasant. Gilford
Uprichard, James, Thos. and Henry, Springvale, Gilford


Chapman, George, Bridge end
Craig, Stewart, drills, sheetings, Church street
Crawford and Lindsays (sheeting), BalJydown
Dunbar, Dickson, and Co., Huntley
Finlay, John, sheetings and drills, Bridge end
Haugton, Samuel and Thomas, dril! and sheeting, Ban-ford green, Gilford
Morton, Joseph, diaper and drills, Newry street
McClelland, Andrew and Sons, sheeting and drills
Robinson, William, Rockview
Smyth, Brice, and Sons, diaper, sheeting, and drills, Brookfield
Stoney, Isaac, Mountpleasant, Gilford
Uprichard, James, Thomas, and Henry, damask, and
diaper, Springvale, Gilford


Crozier, Thomas, Church-street, and 17 Granby row, Rutland square West, Dublin
Law, George Wm., Church street, and 20 Middle Gardiner street, Dublin


Craig, Stewart, Church Street
Dunbar, M'Master,
Henry Herron, Gilford
M'Clelland, Robert and Co., Rathfriland street

Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910 Banbridge


Twenty miles from Belfast.
A Market Town and Urban District.
Has a Railway Station and Post Office, with Money Order and Telegraph Departments.
Is a neat thriving town, and the centre of the Linen Trade of the County.
There are also Bleaching and Dyeing Works.
Population, Urban District, 5006
Market Days--Monday, Tuesday, and Friday Fairs--January 12th, June 9th, August 26th Horse and Cattle Fairs--Last Monday of every month


Newry Street--J. M'Geown, Postmaster, also Distributor of Stamps, Post Office
Clerk of Petty Sessions--Wm. MacCormac, Newry road


Baptist Church, Newry street--Pastor Harvey
Church of Ireland--Rev. Canon P. Grierson, Revs. J. Crawford and R. R. Muir, curates
Presbyterian Churches--Scarva street, Rev. Thomas Boyd. Bannside--Rev. James Scott
Methodist Church, Downshire road--Rev. J. A. Walton
First Unitarian Church, Downshire road--Rev. E. Lockhart
Roman Catholic Church, Dromore road--Rev. Father Rooney, V.F.; Revs. Magee and M. M'Clorey, curates


Provincial Bank, Bridge st.--Arthur Haire, manager; W. Taylor, cashier
Ulster Bank, Bridge street--John Alexander, manager; W. R. Forde, cashier
Northern Bank, Bridge street--E. R. Waddell, manager; R. Holton, cashier
Great Northern Railway Company (Ireland)--R. Bracken, stationmaster
Classical and Intermediate School, Lecture Hall, Bannside--Brice Moore, principal
Excelsior Academy--Principal, W. J. Warren
Fire Brigade Station--Captain, Robert Shooter; assistant, Robert Duff; ordinary, William wright, William Finlay, William Wilson, Thomas Haughey, Thomas Dunwoody, Samuel Adamson, A. Harper, John Napier, Thomas English
National Schools--Church Schools, Church street--Thomas Stanage, Mrs. M'Clain, and Mrs. Haughey, teachers.
Scarva st.--Samuel Gillespie and Miss Nelson, teachers.
Church street--Miss Maggie Harvey and Miss M'Neight, teachers.
Gospel lane--J. M'Clean, teacher.
Roman Catholic, Dromore road--H. M'Shane and Miss Gribben, teachers.
Fryers place--W. Simmons, teacher; Miss M'Mullin and Miss Mercer, assistants.
Dunbar Memorial--Mr. W. Hutton, Miss Frazer, and Miss Jordan, teachers
Technical School--Principal, W. R. Johnston
Banbridge Free Library--Joseph M'Conkey, librarian
Union Workhouse (Counties of Down and Armagh)--Seventy-three Electoral Divisions, four of which are in the County Armagh.
Board meets on Monday at 12 o'clock noon.
George Wallace, chairman; Edward Wyly, clerk and returning officer; George Sneddon, master; Mrs. Craig, matron; D. Moorehead, porter


Dromore--W. J. Cowden
Crossgar--Dr. Heron
Ballyward--James Rowan
Loughbrickland--Dr. Moag
Tandragee--James Taylor, J.P.
Banbridge--Dr. Martin
Superintendent Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages--Edward Wyly
Registrar of Marriages--Wm. MacCormac, office, Newry road
Market Place in Victoria street, with fine yard and store attached, under the supervision of James Harvey, weighmaster
Excise Officer--George Doyle, Mourne ter.
Constabulary Barracks, Church square--Mr. Hussey, D.I.; Head-Constable Forster; A.Wishart, sergeant, ex-officio inspector of weights and measures
Gas Works, Reilly street--James Mearns, manager; Alexander M'Neight, secretary
Masonic Lodges--No. 119 Loyal Blue Lodge, meets at Masonic Hall, Church square, 2nd Tuesday evening in every month. No. 336 Union Bank Lodge, meets same place, 1st Tuesday in each month. Also No. 296, 3rd Tuesday of month. Caretaker--W. J. Baines


