County Down Land Deeds in 1876


John M'Afee, address Holywood, owned 2 acres.
Daniel M'Alinden, address Ballintaggart, owned 4 acres.
James M'Alinden, address Ballyvally, Warrenpoint, also owned 4 acres.
John M'Alister, address Glaskermore, owned 35 acres.
Joseph M'Alister, Reps. of, address Shankill, owned 39 acres.
John M'Alister, address Kilpike, owned 2 acres.
James and Daniel M'Ardle, Reps. of, address Ballyroney, owned 25 acres.
Patrick M'Ardle, same address owned 7 acres.
Matthew M'Auley, address Rathfriland, owned 1 acre.
John M'Avoy, address Derryneill, owned 5 acres.
Robert M'Blain, address Newry, owned 7 acres.
William M'Bride, address Moneyslane, owned 7 acres.
William M'Bride, address Moneyslane, Rathfriland, owned 215 acres.
Alexander M'Burney, address Santfield, owned 5 acres.
Edward Macartney, address Dromore, owned 2 acres.
J.W.E. Macartney, and George Dunbar, address Belfast, owned 308 acres.
James M'Cabe, address Downpatrick, owned 7 acres.
James H. M'Calden, address Lisnaward, owned 10 acres.
Alexander M'Callister, address Castlereagh Avenue, owned 1 acre.
Charles M'Callister, address Ballymenoch, owned 2 acres.
Elizabeth M'Cammon, address Moygannon, owned 53 acres.
Hugh M'Cammon, address Derrydrummuck, owned 20 acres.
James M'Cammon, address Moygannon, Donacloney, owned 110 acres.
John M'Cammon, Reps. of, address America, owned 18 acres.
David M'Cance, address Knocknagoney, owned 371 acres.
James L. M'Cance, address Belfast, owned 626 acres.
Robert M'Cance, address Beersbridge-road, owned 1 acre.
Robert M'Candless, address Lurganbane, owned 32 acres.
Hamilton M'Cann, no address given, owned 47 acres.
Hugh M'Cann, address Dundrum, owned 45 acres.
Hugh M'Cann, address Castlewellan, also owned 45 acres.
James M'Cann, address Ballyloughlin, Clough, owned 35 acres.
John M'Cann, address Killinchy, owned 16 acres.
John M'Cann, address Ballycultra, owned 1 acre.
Ellen M'Cartan, address Waringstown, Co. Down, owned 1 acre.
Michael M'Cartan, address Moygannon, Rostrevor, owned 102 acres.
Thomas M'Cartan, address Baymount House, Rostrevor, owned 1,187 acres.
James M'Cartin, address Drumee, Clough, owned 1 acre.
James M'Cartin, address Newry, owned 8 acres.
Michael M'Cartin, address Aghavilla, Warrenpoint, owned 116 acres.
William M'Caughty, address Oughley, Saintfield, owned 7 acres.
Samuel M'Causland, address Ballynafoy, owned 43 acres.
Daniel M'Caw, address Greenoge, owned 15 acres.
Eliza Jane M'Caw, address King's Hill, Waringstown, owned 2 acres.
Thos. M'Cay, Reps. of, address Lisnashanker, owned 56 acres.
Patrick M'Clarnon, address Boughill, owned 55 acres.
Adam M'Clean, Reps. of, address Ballyarcan, Dundonald, owned 46 acres.
James M'Clean, address Holywood, owned 8 acres.
Henry M'Cleery, address Ballydallaghan, Newtownbreda, owned 82 acres.
Elizabeth M'Clelland, address Clay, owned 65 acres.
James M'Clelland, address Glenville, Newry, owned 77 acres.
Jas. M'Clelland, Reps. of, address Ballygowan, owned 37 acres.
Rev. John M'Clelland, address Tullyrain, owned 49 acres.
John M'Clelland, address Australia, owned 10 acres.
John Geo. M'Clelland, address Edenagarry, owned 26 acres.
Mary Jane M'Clelland, address Lisduff, Newry, owned 24 acres.
Mrs. M'Clelland, address Banbridge, owned 2 acres.
