County Down

Valuation of Tenements 1863

Parish of Dromore

Offices, Office


Sheds or Outbuildings


Acre, Rood and Perch


Town Of Dromore Immediate Lessors Description Of tenement Area
Dickson's Court      
John Dawson Robert Dickson Office  
William Costello John Clarke House, Office, Yard & Small Garden  
Robert Christy James Walker Workshop  (In Rear)  
John Clarke Robert Dickson Office  
William Costello Same Office (In Rear)  
Robert Christy Same Office  
John Clarke Same Office (Gateway)  
John Dawson Same Office  
Hillsborough Street      
 (East Side)      
Patrick Haughan George Preston House & Office  
Henry Herron Charles Douglass House, Office & Yard  
Catherine Jelly Same Same  
John Darby Fredrick Mathers House & Yard  
John Murphy Geo. M. Vaughan House  
Edward Ward Same House (In Rear)  
James English Same Forge (In Rear)  
James Rourke Same House (In Rear)  
John Meany Same Workshop (In Rear)  
Unoccupied Same House  
William Thompson Same House  
John Meany Same House  
Ellen Gorman Same House  
Henry Price, Sen Same House & Garden 0--0--36
Protestant Hall Same Hall & Yard  
(John White, Sec.)      
John Downey Same Ruins  
  Same House, Yard & Small Garden  
John Kilpatrick Same Office & Small Garden  
Catherine Haughin Same House  
Ellen McArdle John O'Neill House & Small Garden  
Francis Saunders Same Same  
Unoccupied Robert Nelson Same  
Henry Kemmis Immediate Lessor Same  
Robert Lundy Henry Kemmis House  
George Preston (Hill) Hugh Stewart House & Garden 0--0--36
John Ireland William Ireland House & Small Garden  
Ellen Ireland Samuel Gardiner Same  
Isaac Cummins Ellen Ireland Same  
John Prentice Alexander C. Walsh House, Office & Garden 0--1--6
Michael Meany Same House  
Anne Pantridge Same Garden 0--0--30
John Mercer Holt Lindsay House, Offices, Yard & Garden 0--2--5
James McFadden James McDade House, Offices & Small Garden  
Unoccupied Same House  
Anne Bennett Same House  
Martin Prentice John Mercer House  
James Thompson Same House  
John Mercer Immediate Lessor Garden 0--0--18
Robert Bawn Ecclesiastical Commis House, Offices & Garden 0--0--34
Samuel Doloughan Robert Bawn House  
William Prentice Same House & Small Garden  
Arthur Mitchell Same Same  
Unoccupied Robert Bawn House, Office & Small Garden  
Francis Jones Same Same  
William John Baxter Same Same  
Eliza Oswald Same House, Offices & Small Garden 0--0--30
Maryanne Kincaid Same House  
Robert Duggan Charles Douglass House & Garden 0--0--20
Catherine Thompson Same Same 0--0--20
Robert McClean Same Same 0--0--20
Theophilus Whiteside Same House, Office & Garden 0--0--20
School House Exempt    
Holt Lindsay   Half Annual Rent Of School house  
R. C. Chapel & Graveyard Exempt    
Robert Dickson   Half annual Rent Of Chapel & Grave,Y.  
Rev. Wm. McCartan Ecclesiastical Commis House, Offices, Yard & Garden 0--0--30
  Charles Douglass Garden 0--0--10
Daniel Brennan George Phillips House & Yard  
John O'Neill Charles Douglass Offices & Yard  
Michael Kearns John O'Neill House  
Henry Haughan Same House  
James Haughan Charles Douglass House, Offices & Yard  
William Cherry Robert Dickson House & Yard  
Anne Coulter Same House (In Rear)  
Jane McLoughlin Same House  
Eliza Black Same House & Yard  
Henry Carothers Joseph Dickson House, Offices, Yard & Garden 1--2--20
William Magill John Harrison, Jun. House, Offices, Yard & Small Garden  
Robert Chambers Same House, Office & Yard  
William Boyd Same House & Yard  
Robert Kane Same Same  
James English Same House  
William Duggan Same House (In Rear)  
John Kerr Henry Gibson House, Offices & Yard  