Adams, Miss, dressmaker, Newry street
Adamson, Hugh, Rathfriland street
Adamson, Hugh, insurance agent, Scarva street
Adamson, James, Newry street
Agnew, James, grocer, Bridge street
Alexander, J., Riverview terrace
Allen, Wm. J., tea merchant, Kenlis street
Allingham, R., Glencar, Newry road
Anderson, A., factory manager, Scarva road
Anderson, Mrs., Yarn Bleach Works, Roselawn
Andrews, A., & Co., grocers and druggists, Bridge street
Ardery, Miss, Eden Vale
Ardery, Miss, Bridge street
Armstrong, Mrs., schoolteacher, Laurencetown
Bambrick, John, saddler, Scarva street
Bambrick, Wm., saddler, Newry street
Banbridge Bleachworks, Ballydown, Banbridge
Banbridge Weaving Company, Rathfriland road
Banks, W. P., hairdresser, Newry street
Beatty, J., boot and shoe maker, Newry st.
Bell, Francis, publican, Scarva streer
Bell, Isaac, Parkmount, Corber
Bell, James, shoemaker, Newry street
Bell, R., caretaker of cemetery, Newry road
Bell, Samuel, foreman bleacher, Ballydown
Bell, Thomas, Newry street
Bell, William, spirit dealer, Newry street
Bell, W. J., spirit dealer, Bridge street
Bell, W. J., hemstitch factory, Lenaderg
Black, William, boot and shoe merchant, Newry street
Boyd, Rev. Thomas, Presbyterian minister, Scarva street
Boyde, Rev. Andrew, Presbyterian minister, Loughbrickland
Bradford, Wm., ticket collector, Dromore st
Bradshaw, Mr., Banville house, Lenaderg
Bricen, J., shoemaker, Scarva street
Brookfield Weaving Factory, Scarva road
Brown, A. M., Tullyhenan Dairy
Brown, Miss, dressmaker, Reilly street
Browne, James, spirit dealer, Newry street
Browne, Bateman A. & M., seed merchants, Dromore road
Bryans, Mrs., confectioner, Church street
Buchanan, John, grocer, Rathfriland street
Bunting, A., mechanic, Windsor terrace
Burnett, Thomas, grocer and baker, Newry street
Burnett, H., laundry, Bridge street
Byrne, D. M., spirit dealer, Church street
Cairns, Mr., jeweller
Campbell, A., Newry road
Campbell, Rev., P.P., Laurencetown
Canaway, J., cycle agent, Newry street
Carson, J., cooper, Newry street
Chambers, H. L., M.R.C.V.S., Downshire Arms Hotel
Chambers, James, Imperial Hotel, Bridge st.
Chambers, Thomas, Victoria street
Chancellor, W., M.D., Bridge street
Cherry, W., printer, Rathfriland street
Clark, Robert, Mountain view, Newry road
Clements, R., tinsmith, Kenlis street
Coburn, G., Fountainville, Newry road
Coburn & Son, seed merchants, Newry street
Conner, R., school teacher, Windsor terrace
Copeland, Richard, grocer, Dromore street
Cowan, J., rent agent, Dromore street
Cowdy, A., & Sons, bleachers, Lurgan road
Craig, Mrs., matron of Workhouse
Craig, Mrs., confectioner, Kenlis street
Crawford, George, Ballievey house
Crawford, J. C., cycle agent, Bridge street
Creighton, James, blacksmith, Newry street
Cromie, D., contractor, Scarva street
Crothers, Fred., bottling works, Dromore street
Crothers, S., Banview house
Crothers, S., linenlapper, Windsor terrace
Crothers, T., Donard view
Crozier, James, victualler, Church square
Crozier, William, Railway street
Culbert, Miss, teacher, Mountain view
Cull, Thomas, clothpasser, Windsor terrace
Cummings, W. J., grocer, Scarva street
Cunningham, Samuel, solicitor, Bridge street
Cupples, David, tailor, Newry street
Cupples, Samuel, chairman District Council, Windsor terrace
Dale, Miss, dressmaker and milliner, Newry street
Davidson, Robert, Church street
Davies, Mr., Lenaderg house
Davis, James, news-agent and post office, Loughbrickland
Davison, S., tailor, Bridge street
Dawson, Rev. M. F., Mountain View terrace
Derby, Miss, Dromore street
Derby, Mrs., Windsor terrace
Derby, Robert, hairdresser, Newry street
Diamond, J., confectioner, Newry street
Diamond, W., carpenter, Newry street
Dickson Bros., drapers, 19 Bridge street
Dickson, David, Mount Royal
Dickson, Mr., stationmaster, Laurencetown
Dickson, T., & Co., weaving factory, Laurencetown
Dobbin, J., fishmonger, Newry street
Donaldson, A., Newry road
Dornan, John, painter and glazier, Bridge street
Douglas, Robert, mason, Castlewellan road
Doyle, Mrs., spirit dealer, Scarva street
Duff, R., Central Hotel, Bridge street
Dunwoody, Joseph, rent agent, Victoria st.
Emerson, John E., proprietor of the "Banbridge Chronicle and Downshire Standard" (published Wednesdays and Saturdays), Bridge street
Ennis, Mr., dentist, 46 Newry street
Ervine, J., Reilly street
Ervine, Robert, tailor, Rathfriland street
Ewart, Thomas, spirit dealer, Church square
Farrell, John S., solicitor, Newry street
Fenton, S. G., Seapatrick house
Ferguson, Howard, Edenderry house
Ferguson, John, tailor, Rathfriland street
Ferguson, Norman, Clonaslee, Lurgan road
Ferguson, Thomas, Iveagh house
Ferguson & Co., Ltd., Church Street Weaving Co.
Ferris, William, keeper Orange Hall, Victoria street
Finlay, Alexander, grocer, Newry street
Finlay, Charles, draper, Bridge street
Finney, James, contractor, Newry street
Finney, Mrs., Newry street
Flannigan, John, spirit dealer, Church square
Flanigan, The Misses, Edenderry road
Fleming Bros., jewellers, Bridge street
Forbes, Mrs., haberdasher, Kenlis street
Forsythe, M., confectioner, Church square
Foster, Joseph, boot and shoe shop, Newry street
Frizelle, J., grocer, Dromore street
Fryar, Mrs., Primrose villa, Banbridge
Fryar, Robert, P.L.G., Newry road
Fryer, Samuel, solicitor, Bridge street
Gamble, D., American Oil Co. agent, Kenlis street
Gault, Mrs., caretaker Town Hall, Scarva street
Gawn-Douglas, Rev. J., Covenanting minister, Loughbrickland
Geoghegan, John, foundry, Lenaderg
Geoghegan, Miss, Loughbrickland
Gibson, William, baker, Scarva street
Gill, Mrs., Mourne terrace