Robert M'Clelland, address Banbridge, owned 32 acres.
Robert M'Clelland, address Tullyrain, owned 46 acres.
Robt. Brown M'Clelland, address Banbridge, owned 8 acres.
William M'Clelland, address Cloghanranuid, Newry, owend 6 acres.
Wm. M'Clelland, Reps. of, address Warrenpoint, owned 2 acres.
James M'Clements, address Gilnahirk, owned 43 acres.
J. M. M'Clenaghan, address Rathfriland, owned 527 acres.
Jas. L. N. M'Clenaghan, same address, owned 10 acres.
Mark M'Clory, address Ballyvally, Warrenpoint, owned 34 acres.
Patrick M'Clory, same address, owned 9 acres.
Mary M'Clure, address Newtownards-road, owned 1 acre.
Sir Thomas M'Clure, address Belmont, Belfast, owned 312 acres.
Thomas M'Clure, same address, owned 783 acres.
William M'Clury, address Crossgar, owned 5 acres.
Robert M'Comb, Reps. of, address Lurganbane, owned 37 acres.
James M'Comery, address Drumbroneth, owned 2 acres.
Hugh M'Connell, address Gilford, Co. Down, owned 14 acres.
Hugh M'Connell, address Gilford, owned 1 acre.
John M'Connell, addess Comber, owned 1 acre.
Joseph M'Connell, address Gilford, owned 1 acre.
Robert M'Connell, address Castlewellan, owned 70 acres.
Robert M'Connell, address Belfast, owned 421 acres.
Robert M'Connell, Reps. of, address Castlereagh, owned 509 acres.
Thomas M'Connell, address Ballyhackamore, owned 12 acres.
Patrick M'Convey, address Newtownards, owned 4 acres.
Patrick M'Convill, address Mayo, Newry, owned 3 acres.
Peter M'Convill, address North-street, Newry, owned 1,110 acres.
Thomas M'Convill, address Ballynagarrick, Gilford, owned 27 acres.
Mary Ann M'Corry, address Kilmore, Lurgan, owned 26 acres.
Andrew M'Cracken, address Bracknamullagh, owned 5 acres.
Anne Jane M'Cracken, address Magherabeg, owned 7 acres.
Arthur M'Cracken, Reps. of, address Lurganbane, owned 8 acres.
Henry M'Cracken, address Portview, owned 3 acres.
James M'Cracken, address Drumaghadone, owned 5 acres.
John M'Cracken, address Ballymacormick, owned 6 acres.
Joseph M'Cracken, address Magherabeg, owned 44 acres.
Robert M'Cracken, address Glaskermore, owned 7 acres.
Robert M'Cracken, address Strandtown, owned 16 acres.
Thomas M'Cracken, address Magherabeg, owned 8 acres.
Andrew M'Craith, address Gilford, Co. Down, owned 53 acres.
Joseph M'Crea (Adam), address Lurganbane, owned 12 acres.
Joseph M'Crea, (Fat.) same address, owned 20 acres.
John M'Creedy, address Leggygowan, owned 57 acres.
William M'Craight, address Derryallen, owned 86 acres.
Andrew William M'Creight, address Ardmore House, Armagh, owned 1,526 acres.
Elizabeth M'Creight, address Lisburn, owned 3 acres.
James M'Creight, address Clanmurray, owned 31 acres.
Jane M'Creight, address Dublin, owned 33 acres.
John M'Crumb, address Rathfriland, owned 4 acres.
Alexander M'Cullough, address Rathgael, Bangor, owned 139 acres.
Bernard M'Cullough, address Ballymagart, Kilkeel, owned 15 acres.
Mrs. Danl. M'Cullough, same address, owned 6 acres.
Daniel M'Cullough, address Drummondoney, Kilkeel, owned 9 acres.
Francis M'Cullough, address Creevy House, Loughbrickland, owned 344 acres.
James M'Cullough, address Strandtown, owned 3 acres.
John M'Cullough, Carnacavil, Clough, owned 75 acres.
John M'Cullough, address Granshaw, Comber, owned 50 acres.
Messrs. M'Cullough, address Enagh, Market Hill, owned 168 acres.