Henry Gibson Waldron Burrowes House, Offices, Yard & Small Garden  
James Clarke Same House & Yard  
Jane McNally Same House, Offices, Yard & Small Garden  
John O'Neill Robert McCrea House, Offices & Yard  
William Watson Waldron Burrowes Same  
Back Lane      
James Morgan George M. Vaughan House  
Unoccupied Same House  
William Stevenson Same House & Small Garden  
Martin Doyle William Miller House & Yard  
James Robinson Same Same  
William Miller George Ruddell Offices, Yard & Small Garden  
Wesley Place      
Rev. James Black Ecclesiastical Commis House, Offices & Yard  
Wesleyan Methodist Exempt    
Chapel & Yard      
Primitive Methodist Chapel & Yard Exempt    
Charles Douglass   Half annual Rent Of Methodist Chapel  
Lottery Place      
John O'Neill Robert McCrea Offices, Yard & Small Garden  
John Kerr James Clarke Garden 0--0--8
Arthur Watson John Harrison, Sen. House, Office & Small Garden  
Unoccupied Arthur Watson House  
Church Street      
Samuel McCrea John Harrison, Sen. House, Offices, Yard & Small Garden  
John Kilpatrick Samuel McCrea House, Offices & Yard  
Robert Sterling John Harrison, Sen. House  
Richard Lyttle Robert Harrison, Sen. House, Offices & Yard  
Unoccupied George Preston House, Office & Yard  
George Preston Alexander Waugh House, Offices, Yard & Small Garden  
Armstrong McMaster Isaac & James Cowden Same  
George Cosbie Alexander Waugh House, Linen Stores & Yard  
James Weir Waldron Burrowes House, Offices, Yard & Small Garden  
William Magill Alexander Waugh House, Offices & Small Garden  
James Rowden Same House & Yard  
John Roney William Martin House & Small Garden  
Thomas Bradshaw John Harrison, Sen. House, Offices & Yard  
William Martin Same House, Office & Yard  
James Cusick Robert Harrison, Sen. Same  
George Brush Immediate Lessor Rent Office  
Marshall Weir George Brush House, Offices,Yard, Orchard & Gardens 1--3--30
William Graham Same House  
Police Barracks Exempt    
George Brush   Half Annual Rent Of Police Barracks  
John Robinson James Freckleton House  
James Reynolds Same House  
William Faulkner George Brush House  
James Bennett William Harrison House  
William Harrison In Fee House  
George Bennett In Fee House  
Margaret Hamilton William Harrison House  
John McCormick Same House  
William Harrison In Fee Gateway  
William Harrison George Brush Offices, Yard & Garden 0--0--23
Bernard Brennan Mary McMullan House  
Richard Derry In Fee House  
Arthur Murray In Fee House  
James Geary John McDaid House  
John McMaster Same House  
Unoccupied Thomas Bradshaw House  
William Cotter In Fee House  
John McWhirter Edward McCartney House  
Catherine Burns Same House  
Thomas Bennett In Fee House  
John Harrison, Jun. Trustees Of The Dromore Diocesan & Widows Fund House, Offices, Shirt Front Factory,Garments & Land 3--0--30
John Connoly James Quinn House & Yard  
William Forsythe William McMurray House  
William Roberts Same House, Office & Garden 0--2--5
Andrew Walker Same House  
Esther Loughlin Same House  
Eliza Walker Same House & Garden 0--0--24
Arthur Rooney George Brush Same 0--1--30
School House,& Grdns. Exempt    
Teachers Apartments Exempt    
Edward McCartney Thomas Waring Corn Kiln, Offices, Yard & Garden 0--0--26
William Robinson Edward McCartney House  
Church & Graveyard Exempt    
William Saul Margaret Lowry House, Offices, Yard & Garden 0--1--5
William Ardery Same House, Offices &  Yard  
Mark Hammond Same Same  
Charles McAuley Samuel Lilburn House & Yard  
Samuel Lilburn Margaret Lowry House, Offices &  Yard  