Gill, John, clogmaker, Bridge street
Gillespie, S., teacher, Newry road
Gilmore & Co., provision merchants, Bridge street
Gilmore, Samuel, bicycle repairer, Bridge street
Glass, R. W., solicitor, Bridge street
Gordon, James, solicitor, Bridge street
Graham, Charles, gardener, Dromore street
Graham, John, hemstitching factory
Graham, Miss, milliner, Newry street
Grant, Henry, victualler, Church square
Greenfield, G., dairy, Dromore street
Gribbon, Patrick, Newry street
Grierson, Rev. Charles, J.P., rector, Seapatrick Parish, Seapatrick
Hagan, Mrs., confectioner, Bridge street
Haire, Arthur, manager Provincial Bank
Hale, R., victualler, Bridge street
Halliday Bros., ironmongers, Bridge street
Hamilton, R., R.O., Scarva street
Hamilton, R. J., secretary of Banbridge Farming Society, Scarva street
Hamilton, S. A., grocer and spirit dealer, Bridge street
Harper, Andrew, summons server, Windsor terrace
Harper, Mrs., dressmaker, Windsor terrace
Harris, W., grocer, Church square
Harvey, A., Scarva road
Harvey, James, Town Commissioners' weighmaster, Lurgan road
Harvey, John, egg importer, Newry street
Harvey, Miss, schoolteacher, Lurgan road
Haughey, T., plumber and gasfitter, Bridge street
Hawthorn, Mrs., Scarva street
Hayes, Robert, carter, and coal merchant, Newry street
Hayes & Co., spinning mill, Lurgan road
Henry, Howard, Edenderry terrace
Herd, Barlow, enginedriver, Dromore street
Heron, J., Ballykeel
Heron, R. S., solicitor, Bridge street
Heslip, Samuel, leather cutter, Rathfriland street
Hill, Mrs., Solitude house
Hughes, Patrick, smith and farrier, Newry street
Hughes, The Misses, dressmakers, Newry street
Hutchison, James, furniture & undertaking establishment, Bridge street
Hynes, John, assistant clerk of Union, Church square
Jackson, John, carpenter, Bridge street
Jardine, John, postman, Reilly street
Jardine, Joseph, hairdresser, Dromore street
Johnston, J., draper, Bridge street
Johnston, J., hemstitch factory, Edenordinary
Johnston, Miss, superintendent nurse of Banbridge Hospital
Johnston, W. R., Mountain View terrace, Newry road
Kennedy, J., Mount Royal
Kennedy, W., Mount Royal
Keown, A., plumber, Newry street
Kernaghan, William, spirit dealer Newry st
Kerr, Constable, Church street
Kinley, Mrs., dressmaker, Laurencetown
Kilpatrick, James, carowner, Bann terrace
Kirker, H., Seapatrick
Knox, Rev., Presbyterian minister, Ballydown
Larmour, Thomas, painter, Dromore street
Larmour, W. W., surveyor and architect, Bridge street
Lett, Rev Canon, rector, Loughbrickland
Lindsay, Walter, J.P., Ballydown
Lindsay & Uprichard, bleach works, Ballydown road
Lockart, Rev., Unitarian manse, Ballydown road
Logan, William, roper, Newry street
Love, The Misses, Riverview
Lovett, J., barber, Bridge street
Lyons, John, carpenter, Rathfriland road
Lyons, Robert, tailor, Stramore terrace, Newry road
Lyons, Mrs., Stramore terrace
Mackie, J., dyer, Riverview
Magee, J., publican, Newry street
Magee, Patrick, saddler, Rathfriland street
Maguire, E., publican, Loughbrickland
Maguire, James, baker, Newry street
Mahood, Joseph, publican, Dromore street
Martin, Dr., Church street
Martin, Rev. J. D., Presbyterian minister, Magherally
Martin, R., tailor, Railway street
Martin, R., contractor, Downshire place
Mayers, Mrs., Underwood terrace
Mearns, James, manager gasworks, Reilly street
Mercier, Miss E., schoolteacher, Victoria st.
Mills, Ed. S., organist and choirmaster, Parish Church, Church square
Monaghan, Daniel, carpenter, Scarva street
Mooney, Mrs., Ballymoney hill
Mooney, Henry, tobacconist, Newry street
Moore, J., hairdresser, Newry street
Moore, Mrs., Church street
Moore, Bryce, LL.D., master of Academical Institution, Church street
Moorehead, Miss, draper, Bridge street
Morrison, Miss, Church Square Post Office
Morrow, Miss, dairy, Scarva street
Morton, The Misses, Newry street
Morton, Joseph, seed merchant, Castlewellan road and Commercial road
Mullan, Miss, Temperance Hotel, Bridge st.
Mulligan, Miss, Rathmore cottage
Mulligan, Miss, Reilly street
Mulligan, Miss, confectioner, Dromore st.
Murphy, J., coal merchant, Bridge street
Murphy, Miss, confectioner and lodgings, Newry street
Murphy, Wm., bootmaker, Dromore street
Murray, Hugh, publican, Dromore street
Murray, Hugh, car owner, Dromore street
M'Aleavey, John, spirit dealer, Scarva street
M'Aleavey, Miss, draper, Scarva street
M'Alleenan, G., shoemaker, Dromore street
M'Ateer, Miss, publican
M'Aleevy, Francis, shoemaker, Scarva street
M'Allister, Mrs., maternity nurse, Newry st.
M'Cabe Bros., grocers, Newry street
M'Cahy, S., cabinetmaker, Newry street
M'Cahirty, William, breadserver, Belmont
M'Caldin, Alexander, draper, Bridge street
M'Caldin, Samuel, bootmaker, Scarva st.
M'Call, Charles, mill manager, Lurgan road
M'Cammon, A., bank clerk, Riverview
M'Cammond, Andrew, Riverview terrace
M'Caw, J. R., linen merchant, Ballykelly
M'Caw, Mrs., fancy goods shop, Bridge st.
M'Caughey, Samuel, cabinetmaker, Newry street
M'Clean, John, Church street
M'Clean, Miss, dressmaker, Edenderry ter.
M'Clelland, Andrew, grain and seed merchant, Linenhall street, Workhouse road
M'Clelland, Andrew, solicitor, Bridge street
M'Clelland, Miss, The Cottage, Scarva road
M'Clelland, Riversley, Church street
M'Clure, James, clerk, Lurgan road
M'Comish, James, victualler, Newry street
M'Comish, P., dairy, Scarva street
M'Conkey, Peter, tinsmith, Scarva street
M'Conkey, Samuel, Scarva road
M'Conville, H., farmer and publican
M'Cormac, W., Newry road
M'Cormick, James, grocer, Scarva street
M'Court, Henry, dealer, Dromore street
M'Court, Mrs., confectioner, Dromore street