William M'Cullough, address Ballykene, Ballynahinch, owned 45 acres.
Ann M'Cusker, address Ballynagarrick, Gilford, owned 17 acres.
David M'Cutcheon, address Craigvad, owned 24 acres.
John M'Dade, address Dromore, owned 23 acres.
Allan M'Donnell, address Newry, owned 111 acres.
Mrs. R. M. M'Donnell, address Glenariffe, Larne, owned 1,311 acres.
Anne M'Dowell, address Cluntagh, Crossgar, owned 20 acres.
David M'Dowell, address Moygannon, Donacloney, owned 6 acres.
Euphemia M'Dowell, address Belfast, owned 8 acres.
James M'Dowell, address Cluntagh, Crossgar, owned 50 acres.
Joseph and Robert M'Dowell, address Edenagarry, owned 55 acres.
Robert M'Dowell, address Cluntagh, Crossgar, owned 1 acre.
John M'Duff, address Hope Cottage, owned 2 acres.
James M'Elroy, address Benraw, owned 14 acres.
Ellen M'Enearney, address Curley, Newry, owned 32 acres.
John A. M'Enearney, same address, owned 8 acres.
Bernard M'Evoy, address Derryneill, owned 25 acres.
John M'Evoy, address Dunavan, owned 7 acres.
Peter M'Evoy, address Ballydrummon, owned 6 acres.
James M'Fadden, address Knock, owned 13 acres.
Margaret M'Fadden, address Dromore, owned 14 acres.
William M'Fall, address Bangor, owned 2 acres.
James M'Farland, address Belfast Bank, Newry, owned 3 acres.
John G. M'Gee, address High-street, Hollywood, owned 3 acres.
Sarah D. M'George, address Carnmeen, Newry, owned 200 acres.
Elizabeth M'Geough, address Armagh, owned 15 acres.
James M'Geown, address Kilmore, Lurgan, owned 19 acres.
Joseph M'Geown, same address, also owned 19 acres.
Bernard M'Givern, address Ballintaggart, owned 4 acres.
Patrick M'Givern, address Cappagh, owned 13 acres.
Neal M'Glennon, address Downpatrick, owned 7 acres.
Michael M'Gonigal, address Strandtown, owned 2 acres.
John M'Gorian, address Drumee, Clough, owned 8 acres.
Patrick M'Gorian, address Maghera, Clough, owned 33 acres.
George M'Gowan, address Ballymacarrett, owned 1 acre.
James Orr M'Gowan, address Ballykeel, Comber, owned 50 acres.
William M'Gowan, same address, owned 19 acres.
Elizabeth M'Grady, address Dromore, owned 3 acres.
John M'Guffin, address Ringbane, Newry, owned 5 acres.
Patrick M'Ilroy, address Maghera, Clough, owned 132 acres.
William M'Ilwaine, address Carrowreagh, owned 26 acres.
John M'Kain, address Loughbrickland, owned 3 acres.
Rev. M. M'Kay, address Damolly, Newry, owned 10 acres.
David M'Kee, address Kirkcubbin, owned 4 acres.
James M'Kee, address Cottage, Comber, owned 40 acres.
James M'Kee, address Derryogue, Kilkeel, owned 7 acres.
Jane M'Kee, address Lisban, Comber, owned 3 acres.
Rev. John M'Kee, address Ballymacormick, owned 18 acres.
John and Jas. M'Kee, address Kilpike, owned 6 acres.
Rebecca M'Kee, address Ballynaskeagh, owned 44 acres.
Hugh M'Kelvey, address Glastoy, Kirkcubbin, owned 25 acres.
Margaret M'Kelvey, address Ballyhemlin, Kirkcubbin, owned 70 acres.
Mary M'Kelvey, address Ringolish, Newry, owned 30 acres.
John M'Kenno, Jr. address York-street, Belfast, owned 2 acres.
John M'Keon, address Waringstown, owned 24 acres.
Henry M'Key, address Levallyreagh, owned 1 acre.
James M'Key, same address, owned 2 acres.
Andrew M'Kibbin, address Ballymartin, Kilkeel, owned 9 acres.