George Spence Edward McCartney Same  
William John Agnew Same House & Yard  
Edward McCartney Thomas Waring House (Part Of), Offices, Corn Mill, Store & Yard  
Bridge Street      
Mary McDade Reps. Tho. S. Stewart House, Office &  Yard  
John Rowan Reps. Robert Stewart House & Office  
Unoccupied Reps. Tho. S. Stewart Same  
Henry Graham Same House, Offices &  Yard  
John Jardine James Mercer House  
Unoccupied Same House  
Unoccupied Same House, Office &  Yard  
John Morrow Reps, Howard House, Offices & Land 6--3--20
Sarah Adams John Morrow House  
Robert Gibson(Will) Reps, Howard House, Offices & Land 7--2--15
Joseph Gibson Same Same 6--2--25
John Townsley Joseph Gibson House  
John Farnan Same House  
David Gibson (Will) Reps, Howard Land 10--2--10
Robert Archer David Gibson (Will) House & Small Garden  
John Boales Same Same  
Joseph Reid Reps, Howard House, Office & Land 6--2--15
John Moore Same House, Offices & Land 9--2--15
Joseph Gregg John Moore House  
David Gibson (David)   House, Offices & Land 13--1--25
John Mitchell David Gibson (David) House & Small Garden  
William Gibson, Sen. Reps, Howard House, Office & Land 15--2--30
William Gibson, Jun. Same Herds House, Office & Land 12--2--15
George Gibson Same Land 13--2--35
Unoccupied George Gibson House  
Alexander Thompson Same House  
George Patterson Same House  
John McCracken Charles Douglass Land 3--2--17
James Clarke John McCracken House & Garden 0--1--8
William Lindsay Same Land 0--1--32
John Thompson Same House, Offices & Land 2--2--28
William Lindsay Same Land 0--1--32
James Kerr Same House, Offices & Land 10--0--30
James Lindsay Same Land 6--0--0
James Thompson James Lindsay House & Small Garden  
John Lindsay Charles Douglass House, Office & Land 4--1--0
John Sinclair Same Land 4--3--10
Daniel Lindsay Same House, Office & Land 4--3--5
John Lindsay (Weaver) Free House  
Daniel Ward (Adam) Thomas Irvine Herds House & Land 4--3--5
Daniel Ward (Adam) William Lindsay House, Office & Land 14--2--30
Wm. Ward (Adam) Same Same Same
Sarah Ward Dan. & William Ward House  
Robert Bawn Thomas Irvine Land 4--1--15
Francis Hull Robert Bawn House & Small Garden  
James Pantridge Thomas Irvine Herds House & Land 7--1--20
Joseph Johnston Same House, Offices & Land 8--3--0
William Mills Same Land 8--0--35
William Mills Reps, Howard House, Offices & Land 4--0--5
    Office & Land 3--0--10
William Hodges Same Land 0--2--10
John Mills Thomas Irvine House, Office & Land 7--1--30
Archibald Guiney Reps, Howard House, Offices & Land 22--1--20
John Greer Archibald Guiney House  
Thomas Halliday Same House & Small Garden  
William Hodges Reps, Howard House, Offices & Land 7--0--30
James Hodges William Hodges House  
Jas. Lindsay (Henry) Reps, Howard House, Offices & Land 10--1--5
Robert Mills Same Same 30--3--15
    Herds House & Land 37--2--35
Samuel Couthard Robert Mills House & Small Garden  
John Mills Reps, Howard Land 2--0--5
Alexander McClean John Mills House  
James Pantridge Reps, Howard Land 6--2--0
John Tittrington James Pantridge House & Office  
Robert Hamilton Same House  
Joseph Ameson Same House & Small Garden  
Robert Hamilton Same Same  
William Kerr Same House  
Joseph Martin Reps, Howard Caretakers House, Offices & Land 10--0--5
John Tittrington Joseph Martin House 14--0--30
James Gracy Same House  
William Martin Reps, Howard House, Offices & Land 13--2--20
Anne Sampson William Martin House  
Rose Cawley Free House & garden 0--1--0
Rowan McKnight William Martin House & Small Garden  
Jas. Lindsay (James) Reps, Howard House, Offices & Land 4--3--25
