County Down


Loughbrickland National school Register,

for the years 1863/1950,      

Pupils attending this school came from various areas of Aghaderg

Campbell, Maggie Wallace, Jane Wallace, Sarah Lyons, Sarah
Lyons, Minnie Megaw, Jane Megaw, Sarah McKean, Susan
Begg, Mary Jane Dale, Elizabeth Jane    
Dale, Mary Ann Douglas, E. Jane Douglas, Sarah Porter, Rachel
Porter, Jane Sloan, Essy Parker, Mary Shilliday, Jane
Sheeran, Jane Shannon, Maggi Bingham, Mary Matier, Maggi
Smith, Mary Jane McCutcheon, Lizzie McSpadden, Essy Campbell, Mary Elizabeth
Porter, Elizabeth McClean, Agnes McSpadden, Sarah Woods, Lizzie
Shilliday, Agnes Beck, A. McClean, Sarah Cupples, Agnes
McCullough, Sarah Hawthorne, Jane Watson Gray, Florence Flynn, Minnie
Flynn, Catherine Cunningham, Minnie McClean, Eva Whitten, Sarah
Porter, Margaret Dale, Minnie Gratten, Mary Gratten, Lizzie
McCann, Maureen Beck, Andrew, M. McSpadden, Jane  
Rowan, Elizabeth Ann Moorhead, Jane Jardine, E. Ann Mullen, Elizabeth
Megaw, Elizabeth McKean, Essy    
McTeer, Maggie      
McSpadden, Ellen Smythe, Annie Dale, Eliza Campbell, Mandy
Hannington, Dinah McCallister, Margaret Jane Dixon, Eliza Lyons, Maureen
Wallace, Maggi Graham, Margaret McCallister, Annie, Ann Jane Porter, Rachel
Gratten, Minnie Jardine, Maggi Gray, Helena Cunningham, Susan
Flynn, Matilda McCallister, Sarah McClorey, Maggie Wright, Agnes
McCullough, Mary Shepard, Margaret Irvine, Sarah Davidson, Elizabeth
Morrison, Margaret Jardine, Ellen,(Helen) McCrory, Annie Thompson, Agnes
Valentine, Agnes Dale, Essy McClean, Martha Valentine, Margaret
Sloan, Essy Gratten, Agnes Rolleston, Isabel Davidson, Caroline
Harris, Margaret Buller, Margaret Valentine, Francis Mary Martin, Sarah Jane
Marples, Caroline McClean, Margaret Valentine, Roberta, Elinor Fitzsimons, Matilda
Beck, Mary Jane Rolleston, Eliza Jane Rolleston, Annie Watson, Matilda
Beck, Sarah, A .E. Wright, Minnie Corry, Mary Jane Heslip, Jane
Mehaffy, Sarah, M Savage, Marion Copes, Minnie Irvine, Minnie
Rolleston, Mary Gibney, Minnie Heslip, Ada Gibney, Sarah
Watt, Elinor Wright, Edith McNaughton, Maggie Porter, Lizzie
Porter Mary Thompson Minnie Craig, Agnes Copes, Agnes Margaret
Craig, Esther Dixon, Sarah Dixon, Janet Hill, Sarah
Copes, Martha Ellen Beck, Harriet Edith Porter, Jane McKnight, Florence
Nesbit, Martha Heslip, Isabel Beck, Emmy Craig, Minnie
McCallister, Susan Shannon, Sarah Banks, Rebecca Bell, Florence
Sloan, Lizzie Caroline Allen, Annie Jane Burns, Annie Moorehead, Mary Jane
Sloan, Essy Burns, Minnie Beck, Agnes Craig, Annie
Stewart, Lily McAuley, Agnes McAuley, Maud Corry, Maggie
Laidlie, Eileen Corry, Annie Jane McCandless Anna Clysdale, Ethel
Moorehead, Sarah, E. Bennett, Minnie Corry, A. J. Beggs, Tilly
Corry, Maggie Corry, Ethel Kidd, Charlotte, Margaret Laidlie, Maggie
Hill Margaret, Jane Heslip, Winifred    
 1908,  The date is a bit smudged, as iam going through the film i will probly be able to put the right date on this section.          
Allen, Annie, Jane Allen, Lizzie Anderson, Margaret Beggs, Minnie
Anderson, Joyce Bingham, Mary Anderson, Sarah Beck ,A,.Marie
Bellany, Matilda Buchanan, J. Beck, Jane Beatty, Margaret
Beck, Mary, Margaret Buller, Anna, Francis Beck, Sarah, A .E. Brown Ann, Eliz
Alderdice, Sarah Jane Brown, Maggi Berkley, Agnes Berkley, Margaret
Beck, Margaret Beck, Emmy Bell, Margaret Bell, Florence
Banks, Rebecca Beck, Agnes Bryson, Marion Burns, Annie
Burns, Minnie Baird, Sadie Beggs, Lily Baird, Margaret Jane
Baird, Florence Beck, Jane E. Baird, May Buller, Francis Elizabeth
Baird, Charlotte Buller, Jane Campbell, Maggie Cupples, Alice
Campbell, Eliza Cupples, Mary Campbell, V. Jane Campbell, Agnes
Campbell, Maggi Carson, Elizabeth Cupples, Jane Curry, Florence
Coulter, Sarah Copes, Minnie Cupples, C. Dale. E, Jane
Cupples, Agnes Dale, Annie Douglas, Elizabeth Douglas, Sarah
Dale, M, Ellen Davidson, Caroline Dickson, Sarah Dickson, Janet
Dale, Molly Douglas, Annie Dent, Dorthey, E. Dillan, Willamena
Dillen, Sarah, J. M. Dugan, Esther Lynch, Morgan Ervine, Gwendaline
Ervine, Dorthey Ervine, Margaret Ervine, Mary Flynn, Catherine
Flynn, Minnie Fraser, Lizzie Flynn, May Margaret Flynn, Elizabeth
Flynn, Matilda Fitzsimmons, Lizzie Fitzsimmons, Maggie Fergus, May
Fergus, Lily Fitzsimmons, Lily Fitzsimmons, Madge Fraser, Mary