Edward M'Kibbin, same address, owned 31 acres.
James M'Kibbin, same address, owned 10 acres.
William M'Kibbin, same address, also owned 10 acres.
Wm. M'Kibbin, Jr., same address, owned 1 acre.
Daniel M'Kinney, address Dublin-road Belfast, owned 2 acres.
John M'Knight, address Castlewellan, owned 11 acres.
John M'Knight, Jr. address Carnacavil, Clough, owned 36 acres.
John M'Knight, Sr., address Fofanny, Kilcoo, owned 19 acres.
Joseph M'Knight, address Tullyhubbert, Comber, owned 60 acres.
William M'Knight, address Ballynagross, Ardglass, owned 20 acres.
William M'Knight, address Dillon, Downpatrick, owned 34 acres.
James M'Lanaghan, address Eskbank, Dalkeith, Scotland, owned 29 acres.
M'Lean and Foster, address Belfast, owned 26 acres.
John M'Leish, address Ballycloghan, owned 20 acres.
Jane M'Leran, address Ballyholme, Bangor, owned 1 acre.
George and David M'Mahon, address Ballynafoy, owned 15 acres.
James M'Mahon, address Bellvue, Newry, owned 8 acres.
Michael M'Mahon, address Killough, owned 13 acres.
William M'Mahon, address Ballycross, owned 10 acres.
Andrew M'Marran, address Newry, owned 31 acres.
H. D. M'Master, address Gilford, owned 251 acres.
John M'Master, address Bushhill, Newy, owned 24 acres.
James M'Meehan, address Ballybrannagh, Ardglass, owned 122 acres.
Hugh M'Millan, address Great Patrick-street, Belfast, owned 1 acre.
Alexander M'Minn, address Herdstown House, Donaghadee, owned 239 acres.
Catherine M'Minn, address Donaghadee, owned 9 acres.
Fras. M'Minn, Reps. of, same address, owned 45 acres.
John M'Minn, same address, owned 58 acres.
Margaret M'Minn, address Herdstown House, Donaghadee, owned 44 acres.
Samuel M'Moran, address Greenoge, owned 10 acres.
Alexander M'Mullan, address Downpatrick, owned 12 acres.
M'Mullan and Bradford, address Irudel, owned 54 acres.
Hugh M'Mullan, address Banbridge, owned 2 acres.
Matthew M'Mullan, address Churchfield House, Holywood, owned 4 acres.
Robert Jas. M'Mullan, address Drumskeagh, owned 51 acres.
Samuel M'Mullan, address Banbridge, owned 1 acre.
Thomas M'Mullan, address Derryneill, owned 7 acres.
Rev. Wm. M'Mullan, address Ardglass, owned 30 acres.
Alexander M'Mullen, address Drumee, Clough, owned 9 acres.
James M'Mullen, address Ballynagarrick, Gilford, owned 6 acres.
Alexander M'Murray, address Ballysallagh, owned 9 acres.
Dinah M'Murray, Reps. of, and J. M'Cormick, address Glaskermore, owned 162 acres.
Thomas M'Murray, address Waringstown, owned 143 acres.
William M'Murray, address Dromore, Co. Down, owned 6 acres.
William M'Murray, address Dromore, owned 455 acres.
Richard M'Nabb, address Craigaroddan, Portaferry, owned 17 acres.
William M'Naughten, address Ballymisart, owned 15 acres.
Alexander M'Nea, address Downpatrick, owned 1 acre.
M'Neely and Thompson, address Mourne, Kilkeel, owned 73 acres.
James M'Neilly, address Glassdrummond, Kilkeel, owned 12 acres.
Jane M'Neilly, address Rathfriland, owned 6 acres.
Rev. John M'Neilly, address Castlereagh-road, owned 1 acre.
David M'Parland, address Lenish, Rathfriland, owned 5 acre.
Joseph M'Parland, address Mayo, Newy, owned 4 acres.
Stephen M'Poland, addrses Magheramayo, owned 20 acres.
Robert M'Quoid, address Gilnahirk, owned 1 acre.
