County Down


Edgar family, Births, Marriages and Deaths in Rathfriland

Rathfriland Presbyterian Church 


“Marriages in Rathfriland by the Rev Samuel Barber, years covered 1782 -1811"

Hamilton Edgar married Agnes Douglass on the 1st June 1802

28th July 1802, John Copeland to Jane Edgar 

25th February 1803, William Moore to Eliza Edgar 


1852, Mrs Edgar

1852, James Edgar (child)

1852, Alexander Edgar (child)


Alexander Edgar and James Edgar both paying into the church 1866

Andrew Edgar paying 1875 - 1884 and 1889 - 1900

John Edgar and James Edgar both paying 1889 - 1900


PARENTS, Alex Edgar and Margaret (Johnston)


Jane, 10th Jan 1805, (listed as 2nd child, 2 years old)

John, 7th April 1805, (3rd child)

Sarah, 5th April 1806


PARENTS, Alexander Edgar and Elizabeth (Mc Kinley)


Mary Jane, 2nd Feb 1817

Jane ?, 18th April 1819

Agnes, 22nd July 1821

Andrew, 26th Oct 1823

James, 21st May 1826

Elizabeth, 14th Dec 1826

Alexander, 17th April 1831

Margaret ?, 22nd Sept 1833


PARENTS, James Edgar and ? Wallace


Samuel, 4th Sept 1825


PARENTS, Samuel Edgar and Mary Mc ?


Mary, 5th Sept 1830, ( 2nd child )

 Samuel, 14th Oct 1832, ( 3rd child )





PARENTS, Samuel Edgar and  ? ( 2nd wife )


Sarah Jane, 29th July 1849

Margaret, 23rd Dec 1851

Agnes, 19th Nov 1854


PARENTS, Alexander Edgar and ? 


Jane, 13th Feb 1851 ( 2nd child )

John, 24th June 1853

Mary Jane, 2nd May 1856

Samuel, 18th Oct 1858

Essey, 14th Jan 1862


PARENTS, Andrew Edgar and Margaret Woods ?


? , 3rd July 1854 ( 1st child )

Alexander, 2nd May 1856

Elizabeth Jane, 18th Oct 1858

John, 29th May 1860

James, 29th July 1862

Annie, 18th Sept 1864

Andrew, 11th July 1867


PARENTS, Thomas Edgar and Mary Bell


William, 28th June 1835

Samuel, 16th April 1837


PARENTS, James Edgar and Jane Bigham ?


Emma Jane, 29th July 1849 (2nd child)

Elizabeth, 31st Aug 1851


PARENTS, James Edgar and Susan Mc Mullan ? (2nd wife)


Elizabeth Jane, 12th April 1857

Alexander, 25th Aug 1861

John, 14th May 1868 (4th child) 


PARENTS, Alexander Edgar and  ?  Bell or Boyd


Agnes Jane, 6th Sept 1863 (1st child)

William, 27th July 1865

David, 1st Oct 1865 (2nd child) 


Brookvale Presbyterian Church

Rathfriland Co Down 


William Bingham married Essie Edgar on the 9th October 1883, Essie father was Alexander Edgar, and he is listed as a farmer from Aughnavalloo. 

David Dickson married Mary Jane Edgar on the 3rd November 1898, Mary father was Alexander Edgar, a farmer from Aughnavalloo, and Annie Edgar and Ralph Dickson witnessed this marriage. 

James McCauley married Margaret Edgar on the 3rd November 1898, Margaret’s father was Andrew Edgar, from Aughnavalloo, and Thomas McCauley and Martha Edgar witnessed the marriage. 

Robert McIlheen married Martha Edgar on the ? July 1900, Martha’s father was Alexander Edgar, from Aughnavalloo. 


