County Down

Valuation of Tenements 1863

Parish of Dromore

Offices, Office


Sheds or Outbuildings


Acre, Rood and Perch


Town Of Dromore Immediate Lessors Description Of tenement Area

Bridge Street (West Side)
John Anderson William Saul House, Offices, Yard & Garden 0--0--27
Marshall Weir William Cromie House, Offices & Yard  
Robert Reid Mahood Mrs Rankin Same  
William Spratt Ecclesiastical Commis. House, Offices, Yard & Small Garden
Edward McCartney Ware House, Office & Yard
  Hugh Stewart Office & Small Garden  
William McAuley William Cromie House, Offices, Yard & Small Garden  
Robert Strong Arthur Watson House, Office & Yard
William Hunt Reps. Wm. McCracken House  

(East Side)
John Watson George Brush House
Margaret Heron Same House, Offices & Yard  
Michael McGrady Anne Jameson House, Offices, Yard & Small Garden  
James Frackleton George Brush Same
Samuel F. Hawthorn Samuel Corry House, Office & Yard  
Robert Wallace Same House, Offices & Yard

Meeting Street
James Woods Robert Dickson House, Office & Yard  
Robert McMurray John Ferris House, Offices, Yard & Small Garden
Hans Kennedy Same House & Small Garden  
John Ferris John Watson House, Offices, Yard & Small Garden  
Mary McFadden Ecclesiastical Commis. Same
Samuel Levingston Same Same
Robert Frazer George Brush House, Office & Yard  
Crane Brush Sarah McCloughan Same  
William Price Ecclesiastical Commis. House & yard  
Hugh Frazer Same House, Offices & Yard  
Unoccupied Robert Harrison, Sen. House & yard  
Robert Harrison, Sen. George Brush House, Offices, Yard & Gardens 1--0--0
Mary Ryan Robert Harrison, Sen. House  
Jane Mulligan Same House
John Lunny Same House & yard  
William White Same Same
Robert Whitemam Same Same
Robert Jones Same Same
Robert Jones (Shoemaker) Same Same
Samuel Adams Ecclesiastical Commis House & Small Garden
Thomas Moreland Samuel Adams House & Yard
William Scott William McComb House
Anne English Same House

McComb's Court
James Mathews William McComb House (In Rear)
Robert McConaghy Same Same
Hugh McCabe Same Same
John Preston Same Same

Meeting Street, Con.
William Meany William McComb House & Yard  
William McMurray Ecclesiastical Commis Same
John Scott David Fitzsimon Same
John Stewart Same Same
John Scott Same Same
Robert Moore Same House & Small yard
Peter Casey Same Same  
Wellington Lunn Same House & Yard  
John Kelly Same Same  
William McEvoy Same Same  
John McKey Same House & Small yard  
Robert Cairns John Harrison House, Office & Small Garden  

(North East Side)
John Watson James Weir Garden 0--1--4
David Martin John Watson House  
John Macken Same House  
Mary Ferris Same House & Garden 0--0--17
Rachel Campbell James Weir House  
Ellen Smith Same House  
John Hall Same House & Garden 0--3--20
Sarah Mulligan Same House  
Margaret Barr Same House  
James Clarke David Fitzsimon House & Yard  
William J. Kerr Same House, Yard & Garden 0--0--32
James Jackson John Jardine House, Offices & Yard  
John Lavery Same House & Yard  
John Jardine Robert Dickson Stores, Yard & Garden 0--0--22
Robert Humphries John Fegan Garden 0--0--31
James McKey Same House, Office, Yard & Small Garden  
Richard Reilly Same House & Small Garden  
Catherine Burns Same House  
Francis Preston George Brush House & Small Garden  
Richard Mateer John Hewitt House  
James Grant Same House & Small Garden  
Robert Humphries Same House  
John Hewitt George M. Vaughan Store  
Unoccupied John Hewitt House  
John Hewitt George M. Vaughan House, Offices, Yard & Garden 0--0--35
George Thompson Hugh Stewart House & Small Garden  
Mary Carlisle Same House & Yard  
Mary Mills Edward McCartney House  
John O'Neill Same House  
John Watson George Brush House, Offices & Yard  

Brewery Lane
Thomas Bullock Robert Harrison, Sen. House  
Ellen Morgan Same House  
Crane Brush Sarah McCloughan Offices  
Hannah Waring Robert Harrison, Sen. House  
Alexander Morgan Same House  
William Bullock Same House  
James McCormick Same House  
Covenanters Meeting House & Small Gardn. Exempt    
George Brush   Half Annual Rent Of meeting House  
A.& Robt. Harrison, Jun. Robert Harrison, Sen. Shirt Front Factory & Yard  

Rampart Street
Rose O'Hare William Saul House, Yard & Small Garden  
Sarah Barry Jane McIlveen House  
Rose Carrothers Same House  
James Cairns Same House  
Jane McIlveen William McCaw House, Office & Yard  
John White Richard Doake House, Office, Yard & Small Garden  
Charles Mateer William Watson Same  
Margaret O'Neill Same House & Yard  
Charles Stewart Same Store ( In Rear )  
Unoccupied Edward McCartney House & Yard  
James Burns Same House, Office & Small Yard  
John White Ecclesiastical Commis House  