John M'Robert, address Redemon Mills, Lisburn, owned 103 acres.
Jane M'Roberts, address Saintfield, owned 6 acres.
George M'Tear, address Corporation-st., Belfast, owned 3 acres.
Robert M'Vey, address Maralin, owned 7 acres.
Eliza M'William, address Banbridge, owned 31 acres.
Francis M'William, same address, owned 6 acres.
James M'William, address Tullyear, owned 5 acres.
John M'William, address Banbridge, owned 4 acres.
Rev. Isaac Mack, address Groomsport, Bangor, owned 12 acres.
Ellizabeth Sarah Mackey, address Edenordinary, owned 22 acres.
George Mackey, same address, owned 35 acres.
Thomas Mackey, same address, owned 26 acres.
Murtagh Mackin, address Ballyvally, Warrenpoint, owned 10 acres.
Thomas F. Mackinnon, address Arthur-street, Belfast, owned 13 acres.
Macklin and Finlay, address Banbridge, owned 22 acres.
George Macklin, address Ballygowan, Ballyaghlish, owned 70 acres.
Adam J. Macrorey, address Duncairn, Belfast, owned 2 acres.
Henry Magee, address Mayo, Newry, owned 9 acres.
John Magee, address Sydenham, owned 17 acres.
Joshua M. Magee, address Ashgrove Newry, owned 44 acres.
William Magee, address Carricknaveagh, Saintfield, owned 7 acres.
Patrick Magennis, address Ballymisart, owned 13 acres.
Col. Richard Magennis, address Ballymoney, Antrim, owned 619 acres.
Daniel Mageon, address Leggygowan, owned 45 acres.
James Mageon, same address, owned 28 acres.
Henry Magill, address Raholp, owned 20 acres.
James Magill, address Newry, owned 11 acres.
John Magill, address Raholp, owned 20 acres.
Anne Maginnis, address Ballooly, owned 427 acres.
Edward Maginnis, address Hilltown, owned 8 acres.
Col. H. Maginnis, address Cambridge, owned 1,788 acres.
Richard Maginness, address England, owned 135 acres.
John Magivern, address Meenan, owned 10 acres.
Loughlen Maglennon, address Raholp, owned 32 acres.
James Magowan, address Damolly, Newry, owned 11 acres.
Rev. George Maguire, address Greencastle, owned 6 acres.
Henry Maguire, address Downpatrick, owned 109 acres.
James Maguire, address Banbridge, owned 20 acres.
John Maguire, address Gilford, Co. Down, owned 1 acre.
Capt. Thomas Maguire, address Brentwood, Essex, owned 1,052 acres.
Wm. James Mahood, address Tullyconnaught, owned 33 acres.
Eliza Main, address Banbridge, owned 455 acres.
James Main, address Newry-st., Banbridge, owned 45 acres.
Mary Main, address Cappagh, owned 19 acres.
Alexander Mairs, address Enagh, owned 39 acres.
John Maitland, address Ballynahinch, owned 47 acres.
John Maitland, Reps. of, address Moira, owned 5 acres.
Richard Maitland, address Ballynahinch, owned 3 acres.
James Major, address Beaver Hall, owned 14 acres.
Harriet Malcomson, address Holywood, owned 16 acres.
James Malcomson, address Curley, Newry, owned 69 acres.
Thomas Malcomson, same address, owned 135 acres.
William Malcomson, address Portlaw, owned 35 acres.
James Mantner, address Victoria-st., Belfast, owned 2 acres.
John Marner, address Crossgar, owned 1 acre.
John Marron, address Drumeee, Clough, owned 16 acres.
John Marshall, address Lakeview, Newry, owned 14 acres.
John Marshall, address Tullymurry, Newry, owned 89 acres.
John L. Marshall, address Ballycloghan, owned 5 acres.
Joseph Marshall, address Tullymurry, Newry, owned 89 acres.
Joseph Marshall, same address, owned 24 acres.
Matilda Marshall, address Ringclare, Newry, owned 29 acres.
Robert Marshall, address Tullymurry, Newry, owned 89 acres.
Alexander Martin, address Monaghan, owned 12 acres.