M'Coy, John, Milfort terrace, Lurgan road
M'Cracken, S., bootmaker, Railway street
M'Cullough, Miss S., pawnbroker, Newry street
M'Cullough, J., bootmaker, Church square
M'Cullough, Mrs., Rockville
M'Dowell, Alexander, billposter, Rathfriland street
M'Fadden, Mrs., Reilly street
M'Givern, Peter, spirit dealer and grocer, Newry street
M'Grath Bros., provision merchants, Bridge street
M'Ilhenry, Miss, Queen's nurse, Windsor terrace
M'Ilroy, James, J.P., baker and grocer, Rathfriland street
M'Ilroy, John, grocer, Rathfriland street
M'Ilroy, Mrs., Belle villa, Newry road
M'Ilroy, Mrs., 42 Newry street
M'Ilroy, Samuel, merchant tailor and clothier, Bridge street
M'Kay, Mrs., publican and grocer, Laurencetown
M'Kee, John, draper, Newry street
M'Kee, David, Albert Hotel, spirit dealer, Newry street
M'Kee, Robert, publican, farmers' implements, &c., 20 Newry street
M'Keown, James, loom mechanic, Windsor terrace
M'Keown, Hugh, builder, Dromore street
M'Kinstry, Wm., seed merchant, Scarva st
M'Kiveregan, J., publican, Scarva street
M'Knight, Alex., secretary gas works, Reilly street
M'Mahon, James, & Co., seed merchants, Bridge street
M'Mahon, Thomas, hairdresser, Scarva st.
M'Mahon, Miss, school teacher, Dromore st
M'Mahon, Miss, servants' registry office, newsagent, and stationer, Bridge street
M'Master, J., saddler, Bridge street
M'Millen, Miss, Mourne terrace
M'Mordie, George, Dromore road
M'Mullan, Mrs., Newry street
M'Mullen, William, coachbuilder, Dromore street
M'Mullen, Mrs. W., Dromore street
M'Murray, Wm., Milfort terrace, Lurgan rd
M'Neill, H., spirit dealer, Bridge street
M'Polin, Rev. M., P.P., Loughbrickland
M'Roberts, J., district councillor, Loughbrickland
M'Shane, H., schoolteacher, 19 Dromore st
M'William, Miss, Victoria house, Newry rd.
M'William, Wm. N., M.D., Newry street
M'William & Wallace, solicitors, Bridge st.
Napier, John, painter, Newry road
Neill, Joseph, confectioner, Castlewellan road
Nelson, Miss, schoolteacher, Bann terrace
O'Callaghan, Daniel, spirit dealer, Bridge street
O'Driscoll, R. A., spirit dealer, Church sq.
O'Hanlon, Felix, Railway Hotel, Reilly st.
O'Hanlon, P., baker and grocer, Church sq.
O'Hare, Mrs., publican, Scarva street
Parke, J. P., medical hall, Bridge street
Patterson, D., cycle and motor agent
Patterson, D., confectioner, Church square
Pepper, James, insurance agent, Newry road
Potts, Miss J., millinery warerooms, Newry street
Potts, W. A., M.R.C.V.S., surgeon, Newry street
Power, George, clothier, Bridge street
Preston, John, fruiterer, Newry street
Preston, Mrs., draper, Dromore street
Proctor, Thomas, cabinetmaker, Newry st.
Quaile, A., butcher, Newry street
Quinn, T., grocer, Scarva street
Quirk, Rev. R., rector, Magherally
Radclifte, Samuel A., grocer, Newry street
Redmond, William, baker, Rathfriland street
Robinson, J., postman, Windsor terrace
Robinson & Cleaver's Weaving Factory, Castlewellan road
Rooney, Rev. Father, P.P., Dromore road
Rosinfield, Solomon, draper, Church street
Routledge, Constable, Ballymoney hill
Rowney, Alex., draper, Bank buildings
Ruddick, Mrs., dressmaker, Scarva street
Ruddock, W., watchmaker and jeweller, 63 Bridge street
Russell, Miss, boot and shoe shop
Scott, James, grocer, Bridge street
Scott, Rev. J., Presbyterian minister, Ballyvally
Shanley, Mrs., pawnbroker, Scarva street
Shooter, Robert, auctioneer, Rathfriland st.
Simms, D., stitching factory, Castlewellan road
Simms, James, druggist and grocer, Bridge street
Simms, John, Moorelands
Sloan, cycle repairer, Church square
Smith, A. W., jun., Belmount
Smyth, John, foreman, Seapatrick Mills
Smith, John, & Co., bleachers, Milltown
Smith, Miss, draper, Newry street
Smyth, Miss Mary, Newry street
Smyth, William, J.P., Brookfield
Smyth, William, M.D., J.P., Newry street
Snowden, James, Courthouse keeper, Victoria street
Sneddon, George, master of Workhouse
Sprott, H. D., hemstitch factory, Ednego, Garvaghy
Stanage, T., teacher, Newry road
Stephens, Charles, coal store, Dromore street
Stevenson, E., Santiago villas
Stevenson, Mrs., draper, Church square
Stewart, Hugh, schoolteacher, Windsor ter.
Stewart, Mrs., Railway street
Teggart, J., district councillor, Edenderry
Teggart, S., contractor, Edenderry
Thompson, Mrs., Newry road
Thompson, Bros. carpenters
Thomson & Co., stationery and fancy warehouse, 3, 5 Bridge street
Trotter, W. R., Mountain view terrace
Tyrell, Miss, Church street
Tyrell, Mrs., dressmaker, Church square
Walker, George, P.L.G., publican, Corbet
Walker, Joseph, linen merchant, Reilly st.
Walker, William, grocer, Newry street
Wallace, George, P.L.G., Corbet
Wallace, Robert, Mountain view
Wallace, Robert, solicitor, Bridge street
Wallace, T. & A., grocers, hardware, and seed merchants, Bridge street
Wallace, Thomas B., solicitor to the Banbridge Board of Guardians and Rural District Council, Bridge street
Walsh, David, druggist and grocer
Walsh, John, ironmonger, &c., Newry street
Warren, Mr., Newry road
Wasson, Mrs., Reilly street
Watson, W., manager of Robinson & Cleaver's Weaving Factory
Watt, Mrs., grocer, Dromore street
Weir, F., agent Temperance Hall, Dromore street
Weir, Miss, milliner, Dromore street
White, J. J., J.P., D.L., Loughbrickland
Willis Bros., spiritgrocers, Newry street
Willis, George, blacksmith, Scarva street
Willis, W., Ardmore, Newry road
Wilson, Mrs., confectioner, Newry street
Wilson, R., water inspector, Newry road
Wishart, Sergeant, Stramore terrace
Wright Bros., grocers and general store, Lenaderg
Wright, William, painter, Rathfriland street
Wyly, E., Union C.C.B., Newry road
Young, Thomas, draper, Bridge street