Fraser, Dora Dale, Ruth Dale, Sarah Gibney, Minnie
Gibney, Sarah Grattan, Agnes Gibney, Annie Grattan, Dora Florence
Grattan, Mary Adeline Gibney, Mary Alice Nichleson, Lizzie Holmes, Elizabeth
Harris, L Harris, Margaret Hamilton, Dinah Heslip, Jane
Heslip, Winifred ,A. Harvey, M. Heslip, Ada Hill, Sarah
Heslip, Isabel Hill, Margaret Jane Heslip, Winifred Hawthorne, Essy
Irvine , Sarah Irvine Minnie Ingram, Agnes  Hawthorne, Jenny
Hill, Annie Hill, Sadie Houston, Essy Hill, Ida May
Hill, Lilian Edith Hill, May Hutcheson, Jeanie Hill, Clara
Hanlon, Mary Hanlon, Margaret A. V. Hill, Margaret, H. Hill, Eileen, G.
Hanlon, Elizabeth Jardine, Elizabeth Jackson, Edith Jardine, Maggi
Jardine, Emily Jennings, Sarah Lyons, Sarah Lyons, Minnie
Little, Jane Little, A. Margaret Ledlie, Eileen Ledlie, Judy
Ledlie, Olive Ledlie, Nellie Lyons, Annie Lyons, Martha
Ligget, Minnie, (Legget) Ligget, Elizabeth, (Legget) Matier, Jane McClean, Agnes
McClean, Maggi McClean, Susan Martin, Sarah Jane McClean, Margaret
McRoberts, Jane McClean, Martha Mehaffy, Sarah, M. McComb, Maggi
McKnight, Florence Nesbet, Martha Nesbet, Isa McKnight, Sarah
McCallister, Agnes McCallister, Susan McKeane, Edith Moorehead, Mary Jane
McCandless, Jane McAuley, Agnes McAuley, Maud McAuley, May
McCandless, Sadie Moorehead, Sarah, E. McCallister, Susan McCallister, Lizzie
McCaw, Mary, E. McCandless, Minnie McClements, Mary McCaw, Emily Eliza
Moorehead, Ida McRoberts, Margaret, L. McCallister, Margaret Jane McAuley, Mary
McAuley, Sarah Mills, Bertha Mills, Molly McMaster, Elizabeth
McAuley Esther McKnight, Gladys McKnight, Vera McFadden, Mary, E
McCallister, Jennie McCaw, Mary E. McKnight Flossie McCaw, Winifred
McKnight, Eva Magill, Adaleine McKnight, Irene McKnight,Sylvea
McCaw, Priscilla McCaw, Margaret McAuley, Becky Porter, Rachel
Porter, Jane Parker, Mary Porter, Sarah Porter, ?
Porter, Rachel Porter, Annie Porter, May Porter, Jane
Porter, Susan Porter, Mary Jane Porter, Madalene Porter, Jane Elizabeth
Beck, Hilda, C. Rolleston, Isabel Rolleston, Eliza Jane Rolleston, Annie
Rolleston, Mary Russell, Agnes Russell, Annie Reid, Annie
Russell, Elizabeth Russell, Margaret Reid, Joan Reid, J.Ruth, A.
Rogers, Sara Elizabeth Shilliday, Jane Shilliday, Agnes Sloan, Essy
Smyth, Agnes Savage, Marion Shanes, Annie Stokes, Sarah
Sloan, Lizzie Sproul, Lottie Stewart, Lily Sloan, Ina
Taggaret, Maggi Thompson, Minnie Thompson, Annie Toal, Sadie
Thompson, Anna May Whitten, Sarah Wallace, Lizzie Wallace, Maggi
White, Agnes Valentine, Agnes Jane Valentine, Margaret Valentine, R.
Watson, Matilda Wright, Minnie Watt, Eliza Jane Wright, Isabela
Wright, Elsie Wright, Lousia Watt, Elinor Wright, Edith
Weir, Minnie Whitten, Sadie Whitten, Elizabeth Weir, Annie
Watt, Florence Ferguson, Nellie Fitzsimons, Lily Fitzsimons, Madge
Fraser, Mary Fraser, Dora Grant, Mary Gray, Edith
Grant, Minnie Gibney, Minnie Gibney, Sarah Gibney, Annie
Jardine, Maggie Moorehead, ?, Blanche Moorehead, Madalene Flora Jardine, Emily
McCandless, Minnie McClement, Mary Blacker, Mary Jane  
Hawthorne, Essy Hawthorne, Jenny (Judy) Hill, Annie Sloan, Ina
Hill, Sadie McCaw, Emily Elizabeth Moorehead ? Allen, Lizzie
Houston, Essy Baird, Margaret Jane Baird, Florence Hill, Ida May
Gratten, Dora Florence Dale, Molly Lyons, Martha McRoberts, Margaret Letita
Gratten, Mary Evelyn Patterson, Jeanie McCallister, Margaret Jane Gibney, Mary Olive
Cupples, Mary Winifred Reid, Gladys Ann Reid, Annie Elizabeth Hill, Flora
Whitten, Sadie Gratten, Ida Mabel Whitten, Elizabeth Weir, Annie
McAuley, Sarah Mills, Bertha Mills, Lily Jennings, Sarah
Fitzsimons, Madge McCallister, Esther, C. McCallister, Agnes McCallister, Mary
Legget, Minnie Nichol, Alice McAuley, Esther Watt, Florence
Gratten, Rhoda Baird, Blanche Legget, ? Russell, Margaret
Bent, Dorthey Reid, Joan McFadden, Mary Elizabeth Hanlon, Mary
Reid, Jane Porter, Marylin Flora Beck, Mary Jane Anderson, Margaret
McCallister, Jenny Brown, J. P. Chambers, Jane Chambers, Dianna
Anderson, Joyce McDowell, Agnes Irvine, Gwendaline McCaw, Sadie
Buller, Elizabeth Buller, Jane McCaw, Mary, E. Hanlon, Margaret,  A.
Irvine, Margaret Buller, Margaret McGill, Adaline Buller, May
Porter, Jane Anderson, Sarah Beck, Hilda McKnight Dora (Nora)
Shanes, Gladys McKnight, Annie McClean, Annie Hawthorne, C. Jane
Balmer, Matilda McCaw, Jessie    