Gravestones in Rathfriland 


John Edgar 1834



William Edgar, from Aughnavalloo, died 3rd July 1941, age 77 

Alexander Edgar, Aughnavalloo 

Rev Samuel Edgar, age 75



Agnes Edgar, born 17th July 1889, died 9th October 1972


Cantley/Cantly Marriages and Births


Andrew STRANAGHAN 30 Jun 1847 Agnes CANTLEY Newry Civil Registrars Office Newry
Robert CANTLY 07 Jan 1848 Jane BEATY Ballyroney Presbyterian Church Banbridge
John CARSON 26 Nov 1852 Jane CANTLY Rathfriland Second Presbyterian Church Drumgath
Andrew CALDWELL 04 Jan 1854 Martha CANTLEY Rathfriland First Presbyterian Church Drumgath
Robert HENDERSON 18 May 1858 Anne CANTLY Kilkeel Church of Ireland Kilkeel
William ROSS 13 Nov 1861 Jane CANTLY Rathfriland First Presbyterian Church Drumgath
John CANTLEY 01 Feb 1861 Elizabeth CALDWELL Hilltown Presbyterian Church Clonduff
Robert CANTLEY 28 Jan 1863 Martha MEEK Garvaghy Presbyterian Church Garvaghy
George CANTLEY 13 Dec 1866 Annie Tighe HAMILTON Drumgooland Church of Ireland Drumgooland
Andrew CANTLY 21 Sep 1866 Margaret Ann BEATTY Rathfriland First Presbyterian Church Drumgath
Joseph CANTLEY 05 Sep 1867 Susanna HESLIP Hilltown Presbyterian Church Clonduff
John CANTLEY 30 Aug 1869 Sarah McKEE Drumgooland Presbyterian Church Drumgooland
James GRIMES 01 Oct 1869 Margt CANTLEY Drumbrallyroney Church of Ireland Drumballyroney
James BIGHAM 14 Dec 1869 Margaret CANTLEY Rathfriland First Presbyterian Church Drumgath
Needham SHANNON 19 May 1870 Eliza Sara CANTLEY Rostrevor Presbyterian Church Kilbroney
James CANTLY 01 Jul 1870 Jane WHITE Ballynagappog Presbyterian Church Clonduff
James CANTLEY 08 Dec 1870 Margaret McCAULEY Hilltown Presbyterian Church Clonduff
George CANTLY 18 Jul 1871 Agnes CROMIE Downshire Road Presbyterian Church Newry
William CANTLEY 03 Apr 1872 Eliza BRANNIGAN Rathfriland Second Presbyterian Church Drumgath
Thomas ANDERSON 05 Jan 1875 Nannie CANTLY Rathfriland First Presbyterian Church Drumgath
William CROMIE 23 Jun 1876 Sarah Jane CANTLEY Rathfriland First Presbyterian Church Drumgath
James CANTLEY 10 Apr 1886 Margaret Rhoda HERRON Kilwarlin Moravian Church Hillsborough
Andrew STRANAGHAN 04 May 1887 Agnes CANTLEY Rathfriland Second Presbyterian Church Drumgath
David MARTIN 26 Jan 1887 Ellen CANTLEY Ballydown Presbyterian Church Seapatrick
Charles William SMALL 02 Jan 1891 Jane CANTLEY Annaclone First Presbyterian Church Annaclone
George CANTLEY 26 Feb 1892 Agnes HANNA Brookvale Presbyterian Church Drumballyroney
Isaac McELROY 14 Feb 1893 Lizzie CANTLEY Rathfriland First Presbyterian Church Drumgath
John ANDERSON 24 Mar 1897 Martha CANTLEY Rathfriland First Presbyterian Church Drumgath
William John TINSLEY 14 Jul 1898 Maggie CANTLEY Lurgan Second Presbyterian Church Shankill
Joseph CANTLEY 26 Jun 1902 Isabella DAVIS Seapatrick Church of Ireland Seapatrick
James CANTLEY 01 Oct 1902 Mary ANNETT Mourne Presbyterian Church Kilkeel
Ebenezer McKEE 06 Nov 1903 Eliza Sarah CANTLEY Clonduff Presbyterian Church Clonduff
George CANTLEY 01 Jul 1903 Essie WARD Railway Street Second Presbyterian Church Blaris
Samuel J. WILSON 01 Jul 1903 Jane CANTLEY Railway Street Second Presbyterian Church Blaris
David CANTLEY 24 Nov 1904 Mary Jane GREENE Hilltown Presbyterian Church Clonduff
Joseph McKNIGHT 14 Jul 1905 Annie CANTLEY Rathfriland First Presbyterian Church Drumgath
George CANTLEY 29 Jun 1906 Martha Ann CARSON Hilltown Presbyterian Church Clonduff
Hugh CANTLEY 26 Jan 1909 Eliza J. SHILLADY Hilltown Presbyterian Church Clonduff
George CANTLEY 04 Jan 1912 Sarah LEDLIE Hilltown Presbyterian Church Clonduff
William John CANTLEY 03 Sep 1918 Lizzie THOMPSON Rathfriland Second Presbyterian Church Drumgath


Margaret CANTLEY John CANTLEY Eliza KILWELL 13 May 1866 Moira
Elizabeth CANTLEY Robert CANTLEY Jane BEATY 11 Oct 1867 Loughbrickland
Margaret Jane CANTLY Robert CANTLY Martha MEEK 22 Oct 1867 Crossgare
CANTLEY,  Male Joseph CANTLEY Susana HESLIP 30 Jul 1868 Kilkeel
Annie CANTLY John CANTLY Annie ANDERSON 6 Nov 1868 Ballyward
Martha CANTLY Andrew CANTLY Mary Ann BEATTY 7 Dec 1868 Rathfriland
George James CANTLY Robert CANTLY Martha MEEK 8 May 1869 Crossgare
Jane CANTLAY John CANTLAY Elizabeth CALDWELL 1 Aug 1870 Moira
Jane Eliza CANTLEY George CANTLEY Anna HAMILTON 18 Apr 1870 Ballyward
Anne CANTLEY John CANTLEY Sarah McKEE 25 Aug 1871 Ballyward
George CANTLEY David CANTLEY Margaret GADDIS 21 Feb 1871 Ballyward
George CANTLEY John CANTLEY Annie ANDERSON 27 Apr 1871 Ballyward
Hugh CANTLEY James CANTLEY Jane WHITE 29 Apr 1871 Rathfriland
Margaret Jane CANTLEY James CANTLEY Margaret McAULEY 23 Sep 1871 Ballyward
Margaret CANTLEY David Cantley Margaret Gaddis  20 Aug 1872 Ballyward
Hanah CANTLY James CANTLY Jane WHITE 21 Oct 1872 Rathfriland
Eliza CANTLEY John CANTLEY Annie ANDERSON 9 May 1873 Ballyward
James Henry CANTLEY James CANTLEY Margaret McAULEY 5 Aug 1873 Ballyward
Samuel Edgar CANTLEY William CANTLEY Elizabeth BRANIGAN 20 Apr 1873 Rathfriland
Margaret CANTLEY John CANTLEY Sarah McKEE 2 Sep 1874 Ballyward
William John CANTLEY William CANTLEY Elizabeth BRANIGAN 5 May 1874 Rathfriland
James CANTLEY David CANTLEY Margaret GADDIS 1 Jun 1875 Ballyward