Castle Street (North Side)
Elizabeth Porter Reps. William McCracken House  
Charles Stewart Bernard McKeown House  
Charles McAdams Same House  
James Woods Robert Dickson Office  
William Clarke Robert Clarke House  
Robert Clarke Robert Harrison,Sen. Store  
John Robinson Robert Clarke House & Yard  
James Ledgett, ? Same Same  
Robert Clarke Same Stable  
Thomas Prenter John McKelvey House & Yard  
John McKelvey George M. Vaughan House  
George Hobart James Weir House, Linen Stores & Yard  
  Marshall Weir Office & Small Garden  
John McIlduff George Brush Offices (In Old Castle)  
  Anne Jameson House, Offices & Yard  
Isaac Pantridge Same House, Office & Yard  
Eliza Graham Same House, Offices & Yard  
Marshall Weir William Cromie Office (In Rear)  
Robert McClelland James Burns House & Yard  
James Frackleton William Cromie Office & Yard  

The Bridge End
Edmond Lovall John McKelvey House, Yard & Garden 0--0--20
Isaac Pantridge Same Workshop & Forge  
A.& R.Harrison,Jun. Robert Harrison, Sen. House, Yard & Garden 0--0--20

Brewery Lane, Con.
Robert Frazer George Brush Office & Yard  
Robert Kane Robert Frazer House  
Maryanne Frackleton Same Room  
Arabella Collins Crane Brush House  

Rampart Street (West Side)
John McKeown William Cromie House  
Philip Boyle Same House & Yard  
Charles Stewart Reps.Wm.  McCracken Same  
John Burns William Cromie House  

Derrys' Court
Jane McClure Thomas Derry House (InRear)  
Mary Magennis Same Same  
Elizabeth Weekston Daniel Ward House & Small Garden  
Sarah Wilson Thomas Derry House (In Rear)  
Robert Moorhead Same Same  

Rampart Street, Con.
Ellen Briggs Thomas Derry House  
James Derry Ecclesiastical Commis House & Small Garden  
Thomas Derry Same Same  
William Black John Russell House, Yard & Small Garden  
John Nelson George Brush House, Office, Yard & Garden 0--0--37
Jane Wilson John Nelson House & Yard  
Richard Williamson Same Same  
Francis Murphy John Ruddell Same  
Edward McNally Same House & Small Garden  
Robert Carson Same Same  
William Downey Same House, Office & Small Garden  
John Duggan Edward McCartney House & Small Garden  
Hugh Greene Same Same  
James Chambers Same Same  
John Kelly Same Same  
Arthur McEvoy Same Same  
Elizabeth Ryan Same Same  
Margaret McCormick Same Same  
Hugh McAteer Same Same  
Jane McAteer Same Same  
Michael Murtagh Same Same  
James Hagan Same Same  
Bernard McKeown Same House, Shed & Small Garden  
Alexander Brown Same House & Small Garden  

(East Side)
Margaret Kilpatrick William Miller House  
William Miller Waldron Burrowes Ruins & Garden 0--0--21
Mary McCartney William Miller House  
William Glover David McCartney House & Small Garden  
William Camack Same Same  
Samuel Walker Same Same  
Hugh McEvoy Same Same  
Daniel McNamara Same House  
Mary Anne Hull Same House  
Hugh McIlveen Same House & Small Garden  
Hugh Neill Same Same  
Samuel Williamson Same House  
John Mercer Holt Lindsay Land 18--0--20
Reps. Arthur Haughill George Brush Land 4--2--0
James Quinn Ecclesiastical Commis Land 19--3--10
Thomas McMurray & Co. Same House, Offices,Beetling & Bleach Mills & Land 10--1--25
James Freckleton George Brush Land 4--1--25
John Nelson Same Land 2--0--30
Ulster Railway, Co. Banbridge, Lisburn & Belfast Railway Dromore Station,Buildings & Goods Store, & Land 15--0--0
John Harrison, Jun. James Quinn Land 0--3--20

Market Square
William Napier Isabella Coulter House, Offices & Yard  
John Toner Same House & Yard  
Eliza Napier John Irwin (Bann) House, Offices & Yard  
Bridget McEvoy William Saul Same  
Henry Price, Jun. Same Shop & Rooms (Ground Floor)  
Christopher Nelson Same Rooms on 2nd & 3rd Stories, & Small Garden  
Hugh Herron Alexander C. Walsh House, Office & Yard  
Alexander C. Walsh Holt Lindsay House, Offices & Yard  
Dispensary Exempt    
Robert Dickson   Half Annual Rent Of Dispensary  
John Fegan Robert Dickson House, Offices & Yard  
Fredrick Mathers Charles Douglass Same  
John McDade Ruth Patterson Same  
George Arlow John O'Neill House  
Daniel Magee Waldron Burrowes House, Office & Yard  
Joseph Hammond Same Same  

(South Side)
Anne Pantridge Charles Douglass House  
James Mercer Ecclesiastical Commis House, Office & Yard  
Maryanne Martin James Mercer House  
Edward Ward William McDade House, Office & Yard  
Thomas McDade Same Same  
Joseph Mills Same Same  
John Morrow Same Same  
William Jardine Robert Dickson House, Linen Stores & Yard  
William McDade Same House, Offices Yard & Garden 0--0--25
William Mallagh William McDade House, Offices & Yard  
Charles Snowden Same House & Yard  
James Walker Robert Dickson House, Store & Yard  
William Black Same House, Office & Yard  
Joseph McCloughan Robert Dickson Stall  
Arthur McEvoy Same Stall  
James Ledgett Same Stall  
John Martin Hugh Stewart Market House & Stalls  
Petty Sessions House Exempt    

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