Charles Martin, address Kilmacrew, owned 114 acres.
Christiana Martin, address Ballybrick, owned 44 acres.
David Martin, address Kilbroney, Rostrevor, owned 173 acres.
George Martin, address Carnemuck, owned 8 acres.
Henry Martin, address Saintfield, owned 7 acres.
Henry Martin, address Newcastle, Co. Down, owned 179 acres.
Hugh Martin, address Buskhill, Newry, owned 17 acres.
James Martin, address Tullyhinan, owned 1 acre.
James Martin, address Rathfriland, owned 5 acres.
John Martin, address Belfast, owned 8 acres.
John Martin, address Shrigley, Killyleagh, owned 24 acres.
John Martin, address Loughorne, Newry, owned 241 acres.
Joseph Martin, address Finnis, owned 36 acres.
Joseph Martin, address Drumee, Clough, owned 13 acres.
Joseph Martin, address Tubbermoney, Downpatrick, owned 157 acres.
Joseph Martin, address Balleevy, owned 12 acres.
Robert Martin, address Kilbroney, Rostrevor, owned 1,531 acres.
William Martin, address Drumbo, Ballyaghlis, owned 45 acres.
Wm. Bailie Martin, address Newtownards, owned 4 acres.
Wm. H. and J. Martin, address Newcastle, owned 134 acres.
William Masterson, address Ballymisart, owned 8 acres.
Robert Mateer, Reps. of, address Edenderry, Banbridge, owned 5 acres.
William Mathers, address Magherabeg, owned 5 acres.
Chas. Mathews, Reps. of, address England, owned 1,207 acres.
Jane Matthews, address Ballymagarrick, Carryduff, owned 10 acres.
Sarah M. Matthews address Armagh, owned 502 acres.
Rev. Edwd. Maxwell, address England, owned 310 acres.
Isabella Maxwell, address Grooomsport House, Belfast, owned 20 acres.
James Maxwell, address Aughnacavan, Newry, owned 21 acres.
John Maxwell, address Finnybrogue, Downpatrick, owned 122 acres.
Robert P. Maxwell, address Finnebrogue, Downpatrick, and Groomsport House, Belfast, owned 8,347 acres.
William Maxwell, address Ballycowan, Ballyaghlis, owned 4 acres.
William Maxwell, address Portaferry, owned 1 acre.
May and Butson, address Dublin, owned 728 acres.
James Mayne, address Rathfriland, owned 6 acres.
Joseph Mayne, address Warrenpoint, owned 114 acres.
John Meade, address Gill Hall, Dromore, owned 690 acres.
Bella Megarry, address Ballywarren, Downpatrick, owned 72 acres.
Hugh Megaw, address Meenan, owned 70 acres.
James Megaw, same address, owned 25 acres.
Thomas Megaw, same address, owned 21 acres.
Samuel Meharg, address Gilnahirk, owned 13 acres.
William Mendellsohn, address Ballyhackamore, owned 2 acres.
Hugh Mercer, address Beech Park, Lurgan, owned 71 acres.
John Mercer, address Dromore, owned 15 acres.
Richd. Mercer, Reps. of, address Skeogh, owned 31 acres.
William Mercer, address Belfast, owned 49 acres.
Henry Wm. Meredyth, address Kilkenny, owned 3,071 acres.
John Middleton, address Ballintaggart, owned 17 acres.
David Miller, address Ballycloghan, owned 7 acres.
Joseph Miller, address Knock, owned 18 acres.
Robert Miller, address Ballyhamlin, Kirkcubbin, owned 8 acres.
William Miller, address Conlig, Bangor, owned 129 acres.
James Milliken, address Tullynagardy, Newtownards, owned 76 acres.
William Milling, address Knock, owned 4 acres.
John Millis, address Moira, owned 9 acres.
Robert Mills, address Ballysallagh, owned 18 acres.
Joseph Minnis, address Bracknagh, East, Kilkeel, owned 112 acres.
Thomas Minnis, same address, owned 121 acres.
William B. Minnis, address Mossvale, Dromore, owned 20 acres.
James Miskelly, address Drumbo, Ballyaghlis, owned 48 acres.