Joseph Hodges Same Same 8--0--0
James Macombe Same Same 24--1--20
School House Exempt    
Thomas Burleigh Reps, Howard House, Offices & Land 1--0--35
Unoccupied Thomas Burleigh House  
Samuel Martin Same House  
Alex. McLaughlin Reps, Howard House & garden 0--1--30
Ellen Kane Same House, Offices & Land 1--0--10
George Hodgins Same Same 4--2--35
Agnes Kerr Same Same 1--3--10
Samuel Kerr Same Same 3--0--0
Henry B. Napier Crane Brush Same 8--1--15
  Waldron Burrowes Land 9--3--15
James Downey Same Land 5--2--25
James Downey William Kelso Land 3--3--35
  Same House, Offices & Land 3--2--25
  William N.Wallace Land 5--1--5
Patrick Lavery Same House, Offices & Land 5--3--25
Richard McElvey Same Same 3--3--36
John Duggan Same Land 0--0--24
Samuel McElvey Same House, Offices & Land 3--0--30
John O'Neill Same Land 1--2--20
Jane McCullagh Same House, Offices & Land 3--1--20
James McClean Same Land 2--3--5
Sarah Pantridge Nicholas Douglass House, Offices & Land 18--1--25
Thomas Gubbins Sarah Pantridge House & Small Garden  
James Minnis Same Same  
William Shaw William Kelso House, Office & Land 5--1--30
Stephen McQuaid Same Land 2--1--5
Rev. John McKee Robert Dickson House, Offices & Land 3--0--5
Samuel Boales William Kelso Same 3--2--30
Stephen McQuaid Charles Douglass Land 4--1--25
James Hogg William Kelso House, Offices & Land 2--2--15
Hugh Martin Same Land 2--1--20
Anne Wilkinson Geo. M. Vaughan House, Office & Land 4--0--35
Jas. Haughan (Nailer) Same Land 5--2--0
Edward Martin William Kelso Land 3--0--5
Jas. Haughan (Weaver) Nicholas Douglass House, Offices & Land 4--3--25
George Preston William Kelso Land 1--3--20
Robert Woods Same House & Land 1--2--35
William Payne Same Land 4--0--15
  John Doake House, Offices & Land 0--2--0
Henry Lindsay William Payne House  
James Davidson Same House  
William Jordan William N.Wallace Land 1--0--30
John Duggan Same Land 1--3--10
William B. Minnis John Doake Land 3--0--35
John Fegan William N.Wallace Land 3--1--10
Adam Prentice John Fegan House & Small Garden  
Alexander Carrigan Same Same  
Andrew Pantridge William Kelso Waste 0--1--25
Jas. Downey (Weaver) Andrew Pantridge House & Garden 0--0--20
Hugh McCaw Same Same 0--0--20
Robert McFadden Same Same 0--0--20
William McCaherty Same Same 0--0--20
James Johnston Same Same 0--0--20
James Weir Geo. M. Vaughan Land 3--3--0
Robert Johnston James Weir Land 3--1--0
William McDade Geo. M. Vaughan Land 5--2--25
Hugh Stewart Same Land 2--0--35
Joseph Hammond Same Land 1--3--5
Weirs Row      
John McCarty James Weir House & Yard  
James Kane Same Same  
Robert Johnston Same House, Yard & Garden 0--0--36
James Ireland Same House, Yard & Small Garden  
Thomas McAteer Same Same  
John McCullagh Same Same  
John Doake Same Same  
James Haslett Same Same  
Thomas Reynolds Same Same  
Thomas McCann Same Same  
Samuel McClean Same Same  
John parks Same Same  
William McCullagh Same Same  
Eliza Savage Same House & Yard  
John McKeown Same House, Yard & Small Garden  
Stephen Ferris Same Same  
John Toner Same Same  
Isaac Magee Same Same  
William Lindsay Same Same  
William Deneer Same House & Yard  
John Gregg Same House, Yard & Small Garden  
Francis Prentice Same House & Yard  
Unoccupied Same Same  
John Miller Same Same  
Robert Johnston Same Land 0--2--12
Town Of Dromore      
Market Square      
John Clarke James Weir House, Offices & Yard  
John Dawson Martha Woods House  
Mary Oswald (Usher) Reps, Robert Stewart House  
Anna Maria Monro Ecclesiastical Commis Hotel, Offices, Yard & Gardens 1--0--0
Elizabeth McGrady Reps, Robert Stewart House  