List of Municipal Voters for the Township of Banbridge, West Ward, 1891


Adamson, Hugh Close, James Gill, John
Anderson, James Crothers, Thomas Griffin, Hugh
Allen, William Cherry, William Gribben, Pat, (Jun)
Andrews, Joseph Cooper, James Green, Pat
Anderson, Walter Cromie, David Gordon, John
Agnew, George Carson, David Gilmore, Arthur
Allen, W, J. Campbell, John Gilmore, John
Ardery, William Card, George Hughes, Pat
Atkinson, Arthur Cathcart, C.A. Hanley, Thomas
Allen, Jonathan Cairns, Robert Howe, George
Allen, Thomas Cowan, James Hayes, James
Austen, James Carson, Rev. James Hamilton, Robert
Anderson, D. Crozier, William Harvey, James
Anderson, John Doyle, James Heslopp, Samuel
Anderson, Robert Dornan, John Hill, Edmund
Boyd, John Davidson, Robert Hutchison, J.G.
Boyle, John Dickson, John Hewitt, James, H.
Brown, Hugh Derby, Joseph Henry, John
Bodel, George Douglas, Robert Haughey, James
Bell, Thomas Doyle, Patrick Hull, William
Barr, Robert Dale, William Halliday, C.
Bambrick, William George Darby, John Halliday, E.W.
Bambrick, Joseph Douglas, John Harvey, Andrew
Bell, John (dead) Dickson, Robert Hale, St. John
Bothwell, Patrick Devlin, James Houston, William
Brennan, James Dennison, James Hamilton, Andrew
Bambrick, Richard Derby, Robert Hunter, Robert
Boyd, Rev. Thomas Dunwoody, Thomas Hamilton, John
Boyd, Thomas Drake, David Hooke, George
Banks, David, J. Dickson, Samuel Hooke, Richard
Brennan, Andrew Dickson, William Hamilton, Samuel
Bambrick, John Ewing, Thomas Jackson, Moses
Bell, Francis Emerson, J.E. Jackson, John
Bell, Robert French, Alexander Kee, Hugh
Bradley, Charles, F. Fleming, Alexander Kinley, William
Barr, William Farrell, Patrick Kernaghan, William
Byrne, William, T. Fox, Pat Kyle, William
Burnett, THomas Finlay, John Kerr, James
Burns, Arthur Flanigan, Edward Knox, William
Brennan, John Flanigan, Robert Kennedy, John
Bell, Robert Forbes, Robert Kerr, Andrew
Bell, John Forde, William Kenny, David
Bell, Hugh Finlay, Alex. Kehoe, Martin
Bradley, John Fleming, John Legate, Alex.
Bodell, Francis Farrell, J.S. Lyons, Joseph
Cloughley, David Foster, Bros. Logan, George
Craig, John Flanigan, Patrick Lennon, Francis
Glass, William Ferran, Patrick Lutton, John
Crothers, Samuel Gray, Hugh L&Cs Tea Company.
Campbell, James Gillespie, Thomas Murray, Thomas
Cowan, John Glass, Hugh Mulligan, James
Cunningham, Samuel Gribben, Patrick Magill, Joseph, M.
Coburn, James Gibney, Alexander Mills, E.S.
Coburn, T.G.   Mulligan, William
Mervyn, Gore McFadzen, William Robinson, John
McCormac, William McDowell, Samuel Rea, John
Morton, John McKinney, William Reilly, Edward
Maguire, James McMullan, Samuel Scott, Hugh
Magee, Patrick McCaldin, Alexander Smith, Thomas
Morton, John, (Sen) McCall, Charles, H. Shannon, James
Morrow, Andrew McKnight, Alexander Strong, Robert, M.
Mitchell, Thomas McKee, Samuel Smith, Joseph
Mahood, reps of Geo. McAleavey, Felix Shooter, William
Monaghan, D. & Sons McClorey, Jas. Smith, William, M.D.
Mulligan, William, S. McClelland, Robert & Sons Strain, Bernard
Mitchell, Robert McAleavey, Thomas Stephenson, William
Morrow, William McMordie, Leslie Shandlay, Francis
Moorhead, James McClelland, James Shaw, Wlm. John
Morrow, John McMordie, Thomas Stewart, Alexander
Magin, James McMahon, Thomas Shaw, John
Murphy, Patrick McLaughlin, Charles Sprott, John
Mulligan, Joseph McGivern, Peter Tully, Peter
Morgan, Robert McCardle, Pat. Thompson, Joseph
Mulligan, Francis McComish, D. Templeton, Robert
Mann, William, (Sen) McComb, Francis Thompson, David
Matchett, George O'Hanlon, Felix Thompson, J.G.
McCauley, Samuel O'Donoghue, James Thompson, James
Moody--- O'Brien, John Tweedie, William, M.D.
McDowell, John O'Callaghan, Daniel Thompson, Robert
McCammon, John O'Leary, John Thompson, Samuel
McCavitt, James, (Jun) Oldham, Edward Walker, William
McMahon, Patrick O'Hear, Peter Weir, Thomas, H.
McClelland, R .B. M .D. O'Hear, John Waddell, Samuel
McWilliam, W. N. M. D. Procter, John Watt, Samuel
McGivern, Bernard Paxton, william Willis, George
McWilliam, John Power, G.F. Wright, Thomas
McKee, Hugh Pentland, George Wyly, Edward
McKee, John Procter, Thomas Walker, William
McIlroy, Samuel Patterson ----- Whyte, J.J.
McComish, Neil Power, David Whitten, Isaiah
McNeill, Peter Pyper, Thomas Wasson, John
McConkey, Peter Quee, Robert Weir, Thomas
McAleavey, John Quinn, Thomas Wright, reps of Hugh
McComish, James Quail, James Wallace, George
McCartan, James Redpath, James Yates, Robert
McIlwaine, David Robinson, James Young, James
McCavitt, James Radcliffe, Samuel, A.  
McIlroy, James Rodgers, Samuel  

Austen, James Burnett, Andrew Campbell, Robert
Anderson, James Bradley, James Crothers, Thomas
Agnew, Andrew Bryans, David Craig, William
Banks, Rev. S.J. Beck, Gilbert Cromie, John
Boyd, Alexander Clyde, John Cunningham, A.
Bunting, George Cowan, James Crosslay, Rev. O.T.L.
Begg, Peter Crozier, T.A. Cairns, Robert
Brown, A.M. Cowan, Martin Crozier, F.R.M.
Brown, Bateman, (Jun) Campbell, Michael Currie, James, A.
Bradford, William Crozier, Jams Copeland, Richard
Brown, Alexander Cunningham, Daniel Carr, William
Card, Thomas, D. Hughes, Alex. McMullan, William
Carleton, Andrew Inches, Andrew McCourt, Henry
Dobbin, William, M.D. Jackson, Charles McCaghey, Edward
Davidson, Robert Joy, Robert McClelland, Andrew
Davis, William Johnson, James McGuiness, Henry
Dunlop, Thomas, (Jun) Johnson, George McCaw, John, R.
Ewart, A.T. Jardine, Alex. McCaghey, Samuel
England, Henry Joyce, James Newell, Benjamin
Elliott, Matthew Jordan, Robert O'Brien, Rev. J.
Flanigan, John Kennedy, James Osler, Rev. C.H.
Frazer, Arthur King, Bernard Palmer, John
Ferguson, Thomas Lavery, Thomas Peden, Thomas
Finlay, Charles Mulligan, John Pillar, Robert
Forsythe, William Murdock, Andrew Peden, Joseph
Flanigan, Pat Moore, Robert Power, David
Fitzsimons, Henry Murray, Hugh Robinson, J.F.
Gordon, Robert Moles, Edward Richardsons & Coy
Gilmore, W.T. Mills, Robert Simms, John
Gallagher, Samuel Mulligan, Henry Sands, William
Grant, Henry Mussen, Joseph Strain, Matthew
Gordon, Samuel Murray, John Simms, James
Gill, John Maxwell, John Savage, William
Gibson, Alex. Mulligan, Samuel Tyrrel, G.G.
Hayes, Rev. Richard Morton, Joseph Thompson, Thomas
Hayes, Rev. W.A. Miller, William John Vennard, Thomas
Hawthorne, John, M.D. Magill, Thomas Wright, John
Harkness, Hugh McShane, James Wade, James
Hillis, William McComish, william Wright, James
Hazelton, Benjamin McMahon, James Watson, Thomas
Harris, William McKeown, W.J. Wallace, Thomas
Hill, Samuel McMullan, Hugh Wallace, Alex.
Hewitt, Moses McCarrison, W.J. Weir, Francis
Harkness, John McIlwrath, W.J. Watson, Armstrong & Coy
Hooke, George McLaughlin, John White, John
Havern, Pat McCartan, John White, James
  McClean, John Young, Thomas & Coy

