County Down


Valuation of Tenements 1863

County of Down Union of Banbridge

Parish of Seapatrick

Offices, Office = Sheds or Outbuildings
Area = Acre, Rood and Perch


Townlands & Occupiers Lessors Description of Tenement Area in Acres, Roods & Perches
Immediate Lessors
Description Of Tenements
Eliza Walsh In Fee House, Offices ,& Land 30--0--20
Thomas Browne Anne Murland House, Office, & Land 35--3--30
John McClelland Same Same 7--2--10
Andrew Ewart Olivia Crawford Offices, & Land 37--0--30
Alexander Martin Same Same ,
Joseph Martin Same Same ,
Unoccupied Andrew Ewart House, Dilapidated  
  Alex.& Joseph Martin    
George Robinson Olivia Crawford House, Offices, Boiling-House & Land 39--3--5
Unoccupied George Robinson House Dilapidated  
(Balleevy House)      
Olivia Crawford In Fee House, Offices, & Land 95--0--16
Henry Hamilton Olivia Crawford House, Forge,& Small Garden  
William Barnes Same House & Garden 0--0--32
William Hamilton Same House & Small Garden  
Samuel Gordon Same House, Office & Garden 0--0--32
Henry Hare Same House  
Unoccupied Same House  
John McMaster Same House & Garden 0--0--20
Lewis McIlroy Same House & Small Garden  
Richard Bailey Same Same  
Thomas Elder Henry Same Flax Mill, Offices & Land 79--0--30
James Smyth Thomas Elder Henry House  
Unoccupied Same House Dilapidated  
William Frazer Same House & Small Garden  
James Dalzell Same Same  
Unoccupied Same House  
John Brennan Same House & Small Garden  
James Straine Same House & Garden 0--0--30
Robert Halliday Same House & Small Garden  
George Mulligan Olivia Crawford Offices & Land 49--1--0
George Lavery George Mulligan House & Small Garden  
Sarah Bailey Same Same  
James Chambers In Fee Land 3--3--36
John Kennedy James Chambers House & Garden 0--0--12
Patrick Burns Same Same 0--0--12
John Chambers In Fee Land 6--3--0
Sarah Clooney John Chambers House & Garden 0--1--20
James McMullen William Waugh House, Office & Land 28--2--24
Thomas Halliday Olivia Crawford House & Garden 0--0--13
George French Same Same 0--0--13
Chas. James Mulligan Same Land 18--0--3
William French Chas. James Mulligan House & Garden 0--0--30
Rose Kelly Same Same 0--0--30
Margaret McMurdy Same House & Small Garden 0--0--12
Alice Cunningham Same House  
Olivia Crawford &      
James McMullen Olivia Crawford Land 0--2--25
Joseph N. Mulligan William Mulligan Land 8--1--9
David Waddle Jos. N. Mulligan House & Small Garden 0--0--36
Mary & Cath. Mulligan Olivia Crawford Caretakers House, Office & Land 25--3--24
Samuel Hamilton Mary & Cath. Mulligan House & Garden 0--2--10
    Water 6--2--0