Town Of Dromore

Princess Street

John Cromlin Anna Maria Monro House  
James Thompson Same House & Yard  
George Bennett Same House  
Joseph Nelson William watson House ( In Rear)  
Robt. & William Sprott Joseph Nelson House, Office & Yard  
Unoccupied Same Same  
Unoccupied Same House & Yard  
Hugh Stewart Ecclesiastical Commis House, offices, Yard & Garden 0--1--23
James Whan Robert Dickson House, Offices & Yard  
George Whan James Whan House  
Francis Murphy ? McKey House, office, Yard & Small Garden  
Henry Dowey Francis Murphy Same  
Mary Johnston Same House  
William Miller Waldron Burrowes Part Of house & Gateway  
William Miller Joseph Hammond Hotel, Coach Factory & Yard  
William Craig William Miller House, Office & Yard  
William McGrady Same Same  
William Costello Isabella Coulter House  
Hillsborough Street Or      
Gallows Street      
Catherine Haughan Geo. M. Vaughan House. Part Of, Offices & Yard  
Margaret Magee Same House & Yard  
Patrick Downey Same Same  
George Mahood James McClean House & Small Garden  
Andrew Weir Josias Archer Same  
John McCullagh Ecclesiastical Commis Same  
Samuel Johnston George Archer Same  
Hugh Grant Same Same  
James McClean Ecclesiastical Commis House, Office & Small Garden  
Robert McClinchy James McClean House & Small Garden  
Neal McGurk Stephen McQuide House  
John & Stephen McQuide Reps James Smith House, Office, Yard & Garden 0--0--30
John Quinn John McQuide House (InRear)  
John Magee Edward McCartney House & Small Garden  
William Pootes Same Same  
Reps. John Cusack Same House & Garden 0--0--29
Sarah McCaw Same House  
Joseph Bigham Same House & Garden 0--0--32
Edward McCartney Thomas Waring Garden  
Mary Cusack Edward McCartney House & Garden  
George Kane Same House  
John Cargin Isaac Cowden House & Garden  
Alexander Napier Same Same  
George Whiteside Same House  
James Thompson Same House & Garden 0--0--20
Isaac Cowden Robert Dickson Land 0--3--34
Robert McCrum Joseph Hammond House & Garden 0--1--10
Henry Murphy Geo. M. Vaughan Same 0--1--15
John Duggan Same House, Office & Garden 0--0--28
John Gillespie James Weir House & Small Garden  
Joseph Porter same Same  
William Perry Same Same  
Robert Johnston Same Same  
John Murphy Same Same  
Michael Preston Same Same  
Thomas Shilcock Same Same  
James Mulligan Same Same  
Robert Gibson Same Same  
William Carroll Same Same  
Daniel McAuley Same Same  
Back Lane      
Joseph Hammond Geo. M. Vaughan Stores & Yard  
Robert Kane Francis Murphy House  
James McDonnell Geo. M. Vaughan House & Small Garden  
John Brown Same Same  
McQuides Row      
William Jardine Geo. M. Vaughan Garden (Part OF) 0--0--17
William Jardine Robert Dickson Same 0--0--31
Anne Jane McCormick William Jardine House  
George Preston Charles Douglass Garden 0--1--0
Eliza Nelson George Preston House  
Unoccupied Same House, Office & Small Garden  
Jonathan Johnston Same House  
Mary Geoghegan John McQuide House & Small Garden  
James Cunningham Same House  
James Cloaky Same House  
David Sibbitt Same House  
John Scott Same House  
Thomas Morrow Same House  
Philip McDonnell Same House  
Elizabeth Mears Same House  
Jane Thompson Same House