List of Municipal Voters for the Township of Banbridge 1892

Western Ward

Adamson, Hugh Rathfriland St. Griffin, Hugh Reilly St.
Anderson, James Scarva St. Gribbin, Pat. (Jun) Edenderry
Andrews, Joseph Edenderry Gordon, John Mountain View
Anderson, Walter Edenderry Gilmore, Arthur Newry St.
Agnew, George Newry St. Gilmore, Charles Rathfriland St.
Allen, W, J. Kenlis St. Graham, william Newry St.
Ardery, William Ballyvally Gowan, Richard Kenlis St.
Atkinson, Arthur Newry St. Gallagher, William Rathfriland St.
Allen, Jonathan Newry St. Hughes, Pat. Newry St.
Allen, Thomas Newry St. Hanley, Thomas Nwry St.
Austen, James Scarva St. Howe, George Mountain View
Anderson, D. Scarva St. Hayes, James Newry St.
Anderson, John Reilly St. Hamilton, Robert Scarva St.
Armour, Samuel Newry St. Harvey, James Scarva St.
Arnett, John Scarva St. Heslopp, William Rathfriland St.
Beck, James Scarva St. Hill, Edmund Scarva St.
Boyle, John Scarva St. Hutchinson, James Scarva St
Brown, Hugh Rathfriland St. Hayes, W.A. Downshire Place
Bodel, George Doctors Lane Hodgens, George Reilly St.
Bell, Thomas Newry St. Harkness, John Reilly St.
Barr, Robert Rathfriland St. Hutchison, J. Q. Bridge St.
Bambrick, William George Newry St. Hewitt, James, H. Kenlis St.
Brennan, James Scarva St. Henry, John Bird Lane
Bambrick, Richard Newry St. Hull, William Reilly St.
Boyd, Rev. Thomas Scarva St. Halliday, C. Bridge St.
Boyd, Thomas Meeting House Rd. Halliday, E.W. Bridge St.
Banks, David, J. Rathfriland St. Harvey, Andrew Newry St.
Brennan, Andrew Rathfriland St. Hale, St. John Kenlis St.
Bambrick, John Scarva St. Hamilton, Andrew Scarva St.
Bell, Francis Newry St. Hunter, Robert Mountain View
Bell, Robert Newry St. Hamilton, John Rathfriland St.
Bradley, Charles, F. Library Lane Hooke, Richard Scarva St.
Byrne, William, J. Edenderry Terrace Hamilton, Samuel Rathfriland St.
Burnett, Thomas Newry St. Hamilton, Samuel, A. Bridge St.
Burns, Arthur Rathfriland St. Hewitt, Moses Newry St
Brennan, John Scarva St. Hayes, C.A. Newry St.
Bell, James Newry St. Irwine, John Rathfriland St.
Bell, Hugh Rathfriland St. Jackson, John Kenlis St.
Bradley, John Edenderry Johnston, James REilly St.
Bodell, Francis Scarva St. Kernaghan, William Reilly St
Beck, William Reilly St. Kyle, William Scarva St.
Bell, William Newry St. Kerr, James Scarva St.
Boyd, James Scarva St. Knox, William Ballyvally
Card, Thomas D. Scarva St. Kennedy ,John Newry St.
Crozier, Samuel Rathfriland St. Kenny, David Scarva St.
Cloughley, David Edenderry Lutton, Robert Newry St.
Craig, John Kenlis St. Lutton, Robert Kenlis St.
Close, William Bridge St. Legate, Alex. Scarva St.
Crothers, Samuel Newry St. Lyons, Joseph Kenlis St.
Campbell, James Rathfriland St. Logan, George Kenlis St.
Cowan, John Workhouse Rd. Lennon, Francis Scarva St.
Cunningham, Samuel Edenderry Terrace Lutton, William Bridge St.
Coburn, James Newry St. Mooney, James Newry St.
Coburn, T.G. Newry St. Murray, Thomas Scarva St.
Close, James Newry St. Mulligan, William Rathfriland St.
Crothers, Thomas Newry St. Mervyn, Gore Scarva St.
Cherry, William Newry St. McCormac, William Ballyvally
Cromie, David Scarva St. Morton, John Newry St.
Carson, David Scarva St. Maguire, James Newry St.
Campbell, John Rathfriland St. Magee, Patrick Newry St.
Cairns, Robert Reilly St. Morton, John, (Sen) Newry St.
Clark, James Kenlis St. Morrow, Andrew Scarva St.
Campbell, Thomas Rathfriland St. Mahood, Issac Bridge St.
Creighton, James Scarva St. Monaghan, D. & Son Scarva St.
Cole, Rev. R. Edenderry Mulligan, William, S. Edenderry Terrace
Craig, William Edenderry Mitchell, Robert Newry St.
Dunseath, W. (Sen) Reilly St. Morrow, William Kenlis St.
Davidson, Robert Bridge St. Magin, James Scarva St.
Derby, Joseph Scarva St. Mulligan, James Bridge St.
Doyle, Patrick Bridge St. Millar, Wm. James Bridge St.
Dale, William Kenlis St. McIlwrath, W. J. Scarva St.
Dickson, Robert Kenlis St. Morton, Joseph Scarva St.
Devlin, James Scarva St. Murphy, Patrick Rathfriland St.
Dennison, James Scarva St. Mulligan, Joseph Rathfriland St.
Derby, Robert Reilly St. Mulligan, Francis Rathfriland St.
Dunwoody, Thomas Reilly St. Mann, William, (Sen) Bridge St.
Drake, David Mountain View Matchett, George Rathfriland St.
Dickson, Samuel Bridge St. Moody, William Reilly St.
Dickson, William Bridge St. McDowell, John Reilly St.
Duff, R.H. Bridge St. McCammon, John Newry St.
Duff, Robert Bridge St. McCavitt, James (Jun) Scarva St.
Ewing, Thomas Newry St. McMahon, Patrick Bridge St.
Emerson, J.E. Bridge St. McClelland, R.B. M.D. Bridge St.
French, Alexander Rathfriland St. McWilliam, W.N. M.D. Bridge St.
Fleming, Alex. Reilly St. McGivern, Bernard Newry st.
Farrell, Patrick Rathfriland St. McWilliam, John Newry St.
Fox, Patrick Newry St. McKee, Hugh Newry St.
Finlay, John Bridge St. McKee, John Newry St.
Flanigan, Edward Newry St. McIlroy, Samuel Newry St.
Flanigan, Robert Edenderry McComish, Neil Newry St.
Forbes, Robert Bridge St. McConkey, Peter Scarva St.
Forde, William Edenderry McAleavey, John Scarva St.
Finlay, Alexander Rathfriland St. McComish, James Scarva St.
Fleming, John Reilly St. McCartan, James Bridge St.
Farrell, J.B. Newry St. McIlwaine ,David Newry St.
Foster, Joseph Newry St. McCavitt, James Newry St.
Ferran, Patrick Newry St. McIlroy, James Rathfriland St.
Finney, Samuel Downshire Rd. McFadzen, William Reilly St.
Fryer, Robert Newry St. McDowell, Samuel, Kenlis St.
Fryer, Samuel Newry St. McKinney, William Bridge St.
Grant, Pat. Scarva St. McMullan, Samuel Newry St.
Gray, Hugh Newry St. McCaldin, Alexander Newry St.
Gillespie, Thomas Newry St. McCall, Charles, H. Edenderry
Gillespie, James, J. Library Lane McKnight, Alex. Reilly St.
Glass, Hugh Bridge St. McKee, Samuel Newry St.
Gibney, Alex. Edenderry Terrace McAleavey, Felix Scarva St.
Gill, John Scarva St. McClorey, James Scarva St.
    McClelland, Robt. & Sons Tullyear
    McAleavey, Thomas Edenderry
    McClelland, James Kenlis St.
    McMordie, Thomas Edenderry Terrace