John and Wm. Miskelly, address Lisleen, Comber, owned 57 acres.
William Miskelly, address Gilnahirk, owned 14 acres.
Andrew Mulholland, address Ballynafoy, owned 13 acres.
Andrew Mulholland, address Belfast, owned 52 acres.
James Mulholland, address Ballygaskin, Crossgar, owned 21 acres.
John Mulholland, address Ballywalter Park, Belfast, owned 6,769 acres.
William Mulholland, address Ballygaskin, Crossgar, owned 1 acre.
Andrew Mullan, address Banbridge, owned 1 acre.
George Mullan, address Gilford, owned 115 acres.
William Mullan, address Willowfield, owned 87 acres.
William Mullan, address Lismullen, owned 11 acres.
David Mulligan, address Lisnasliggan, owned 15 acres.
Esther Mulligan, address Ballymoney, owned 47 acres.
Francis Mulligan, address Banbridge, owned 16 acres.
George Mulligan, address Tullyconnaught, owned 82 acres.
Jas. Charles Mulligan, same address, owned 88 acres.
James Mulligan, Reps. of, address Portaferry, owned 115 acres.
James Mulligan, Reps. of, address Caskum, owned 24 acres.
John Mulligan, address Ballynafoy, owned 28 acres.
John Mulligan, address Portadown, owned 26 acres.
John Mulligan, address Tullyconnaught, owned 27 acres.
John Mulligan, address Castlewellan, owned 14 acres.
Joseph Mulligan, address Kilkeel, owned 24 acres.
Joseph Nicholl Mulligan, address Tullyconnaught, owned 41 acres.
Martha Mulligan, address Belfast, owned 114 acres.
Mary Anne Mulligan, Reps. of, address Tullyconnaught, owned 19 acres.
Mary and Catherine Mulligan, same address, owned 26 acres.
Robert Mulligan, address Derrydrummuck, owned 8 acres.
Dr. Thomas Mulligan, address Meigh, owned 5 acres.
William Mulligan, address Cappagh, owned 40 acres.
William Mulligan, address Lisnashanker, owned 8 acres.
William Mullin, address Ballynagarrick, Gilford, owned 5 acres.
Andrew Munce, address Saintfield, owned 13 acres.
Denis Munce, address Lisburn, owned 1 acre.
Joseph Munce, address Ballynagross, Ardglass, owned 30 acres.
William Munce, same address, owned 32 acres.
David Munn, address Ballyministragh, Killinchy, owned 13 acres.
Robert J. Munn, same address, owned 23 acres.
Wm. John Murdock, address Hill Hall, Lisburn, owned 1 acre.
Anne Murland, address Belfast, owned 43 acres.
James Murland, address Downpatrick, owned 1 acre.
J. W. Murland, address Castlewellan, owned 139 acres.
Samuel Murland, same address, owned 2,237 acres.
Henry Murney, address Tudor, Holywood, owned 9 acres.
Alice Murphy, address Rathfriland, owned 23 acres.
Ellen Murphy, same address, owned 11 acres.
James Murphy, same address, owned 20 acres.
James Murphy, address Newry, owned 3 acres.
John Murphy, address Ballydock, Portaferry, owned 148 acres.
John Murphy, address Rathfriland, owned 240 acres.
Joseph Murphy, address Rathfriland, Co. Down, owned 234 acres.
Mary Murphy, address Aughnaloopy, Kilkeel, owned 26 acres.
Patrick Murphy, address Newry, owned 114 acres.
Samuel Murphy, address Rathfriland, owned 128 acres.
Samuel Murphy, Jr., same address, owned 10 acres.
Bridget Murray, address Lagan Village, owned 1 acre.
John Murray, address Moira, owned 1 acre.
John Murray, address Ballybrick, owned 64 acres.
John Murray, address Creevy, owned 6 acres.
Robert Murray, address Belfast, owned 1 acre.
Sarah Murray, address Strandtown, owned 6 acres.
Mrs. Mussenden, address Dillon, Downpatrick, owned 38 acres.
William Mussenden, address England, owned 3,098 acres.

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