Immediate Lessors
Description Of Tenements
Hamilton Geary Thomas Crawford House, Office & Land 7--0--35
James Mullen Hamilton Geary House, & Small Garden 0--0--30
Robert Friar John B. White House, Office & Land 86--2--5
John Hamilton Robert Friar House & Garden 0--0--20
James Boyd Same Same 0--0--20
John Gibson Same Same 0--0--20
Robert Brien Same Same 0--0--20
John Garvan Same Same 0--0--20
Samuel Adams John J. Whyte House, Office & Land 1--3--5
Alexander Jordan Same House & Land 6--3--35
James Shiels Same House, Office & Land 12--1--30
Matthew Shiels Same Same 6--0--25
Robert Tweedy Matthew Shiels House & Small Garden  
Jane Campbell Same Same  
William Shiels John J. Whyte House ,Office & Land 5--0--25
Presbyterian Church Exemptions    
Offices & Graveyard Same    
National School Same    
Sextons House & Garden Same    
James Gracey Geo.C.Lindsay &
John Lindsay
Land 7--3--5
George C. Lindsay & John Lindsay Thomas Elder Henry House,Offices,Bleach & Beetling Mills & Land 47--1--35
  John J. Whyte Land 25--0--13
  Same Land 31--3--20
  Same Land 33--0--32
James Hook G. C. & John Lindsay House & Small Garden  
John McCrom Same Same  
Rose Forde Same House 0--0--20
Henry Smart Same House & Garden  
Thomas Lewis Same House & Small Garden  
Robert Newell Same Same  
Charles Parker Same House, Forge & Small Garden  
Thomas Gawley Same House & Garden 0--0--25
Eliza Hamilton Same Same 0--0--25
John McAteer Same Same 0--0--25
Thomas Young Same Same 0--0--25
James Crawford Same Same 0--0--25
James Lowry Same House, Office & Garden 0--1--2
Robert Maguire Same House & Garden 0--0--15
Francis Duffin Same Same 0--2--15
John Ratcliff Same Same 0--0--20
Robert Martin Same Same 0--0--16
Thomas Parker Same Same 0--0--16
Samuel Feehely Same Same 0--0--16
James Bell Same Same 0--0--15
James McCormack Same Same 0--0--15
George McCormack Same Same 0--0--15
Geo. Crawford Lindsay In Fee House ,Offices & Land 9--2--20
Robert  Crothers John J. Whyte House ,Office & Land 26--3--35
George White G. C. & John Lindsay House, Office & Land 8--3--30
Robert Ferguson Same Same 5--3--20
N. School House Exempt    
Anne McKinstry G. C. & John Lindsay House & Garden 0--0--15
Anne Jane Cowan John J. Whyte House, Office & Land 13--0--5
Mary Fleming Same Same 6--3--4
George Fleming Same House & Garden 0--0--16
John H. Crothers Same House, Office & Land 55--1--30
William Fleming Same Same 6--3--10
John Ashwood Same Same 12--1--11
    Land 6--0--30
Eliza Cowan John Ashwood House & Garden 0--0--24
Isabella Cowan Same House  
John Morgan John J. Whyte House, Office & Land 10--3--35
William Friar Same Land 9--0--34
James Frazer William Friar House & Garden 0--0--18
Samuel Irvine Same Same 0--0--18
Thomas Finlay Same House, Office & Garden 0--0--15
Moses Tuft John J. Whyte House, Office & land 4--2--15
John Gamble Same Land 4--1--15
    House, Office & Garden 0--0--18
John White Same Land 13--1--0
John McCaw John White House & Garden 0--0--25
John Porter John J. Whyte House, Office & Land 6--0--35
Robert Crothers Same Land 0--3--35
Moses Tuft Same Land 1--2--20
John Gamble Same Land Same
John Taggart Same Land 15--3--15
    House, Office & Garden 0--1--0
John H. Crothers Same Land 7--2--4
Alexander Finlay John H. Crothers House & Small Garden 0--0--16
John H. Crothers John J. Whyte Land 1--0--0
John Porter Same Land Same
    Water 8--1--10


Immediate Lessors
Description Of Tenements
John Arlow Thomas Maguire Land 16--0--5
Unoccupied John Arlow House  
Unoccupied Same House  
Robert Wright Same House  
Unoccupied Same House  
Robert Wright Thomas Maguire House, Office & Land 14--2--35
Jane Wright Same House & Land 4--0--0
Samuel Barr Same House, Office & Land 18--2--11
Samuel McDowell Samuel Barr House  
James Cowan Same House & Garden 0--0--24
Mary Joyce Thomas Maguire House, Office & Land 19--0--5
John Murdock Eliza Welsh House & Garden 0--0--20
Jane Campbell Same House  
John McDowell Thomas Maguire House, Office & Land 11--0--30
John Browne Same Same 15--2--25
William Arlow John Browne House & Small Garden  
James Bell Thomas Maguire House, Office & Land 7--0--20
Hannah Bell Same House & Land 3--0--30
Samuel Bell Same Land 5--0--15
    House, Office & Garden 0--0--35
Murtagh  McStraw Samuel Bell House & Garden 0--0--20
Joseph Bell Thomas Maguire House, Office & Land 14--0--15
Edward Murphy Same Same 9--1--30
James Stokes Same Same 9--2--0
Sarah Lawder Same Same 12--2--0
Sarah Murphy Same Same 6--0--5
Eliza Walsh Same Gate House & Land 23--2-0
John Robinson Eliza Walsh House  
William Craig Same House & Small Garden  
John Magill Same House  
School House Exempt    
Teachers Apartments & Same    
Yard Same    
William Bell Thomas Maguire House, Office & Land 8--3--30
Andrew Bell Same Same 8--3--20
Olivia Crawford Same Loft Over Cottages & Land 107--1--9
    Land (Plantations) 1--2--5
Lawrence McGivern Olivia Crawford House & Garden 0--0--25
Unoccupied Same House  
James Geddes Same House & Small Garden  
John Barnett Same Same  
Hugh Ratley Same Same  
Thomas Gawley Same Same  
James McCready Same Same  
John Barnett Same Garden (Orchard) 0--2--30
John McDowell Thomas Maguire House & Land 6--0--20
James Mageehan John McDowell House & Small Garden  
Samuel Carr Thomas Maguire House, Office & Land 3--3--20
Isabella Burns Same Same 4--1--15
Hugh Mulligan Same Same 4--2--35
Robert Irvine Same Same 6--1--35
Mary McQuaid Same Same 18--3--0
Henry McQuaid Same Same 39--1--10
James McQuaid Same Same 17--2--15
Felix McCartan Same Same 12--2--35
    Water 4--3--25