McGivern, Peter Newry St. McCardle, Pat. Rathfriland St.
McCombe, Francis Doctors Lane McAlinden, Reps of H. Library Lane
McConkey, Joseph Newry St. Moles, Edward Rathfriland St.
McMurray. Joseph Rathfriland St. McLaughlin, Edward Downshire Place
O'Hanlon, Felix Scarva St. O'Donoghue, James Rathfriland St.
O'Brien, John Library Lane O'Callaghan, Daniel Bridge St.
O'Leary, John Reilly St. O'Hear, Peter Newry St.
O'Hear,John Rathfriland St. O'Hanlon, F. Reilly St.
Procter, John Newry St. Power, G.F. Bridge St.
Pentland, George Bird Lane Proctor, Thomas Newry St.
Power, David Rathfriland St. Pyper, Thomas Newry St.
Prenter, John Scarva St. Quinn, Robert Newry St.
Quinn, Thomas Scarva St. Quail, James Scarva St.
Redpath, James Newry St. Robinson, James Rathfriland St.
Radcliffe, Samuel, J, Rathfriland St. Robinson, John Ballyvalley
Reilly, Edward Kenlis St. Redpath, John Scarva St.
Rogan, John Scarva St. Scott, Hugh Newry St.
Smith, Thomas Rathfriland St. Shannon, James Kenlis St.
Shooter, William Rathfriland St. Smith, William, M.D. Newry St.
Strain, Bernard Rathfriland St. Stephenson, H. Edenderry
Shandley, Francis Scarva St. Shaw, William John Reilly St.
Stewart, Alex Newry St. Sprott, John Scarva St.
Simms, John Mourne Terrace Shannon, Samuel Kenlis St.
Tully, Peter Reilly St. Thompson, Joseph Bridge St.
Templeton, Robert Bridge St. Thompson, David Bridge St.
Thompson, James Newry St. Tweedie, William, M.D. Newry St.
Thompson, Robert Scarva St. Thompson, Henry Reilly St.
Thompson, James Reilly St. Weir, Thomas, H. Bridge St.
Waddell, Samuel Bridge St. Watt, Samuel Newry St.
Willis, George Scarva St. Wright, Thomas Newry St.
Wyly, Edward Edenderry Walker, William Newry St.
Whyte, J.J. Loughbrickland Whitten, Isaiah Bridge St.
Wasson, John Reilly St. Wright, James, H. Kenlis St.
Wallace, George Rathfriland St. Willis, George Newry St.
Willis, William Newry St. Waddell, John Kenlis St.
Wallace, John Edenderry Terrace Yates, Robert Reilly St.
Young, James Newry St.    
  Eastern Ward    
Austen, James Drumore St. Agnew, Andrew Ballyvally
Boyd, Alex. Fergusons Row Bunting, George Church Square
Begg, Peter Dromore Rd. Brown, A.M. Dromore Rd.
Brown, Bateman (Jun) Dromore Rd. Bradford, William Dromore St.
Brown, Alex. Dromore St. Burnett, Andrew Ballyvally
Bryans, David Church St. Beck, Gilbert Dromore St.
Bell, Thomas Dromore St. Bains, William Church St.
Burnett, H. Church st. Clyde, John Dromore St.
Cowan, James Dromore Rd. Crozier, T.A. Church Square
Cowan, Martin Castlewellan Rd. Campbell, Michael Church Square
Crozier, James Church Square Campbell, Robert Fergusons Row
Crothers, Thomas Dromore St. Cromie, John Dromore St
Cunningham, A. Dromore St. Cairns, Robert Ballymoneyhill
Crozier, F.R.M. Church Square Currie, James, A. Bridge St.
Copeland, Richard Dromore St. Carr, William Dromore St.
Careleton, Andrew Church Square Cull, Thomas Church St.
Dobbin, William, M.D. Church St. Davidson, Robert Church St.
Davis, William Dromore St. Dunlop, Thomas, (Jun) Fergusons Row
Dornan, John Bridge St. Douglas, Robert Church Square
Devlin, James Dromore St. Elliott, William Hill St.
Elliott, Matthew Fergusons Row Flanigan, John Church Square
Frazer, Arthur Church Square Ferguson, Thomas Edenderry
Finlay, Charles Bridge St. Fitzsimmons, Henry Edenderry
Fryar, Samuel Bridge St. Gordon, Robert Church Square
Gallagher, Samuel Dromore St. Grant, Henry Dromore St.
Gordon, Samuel Dromore St. Gill, John Church St.
Gordon, James Ballyvally Gribbin, Pat. Dromore St.
Hayes, Rev. Richard Edenderry Hayes, Rev. W.A. Edenderry
Hawthorne, John, M.D. Church St. Harkness, Hugh Ballymoney Hill
Hillis, William Bridge St. Hazleton, A. Dromore St.
Harris, William Ballymoney Hill Bill, Samuel Castlewellan Rd.
Hall, Henry Church Square Hooke, George Dromore St.
Havern, Pat. Dromore St. Hughes, alex. Fergusons Row
Inches, Andrew Church St. Joy, Robert Edenderry
Johnson, James Dromore St. Johnson, George Ballyvally
Jardine, Alex. Dromore St. Joyce, James Dromore St.
Jordan, Robert Dromore St. Kelly, John Fergusons Row
King, Bernard Dromore St. Lavery, Thomas Dromore St.
Lavery, Thomas Fergusons Row Larkin, M. Church Square
Lynch Dromore St Mulligan, John Dromore St.
Murdock, Andrew Dromore St. Moore, Robert Church St.
Murray, Hugh Hill St. Mulligan, Henry Dromore St.
Mussen, Joseph Dromore St. Murray, John Dromore St.
Maxwell, John Church St. Morrow, William Church St.
Mills, E.S. Church St. McAlister, Joseph Church St.
McShane, John Dromore St. Mulligan, Samuel Dromore St.
Morton, Joseph Castlewellan, Rd. Millar, William John Dromore St.
McComish, William, J. Dromore St. McMahon, James Dromore Rd.
McKeown, W.J. Bridge St. McMullan, Hugh Dromore St.
McCarrison, W.J. Church St. McLaughlin, John Dromore Rd.
McCartan, John Church Square McClean, John Edenderry
McMullan, William Dromore Rd. McCourt, Henry Dromore St.
McCaghey, Edward Ballymoney Hill McClelland, Andrew Bridge St.
McGuinness, James Dromore St. McCaghey, Samuel Dromore St.
Marshall, John Dromore St. Mulligan, Matt. Dromore St.
McDowell, Robert Dromore St. McDonald, William Dromore St.
Newell, Benjamin Church St. Neill, Joseph Dromore St.
O'Brien, Rev. J. Dromore St. Osler, Rev. C.H. Ballyvally
Osbourne, Thomas Hill St. Palmer, John Church Square
Peden, Thomas Dromore St. Pillar, Robert Fergusons Row
Peden, Joseph Dromore St. Robertson, J.F. Church Square
Robertson, sons & Owden Edenderry Russell, John Hill St.
Scott, Rev. O.W. Lurgan Rd. Simms, John Castlewellan Rd.
Strain, Matthew Church St. Simms, James Church St
Savage, William Hill St. Sheran, John Dromore St.
Shankster, John Dromore St. Tyrrell, G.G. Bridge St.
Thomson, Thomas Fergusons Row Wright, John Fergusons Row
Venard, Thomas Ballymoney Hill Wright,James Dromore St.
Watson, Thomas Fergusons Row Wallace, Thomas Bridge St.
Wallace, Alex Bridge St. Weir, Francis Dromore Rd.
Watson, Armstrong & Coy Ballyvally White, John Dromore St
White, James Hill St. Walker, Charles Dromore St
Young, Thomas & Coy Bridge St.    