Loughbrickland by Samuel Lewis 1837


LOUGHBRICKLAND, a post-town, in the parish of AGHADERG, barony of UPPER IVEAGH, county of DOWN, and province of ULSTER

From A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland, 1837, by Samuel Lewis

LOUGHBRICKLAND, a post-town, in the parish of AGHADERG, barony of UPPER IVEAGH, county of DOWN, and province of ULSTER, 8 miles (N. E.) from Newry, and 58 1/2 (N.) from Dublin, on the road from Newry to Belfast; containing 618 inhabitants. This town, which is prettily situated on the lake from which it takes its name, owes its rise to Sir Marmaduke Whitchurch, to whom Queen Elizabeth, in 1585, granted the adjacent lands. Sir Marmaduke built a castle on the shore of the lake, for the protection of a pass where three roads united, and soon after a church and a mill, and laid the foundation of a town, in which a Protestant colony was settled, for which he obtained the grant of a market and two fairs. In 1641 the castle was dismantled and the town and church were destroyed by fire; in this desolate condition it remained till 1688, when the church was rebuilt and the town began gradually to improve. It consists of one principal street, from which two smaller streets branch off, and contains 123 houses, most of which are well built and of handsome appearance; the whole town has a cheerful and thriving aspect. The lake, which is supposed to have taken its name from the speckled trout with which it is said to have formerly abounded, comprises an area of about 90 Irish acres, and is bordered on its western side by the road from Dublin to Belfast; it forms the summit level of the Newry canal, to which its waters are conveyed through Lough Shark, and is itself supplied from a spring within, its superfluous water escaping through a sluice at the north-western extremity. Fairs are held here on the third Tuesday in every month, for horses, cattle, pigs, and pedlery. There are several handsome seats in the immediate neighbourhood, which are noticed under the heads of their respective parishes. The parish church, a handsome edifice, with a square tower and octagonal spire, is situated in the centre of the town; and nearly opposite to it is the R. C. chapel, in the later English style, built at an expense of 1700 on a site presented by N. C. Whyte, Esq., who also gave 400 towards its erection. There are also places of worship for Presbyterians and Primitive Methodists. On the shore of the lake is a modern house, erected in 1812 on the site of the ancient castle, which was then taken down. The Danes, who had ravaged the north of Ireland, were defeated here by the Irish under Mac Lorriagh, in 1187. --See AGHADERG.