Immediate Lessors Description Of Tenement Area
William James Mahood Chas. Jas. Mulligan House, Office & Land 25--2--10
Unoccupied William James Mahood House (Dilapidated)  
Hugh Hall Joseph Mulligan Land 7--2--10
George Mulligan James Mulligan , Jun. Land 1--2--5
Michael Rooney Bernard Mulholland House & Small Garden 0--0--20
John Monaghan Same House  
Charles Kennedy George Mulligan House & Garden 0--0--15
Jane Bailey Same Same 0--0--15
Andrew Walker Same Same 0--0--35
Robert Dumigan Same Same 0--0--15
John Cumming Same Same 0--0--15
John McIlwaine Same House, Forge & Garden 0--0--20
William Stewart Same House & Garden 0--0--15
School & Yard Exempt    
Joseph Nicol Mulligan Chas. Jas. Mulligan House, Offices & Land 7--1--25
Edward Cunningham Joseph N. Mulligan House  
Henry Mooney Same House  
(Parkmount House) Chas. Jas. Mulligan House, Offices & Land 41--0--10
Gilbert Mulligan Same Land 40--3--30
  In Fee Corn-Mill, Kiln, Offices & Yard 0--1--29
  Chas. Jas. Mulligan Beetling Mill, Offices & Land 9--0--0
Unoccupied Gilbert Mulligan House  
John Magennis Same House  
Patrick McCardle Same House & Small Garden  
Anthony McGrath Same Same  
Bernard King Same House  
Unoccupied Same House (Unfinished)  
Unoccupied Same House (Unfinished)  
James Gosling Same House & Garden 0--0--30
Unoccupied Same Old Bleach Mill,(Dilapidated)  
Mary & Cath. Mulligan Same House, Offices & Land 26--2--30
Robert Kennedy Mary & Cath. Mulligan House  
Margaret Straine Same House  
Jane Dugan Chas. Jas. Mulligan House, Office & Land 16--2--30
James Mulligan, Sen. Same Land 11--0--20
James McClure Same Caretakers House & Land 13--0--15
Peter McCourt James McClure House & Garden 0--2--0
Chas. Jas. Mulligan Thomas Mulligan Offices & Land 15--1--30
  In Fee House, Offices & Land 26--0--0
  In Fee Land 8--0--1
Unoccupied Thomas Mulligan House (Dilapidated)  
Arthur Burns Chas. Jas. Mulligan House & Small Garden  
John Mulligan Same House, Office & Land 24--3--25
George Mulligan Same Caretakers House, Offices & Land 14--1--25
Rev. William Dobbin Reps. Jane Heron House, Office & Land 19--3--20
Alexander McCreery Same Same 6--2--20
Reps. Abraham Russell Same House, Offices, Flax Mill & Land 29--2--15
John Mageehan Reps. Abraham Russell House & Garden 0--1--10
Hugh Darcy Reps. Jane Heron House & Land 5--0--35
James A. Gordon Chas. Jas. Mulligan House, Office & Land 26--2--20
    Water 8--0--10


Ballykeel Immediate Lessors Description Of Tenement Area
James Hill Thomas Irwin Land 8--3--25
William Armour James Hill House & Land 1--2--15
Michael Smyth Thomas Irwin House, Office & Land 1--1--35
Sarah Shannon Michael Smyth House  
Thomas Patterson Thomas Irwin House, Office & Land 6--3--10
Thomas Irwin In Fee Plantation 0--1--20
Bernard Burns Thomas Irwin House & Land 4--1--10
John Baker Same Same 3--0--0
John Polan Same Same 3--3--15
Mary Wilson Same Same 2--1--8
Alice Rea Arthur McCaffery House & Garden 0--1--12
John Polan Thomas Irwin House, Office & Land 2--0--10
Patrick McComis Same House & Land 1--2--15
Henry McCaffery Same House, Office & Land 19--3--5
James Shaw Same House (Dilapidated) & Land 8--2--30
Thomas Fordice Same Land 7--0--25
James Breen Same House & Land 7--3--10
Mary McComiskey & Co. Same Land 5--3--30
    Land 2--2--5
    House, Offices, Thread Factory, Land 4--3--3
Hugh Hopkins Same House, Office & Land 25--3--15
John Neal Same Land 33--3--30
Bernard Hughes John Neal House & Garden 0--0--20
James Devlin Same House  
James Lennan Same House & Small Garden  
William McNiece Thomas Irwin House, Office & Land 4--1--10
Mary McNiece Same Same 23--2--0
Alexander Finlay Same Same 9--3--5
John Hearne Same Same 22--2--35
Robert Hearne Same Land 16--3--0
James Graham Robert Hearne House  
Richard Hayes Thomas Irwin Land 50--3--14
Thomas McKeown Richard Hayes House & Small Garden  
Hugh Griffin Same Same  
John McPolan Same Same  
William Atcheson Same Same  
William Hull Same Same  
William Bran Same Same  
Eliza Murphy Same Same  
Alexander Devlin Same House & Garden 0--0--18
John Kennedy Same Same 0--0--18
William Hayes Same Land 6--2--0
Dublin & Belfast Railway Banbridge Railway, Co. Railway, 2--2--20