List of Municipal Voters for the Township of Banbridge, 1896

Anderson, James Scarva St. Crozier, Samuel Rathfriland St.
Andrews, Joseph Edenderry Cloughley, David Edenderry
Anderson, Walter Edenderry Close, William Bridge St.
Adamson, Joseph Scarva St. Crothers, Samuel Newry St.
Arlow, James Rathfriland St. Campbell, James Rathfriland St.
Anderson, Thomas Scarva St. Cowan, John Workhouse Rd.
Allen, W .J. Kenlis St. Cunningham, Samuel Edenderry Terrace
Ardery, William Ballyvally Coburn, James Newry St.
Atkinson, Arthur Newry St Coburn, J.G. Newry St.
Allen, Johathan Newry St. Close, James Newry St.
Allen, Thomas Newry St. Crothers, Thomas Newry St.
Austen, James Scarva St. Cherry, william Newry st.
Anderson, John Reilly St. Cromie, David Scarva St.
Armour, Samuel Newry St. Campbell, John Rathfriland St.
Arnott, John Scarva St. Clarke, James Kenlis St.
Andrews & Co. Newry St. Campbell, Thomas Rathfriland St.
Bell, James Kenlis St. Craig, William Edenderry
Boyle, John Scarva St. Carson, John Newry St.
Brown, Hugh Rathfriland St. Donaldson, Robert Reilly St.
Bodel, George Kenlis St. Dowey, Joseph Newry St.
Bell, Thomas Newry St. Davidson, Robert Bridge St.
Bambrick, William, G. Newry St. Derby, Joseph Scarva St.
Brennan, James Scarva St. Dale, William Kenlis St.
Bambrick, Richard Newry St. Dickson, Robert Kenlis St.
Boyd, Rev. Thomas Scarva St. Devlin, James Scarva St.
Banks, David, J. Rathfriland St. Dunwoody, Thomas Reilly St.
Beck, John Rathfriland St. Drake, David Mountain View
Brennan, Andrew Rathfriland St. Dickson, Samuel Bridge St.
Bambrick, John Scarva St. Duff, R.H. Bridge St.
Bell, Francis Newry St. Duff, Robert Bridge St.
Bell, Robert Newry St. Derby, James Edenderry Terrace
Bradley, Charles, F. Library Lane Dale, James Kenlis St.
Byrne, William, J. Edenderry Terrace Davidson, Robert Rathfriland St.
Burnett, Thomas Newry St. Emerson, J. E. Bridge St.
Brennan, John Scarva St. Ervin, John Newry St.
Bell, James Newry St. Ervin, John Rathfriland St.
Bradley, John Edenderry Fleming, Alexander Reilly St.
Bodel, Francis Scarva St. Farrell, Patrick Rathfriland St.
Beck, William Reilly St. Finlay, John Bridge St.
Bell, William Newry St Flanigan, Edward Newry St.
Boyd, James Scarva St. Forbes, Robert Bridge St.
Curran, John Newry St. Finlay, Alex. Newry St.
Creighton, James Kenlis St. Fleming, John Reilly St.
Carleton, Andrew Newry St. Farrell, J. S. Newry St.
Carr, James (Jun) Scarva St.    
Cupples, John Rathfriland St.    
Cairns, Samuel Rathfriland St.    
Cunningham, Edward Rathfriland St.    
Clarence, John Scarva St.    
Creighton, Alex. Scarva St.    
Chambers, Alex. Scarva St.    
Convery, James Edenderry Terrace    
Clark, Robert Edenderry Terrace    
Carson, Samuel Reilly St.